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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Geographical File, 1733-1938 (continued)
Siberia, 1733-1910 (continued)
Education school records, 1843-1852
Financial collections
Funeral tax, 1847
Financial reports
Audit of account books, 1843-1851
Church funds, 1841-1849
Overall accounts, 1840-1852
Financial supplies
Bells, altar cloth, etc., 1843-1849
White laced ledgers, 1849-1850
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Also contributions, 1844
Protection Church, 1839-1852
(14 folders)
Parish records confessional list, 1849-1850
Parish records unconfessed list
Punishments, 1842-1843
Bell tower repairs, 1844
New wooden church, plan included, 1803-1823
Voroshilov, Irina (Ivanov) (widow of Afanasii) and her daughter's scandalous behavior, 1835-1838
BOX D25 REEL 55 Clergy–appointments
Bazhenov, Dimitrii, and Voroshilov, Pavel (starosta), 1843-1850
Education–school records, 1842-1845
Financial reports
Overall accounts, 1842-1845
Financial supplies
Trade for a ciborium, 1841-1845
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Nativity Church, [1830s]-1851
(22 folders)
Parish records confessional list
Separate report, 1839-1841
Clergy house, 1850
New church, 1851
St. Nicholas Church, 1846-1847
Markov, Mikhail, and Maragaev, Amos Peter, throat cutting, 1847-1849
Education–school records, 1848-1853
Financial collections
Funeral tax, 1846-1854
Financial contributions
Novgorodov, Ioann, and Iarkov, Egor, 1847-1853
Financial reports
Clergy salaries, etc., 1850-1852
Funds for the St. Nicholas Church regalia, 1847-1852
BOX D26 REEL 55-56 Overall accounts, 1847-1852
Financial supplies
Books, altar cloth, etc., 1847-1854
White laced ledgers, 1847-1854
Parish records, church/clergy registers
St. Nicholas Church, 1845-1853
(9 folders)
Parish records notifications, 1847-1854
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1847-1854
Lists of, 1849-1851
Parish records unconfessed lists, 1847-1849
Popov, Mikhail, 1847-1848
Reports/ ukaz, 1852-1854
Travel reports
Popov, Mikhail, and Loginov, Nikolai, 1848-1852
Epiphany Church, 1803-1819
Unknown and fragments
(3 folders)
BOX D27 REEL 56 Kurile Islands, 1792-1868
BOX D27 REEL 56 Buildings–property
Forseman, Ivan, and Govorov, Stefan, 1842-1853
Diocese administration
New parish, 1838-1850
Orders–dispatch of a priest, 1865
Toens–explanation and transportation, 1792-1795
Financial collections
Funeral tax, 1868
Financial contributions
By the parishioners of Shumshu Island for a chapel, 1862-1866
Church services, 1844-1845
Financial reports
Cash, candles, and supplies, 1842-1868
Forseman, Ivan, 1846-1853
Overall accounts, 1846-1868
Various transactions, 1844-1868
Financial supplies
Shipped from Sitka, 1844-1845
Holy Trinity Chapel, 1866-1868
(2 folders)
Parish records confessional list, 1842-1859
(10 folders)
Moskalev, Sergei (manager), 1866-1867
Travel journal
Omoforovskii, Nikita, 1849
Shabalin, Vasilii, 1864-1865
Vital statistics
Census, 1848
Separate reports, 1845-1865
(11 folders)
BOX D28 REEL 56-57 Bering Island, 1842-1868
BOX D28 REEL 56-57 Clergy–appointments
Ivanov, Ivan (starosta) and Volokitin, Fedor (starosta), 1864-1865
Financial collections
Funeral tax, 1866-1867
Financial reports
Cash, candles, and supplies, 1862-1867
Overall accounts, 1842-1867
Various transactions, 1847-1848
Financial supplies
Bells, books, and icons, etc., 1852-1865
St. Innocent Chapel, 1845-1868
Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1864-1868
Vital statistics
Separate report, 1862-1865
(2 folders)
BOX D28 REEL 56-57 Bering and Miednyi Islands
BOX D28 REEL 56-57 Travel journal
Netsvetov, Iakov Egorov, 1843
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