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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Geographical File, 1733-1938 (continued)
Siberia, 1733-1910 (continued)
Remuneration for teachers; general instructions, 1840-1850
School, need of, 1835
Schools in Kamchatka, 1840-1843
Education personnel
Correspondence, 1834-1836
Education–school records, 1842-1853
Financial collections
Funeral tax in Siberian parishes (list of churches), 1846-1853
Financial contributions
Accoutrement for Veniaminov, 1846-1849
Dominis, John (U.S. citizen), 1838
Furs from Dranka, Lesnovski, 1842-1843
Glagolevskii, Serafim (Metropolitan of Novgorod), 1845-1868
Various individuals, 1840-1848
Financial reports
Allowances, 1836
Request for funds, 1837
Salary for diocese, 1771-1797
Salary for Nikiforov, Stefan, and Loginov [?], 1789-1798
Salary increase, 1836-1837
Salary increase, request for, 1836-1837
Salary-pensions, 1826
Not subject to government audit, 1846-1851
Returned to clergyman, 1842-1843
Withheld by the Kamchatka Treasury, 1835
BOX D20 REEL 51-52 Income and expenses, 1781-1854
(5 folders)
Petropavlovsk Cathedral, overall accounts, 1845-1852
Printing account, 1839-1841
Siberian churches, combined accounts, 1846-1849
Siberian parishes, 1840-1857
(9 folders)
Siberian parishes, clergy salary, 1841-1849
Siberian parishes overall accounts, 1842-1852
BOX D21 REEL 52 Various transactions
Financial supplies
Altar icons, 1840-1842
Bells, church regalia, etc., 1836-1850
Boat sunk, supplies not received, 1799
Food; papers, 1789-1790
Ledgers, 1834-1845
New icons for the cathedral, 1843
Received and not received, 1836-1839
Shipment of office materials, books to Kamchatka, 1841
Shipwreck-Adrian Nikiforov's Ciborium, 1843-1844
Instructions ecclesiastical
Meat-eating regulations, 1855
Matrimony illegitimacy
Fletcher, William, and Vereshchagin, Virginia, 1837-1839
Matrimony regulations
Various matters, 1834-1840
Women over 25 to marry without parental permission, 1839
Parish records
Moskalev, Sergei, from Shumshu, 1862-1863
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral
(5 folders)
BOX D22 REEL 52-53 1835-1851
(17 folders)
Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1793-1856
Irkutsk Consistory, from, 1796-1840
Lists of, 1835-1848
(2 folders)
BOX D23 REEL 53-54 Sitka Diocese to Kamchatka Diocese, 1844-1846
Parish records unconfessed list, 1842-1848
Popechitelstvo management
Inquiry about money sent to Irkutsk, 1836-1837
Opening of Kamchatka office, 1842
Popechitelstvo records
Accounts/reports, Siberian parishes, 1842-1853
Reports general
Various matters, 1795-1853
Condition of the diocese, improvement of, 1823
Incoming papers from Novo-Arkhangelsk, 1841
Machin (captain)–shipment of wife's body to Kronstadt, 1851
Transactions, list of, 1842-1852
Reports/ ukaz
Tsar family, 1842-1852
Travel reports
Nikiforov, Nikifov, 1824
Vital statistics
And parish records, notifications, 1835-1838
Siberian parishes, 1841-1848
Petropavlovsk and Dranka, Nizh.-Kamchatks and Bolsheretsk
Education management
Teacher's remuneration, 1843-1852
Petropavlovsk and Irkutsh
Financial reports
Disposition of unused funds in Siberian parishes, 1843-1844
BOX D24 REEL 54-55 Petropavlovsk and Okhotsk
Diocese administration
Siberian parish and clergy regulations, 1841
Financial reports
Audit of account books requested, 1841-1844
New church (also a chapel in Iamsk), 1838-1840
Protection Church, 1843-1854
Krymskii, Login Maksimov (starosta), 1843-1852
Vinokourov, Petr, 1839-1840
Education school records, 1843-1852
Financial collections
Funeral tax, 1847
Financial reports
Audit of account books, 1843-1851
Church funds, 1841-1849
Overall accounts, 1840-1852
Financial supplies
Bells, altar cloth, etc., 1843-1849
White laced ledgers, 1849-1850
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Also contributions, 1844
Protection Church, 1839-1852
(14 folders)
Parish records confessional list, 1849-1850
Parish records unconfessed list
Punishments, 1842-1843
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