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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Geographical File, 1733-1938 (continued)
Aleutian Islands, 1836-1915 (continued)
Ascension Chapel, 1881
Financial supplies
Church regalia, etc., 1906-1915
St. Nicholas Chapel, blank ledger, 1868
Financial supplies
Church regalia, etc., 1888-1911
St. Nicholas Chapel, 1836-1908
(2 folders)
Parish records, church/clergy registers
St. Nicholas Chapel, 1836
Parish records, church service registers 1905-1906; education–school records, 1905-1906; vital statistics, 1905-1906
Baptism certification
Golovin, Petr, and Gull (Gould), Aleksei, births, 1901
Sapozhinikov, Ioann, and Golovin, Andrei, births, 1904
Six baptisms, 1913
Church buildings; repairs, etc., 1859-1904
(2 folders)
Church land, 1902
Aleut woman strangles own child, 1896
BOX D32 REEL 58-59 Clergy–appointments
Kinozerov, Ilarion (starosta), 1849-1855
Starostas, 1849-1863
Diocese administration
New chapels, 1849
Personnel, change of, 1895-1904
(2 folders)
Education books
School, for, 1895
Education library
Books, list of [1892]
Education–school records, 1887-1896
Education students
Sent to American school, 1902-1903
Financial collections
Palestine Mission, 1904
Financial contributions, 1849
Financial regulations
Candle sale, 1853
Financial reports
Candle sale, 1849-1852
Clergy salary, 1904-1914
Income and expenses (also supplies), 1888-1891
Income and expenses, 1903-1907
Overall accounts, 1849-1853
Separate accounts, income and expenses, 1848-1904
(2 folders)
Various accounts, 1858-1903
(2 folders)
Instructions ecclesiastical
Clergy, to, 1857-1866
Order to conform Orthodox Sunday with American Sunday, 1871
BOX D33 REEL 59 Inventories
St. Mary of Vladimir Chapel, 1849-1879
St. Mary of Vladimir Chapel–books, etc., 1865 and 1878
Marriage agreement: religious upbringing of children, 1903
Matrimony divorce
Sorokovikov, Ivan andMaria, 1906
Matrimony illegitimacy
Civilian marriages not conforming to Orthodox rules, 1904
Matrimony petitions/investigations
King, George, to marry his uncle's wife's sister, Lukanin, Stefanida, 1896
Kinozerov, Filip and Vasilii, 1864
Peterson, Gust, 1895
Sorokovikov, Ivan, 1895
Twelve couples (list of names), 1867
Parish records
Kashevarov, Nikolai, 1896
Parish records, church/clergy registers
St. Mary of Vladimir Chapel, 1805-1902
(3 folders)
Parish records, church service registers
Aleksin, Evfimii, 1897
Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1904
Condition of the parish, 1896-1903
Olgin, Nikolai (Aleksandrov), 1894-1896
Rysev, Nikolai, church services, school activities, 1903
Vital statistics; financial supplies-wine, 1893
Travel reports
Kashevarov, Nikolai, 1896
Vital statistics
Births and deaths, 1896
Separate report, 1859-1902
(2 folders)
Financial supplies
Churrch regalia, etc., 1849-1862
Ascension Chapel, 1867, 1878-1879
Aleutian Islands and Kurile Islands
Parish records confessional list, 1867
Travel reports, 1860-1868
Vital statistics
Separate report, 1850-1867
(3 folders)
BOX D34-D46 REEL 59-66 Akta Island, 1755-1899
BOX D34 REEL 59-60 Buildings–property
Church buildings; Nazan village; new church, 1878-1889
Church buildings; St. Nicholas Church; consecration, repairs, 1828-1864
Dediukhin, Fedor Nikolaev (starosta), 1852
Starostas, 1896-1897
Rewards for assistants, 1896
Death certification, 1880-1884
Diocese administration
Centennial celebrations, 1894-1899
Church regalia returned from Unalaska, 1881
Clergy census, 1859
Illegible, 1869
Petition procedures, 1858
Priest, request for, 1868-1886
(2 folders)
Travel funds to Attu, 1897
Education books
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