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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Geographical File, 1733-1938 (continued)
United States, 1867-1928 (continued)
South River
Belskii v. Guretskii (church and saloon), 1913
St. Tikhon Monastery, grades, 1915-1916
New York
Diocese administration
Correspondence, 1900-1912
Parish records, 1912
Diocese administration
Correspondence, 1897-1913
Secular papers
Meshcherskii, Evdokim (archbishop) (to), [1914-1917]
Diocese administration
Correspondence, 1897-1915
Uniate dissensions, 1895-1896
Financial collections
Palestine Mission, 1898
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Sts. Peter and Paul Church, 1904-1905
Diocese administration
Correspondence, 1901-1914
New York City
Baptism certification
Polevoi, V. P., 1905
Von-Meck, Maximilian Karlovich, of the Russian Imperial Mission, 1896
Mary, Mother of God, 1896-1899
Church, construction of, 1899-1913
Plans and acquisition of land for a church, 1867-1879
Plans, monastery, 1915
Report on conditions, 1896-1902
Serafim, the Metropolitan of America; impostor–Ustrovolskii, Stefan, 1901-1903
Sinking of La Bourgogne; Hotovitskii, Aleksandr, 1898
BOX D451 REEL 287 Clergy–appointments
Applications, 1899-1915
Blishok, Simeon (starosta), undated
Conversion regulations
(2 folders)
Jews, 1896-1898
Other denominations, 1896-1899
Schwimmer, Samuil Solomonovich, 1897
Diocese administration
Balanovitch, Evtikhil J., 1895-1896
BOX D452 REEL 287-288 Bellavin, Tikhon (bishop) (to), 1898-1915
Correspondence, 1893-1924, undated
(4 folders)
Hawaweeny, Raphael (bishop) (from), 1886-1898
Hotovitskii, Aleksandr, 1895-1908
(2 folders)
Meshcherskii, Evodokim (bishop), 1915-1916
BOX D453 REEL 288 Mutual Aid Society
Blank forms, 1910
Plans and regulations; correspondence, 1895-1897
Nedzelnitskii, Ioann, 1896-1899
Popov, Vasilii, 1906
Rozhdestvenskii, Platon (archbishop), 1912-1914
Rozhdestvenskii, Platon (archbishop), correspondence to Ivanishin, Andrei P., 1913
Simitskii, Nikolai Aleksandrov, 1899
Smirnov, Evgenii, 1894-1907
Education books
Aeolian Hall, 1912-1913
American Central Committee for Russian Relief, 1920
Baptism of infants against the Baptists, 1917
Brotherhood–St. Vladimir, 1890
“Bulletin,” Feb. 2-Sept. 26, 1921
Carpatho-Russian congregation, [1910]
Collection of Patriotic and Religious Poems, 1912
Cox, James Middleton, 1920
“Days of Our Life,” May-Aug. 1923
“Do smiechu I do placu,” [1890]
“Forum,” 1926
BOX D454 REEL 289-290 The Good Past of the Ecclesiastical Academy in Moscow, 1915
History of Greece and Rome, 1911
“Imperial Russia,” 1923
“Khristianin” printing estimates, 1909
Lectures for Lent, 1915
Mescherskii, Vasilii Ivanovich (Bishop Evdokim), 1916
Nemolovskii, Alexander (bishop), 1919-1920
“Regulations of the North-American Orthodox Brotherhood”–St. Vladimir, 1915
Religious pamphlets, 1916
Russian Ecclessiastical Mission in Japan, 1904-1905
(2 folders)
“Russian Orthodox American Messenger” Supplements, 1901-1910
(3 folders)
BOX D455 REEL 290-291 Russian Orthodox Church convention Prayers [Aug. 15] for the day of opening in Moscow, [1914]
St. Nicholas Cathedral, articles about, 1919
Serbian Orthodox Church, material about the first celebration in the U.S. of Kossovo Day–the Serbian National Festival, [1917-1918]
Tchernoff Publishing Co., 1930
Testament of Kornilov, Lavr Georgievich, [1918]
Textbook of New History, 1912
Vestnik, publication, income and expense, 1903
Vestnik (Messenger), list of subscription requests from Aleutian and North American parishes, 1904
“What Every Russian Orthodox Man Must Know About the Catholic Religion,” undated
Education library
Ustav (regulations), 1908
Education–school records
American Orthodox Theological Seminary, 1921
Parish school, 1896
Education students
Pimenov, Simeon, and Solianka, Emelian, 1915
Vladyshevskii, Sofiia, 1913
Financial collections
Siberian Railroad Mission, 1900
Various, 1895-1899
Financial reports
Aleutian Islands and North American Diocese
Budget allocations, 1906-1915
Income and expenses, 1911
Bills and receipts, 1917-1919
Bills and receipts, not New York, 1917
Candle sale, 1895-1900
Clergy salary, 1895-1915
BOX D456 REEL 291 Income and expenses, 1895-1899
(3 folders)
Synod reports, statements of capital, 1906-1908
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