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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Clergy Dossier, 1762-1929 (continued)
Gromov, Prokopii, 1935-1941
Kollegov, Mikhail (Grigoriev), 1840-1842
Pravoverov, Ignatii (Ignatiev)
Snovidov, Aleksandr (Ioannov)
Sokolov, Aleksei (Petrov)
BOX C1-C3 REEL 37-39 Transitions, 1835-1911
Transitions of the Scriptures, other religious writings, dictionaries, and primers.
Arranged generally by language with many area references.
BOX C1 REEL 37 Aleut, circa 1872
Shaiashnikov, Innokentii
The Acts of the Apostles
Gospel of St. Matthew(2 variations)
Gospel of St. Mark(2 variations)
Gospel of St. Luke
Gospel of St. John
BOX C2 REEL 38 Gospel of St. Luke
Primer and prayer book (2 variations)
Aleut, Atka, 1861
Salamatov, Lavrentii (Semenov)
Gospels of St. Mark, Luke, and John
Primer and prayer book, circa 1861
Abbreviated catechism, 1862
Aleut, Eastern, circa 1890
“Antiphon” (title)
Aleut, Fox Islands, circa 1835-1843
Netsvetov, Iakov (Egorov/Georgiev)
Aleut, St. Paul Island, 1872
Aleut, Unalaska, 1911
“Akatakulin” (title)
Kodiak-Aleut, prior to 1867
Larinov, Konstantin (Andreev)
Introduction to Kodiak-Aleut written in Russian
Primer and prayer book
Kuskokwim, 1887
Orlov, Ioann (Efimov) of Nushagak
“From the Old Testament” (title)
BOX C3 REEL 38-39 Tlingit, Indian, 1896
[Kamenskii, Anatolii]
Brotherhood regulations
Tlingit, Indian, 1859
Nadezhdin, Ivan (Ivanov)
Gospel of St. Matthew
Yukon-Kuskokwim, circa 1880-1890
Belkov, Zakharii
Dictionary, circa 1880-1890
Prayers, circa 1880
(2 folders)
Belkov, Zakharii, and Ioann (Efimov) Orlov
Prayer book, 1881
Orlov, Ioann (Efimov)
Easter, Christmas–liturgy prayers, 1887
Prayers, circa 1885
BOX D1-D515 REEL 40-323 Geographical File, 1733-1938
Diocese and parish records (including some secular papers) consisting of correspondence, notices, inventories, certifications, cables and telegrams, reports, journals, government forms, bills and receipts, ledgers, lists and inventories, charts and sketches, and printed matter.
Arranged by twenty geographic areas following the west to east expansion and development of the church and by parishes within these areas. Under the parishes, the arrangement is by function and chronologically therein. See List of Geographic Areas and List of Parish Functions .
BOX D1-D26 REEL 40-56 Siberia, 1733-1910
BOX D1 REEL 40 Aian
Virgin Mary of Kazan Church, 1843-1846
Chernykh, Nikolai (starosta), 1851-1854
Mail sent, 1863
Diocese administration
Church regalia from Sitka, 1846
Education–school records, 1848-1853
Financial collections
Funeral tax, 1847-1853
Financial reports
Overall accounts, 1846-1856
Financial supplies
Church regalia, 1847-1853
White laced ledgers
Virgin Mary of Kazan Church, 1847
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Virgin Mary of Kazan Church, 1846-1856
(7 folders)
Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1848-1851
Popechitelstvo records
Sent to Sitka, 1853
Petelin, Ilia, 1853
Reports/ ukaz
Tsar family, 1847-1853
Aian and Amur
Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1849-1857
Diocese administration
Establishment of parishes, 1856
Transfer of office, 1866
Financial reports
Mariinskii Post, Nikolaevsk Post, frigate Aurora,1856-1857
Financial supplies
Church regalia, 1857
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Mariinskii Post–Assumption Church, 1856
St. Nicholas Church, 1856
Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1857
Vital statistics
Separate reports, 1855-1856
BOX D2 REEL 40-41 Anadyr
Conversion reports
Chukchi Mission, 1843
Diocese administration
Chukchi Mission, 1843-1844
Education–school records,1846-1848
Financial supplies
Altar cloth, etc., 1841
White laced ledgers, 1854-1856
Parish records, church/clergy registers
St. Nicholas Chapel and St. Innokentii Chapel, 1848-1851
Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1853
Popechitelstvo management
Chernov, Nikolai, 1867
New office, 1862-1863
Popechitelstvo records, 1866-1868
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