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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Geographical File, 1733-1938 (continued)
San Francisco, 1772-1921 (continued)
Behavior in Russia (ukases), 1880-1882
Destitution; support of, 1860-1881
Duties; assignments; regulations, 1881-1898, undated
St. Alexander Nevskii Cathedral–list (also confessional record), 1878-1879
Salary–new schedule, 1893-1894
Salary; staff needed, 1868-1869
Salary; supplies, Vechtomov, Vladimir, [1884]
Transportation, 1882-[1910]
Communication with parishes in foreign lands ( ukaz), 1875
Complaints: burial refusal; conduct, 1893-1898
Dabovich, Sevastian, 1902-1904
Diocese in the United States; Mitropolskii, Ioann (bishop), 1876
Diocese in the United States; Mitropolskii, Ioann (bishop), 38,000 rubles support, 1872-1873
Office move from Sitka; Slav parish in San Francisco, 1867-1868
Transfer of Sitka office to San Francisco; Mitropolskii, Ioann (bishop), 1870
Transfer to St. Petersburg control, 1877-1879
Dobrovolskii, Victor, search of, 1896
1867 treaty between the United States and Russia, 1878-1888
Genealogical charts, [1900]
Graves, transfer of, [1900]
Greece, Consulate of, 1897-1898
Greeks in southeastern United States, 1886
Grinkevich, Nikolai; reports by, 1892-1896
Ivovich, Ioana Perov, search for, 1902
Lutheran Church in America, condition of, 1896
Management, finances, supplies, transportation, 1884
Medical bill; Dr. Corbett, 1876
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1893
Mitroplskii, Ioann (bishop)
Correspondence (to), 1873
BOX D474 REEL 300-301 Orders: parish management, 1871-1876
Monasteries in Russia ( ukaz), 1882
North American parishes; instructions on corrections, 1899
Pobedonostsev, K., request from, 1881
Publication approval, 1895
Report to, 1887
Holy Synod, 1888-1902
Parish records, requests for, 1885-1896
Pashkovskii, Fedor, report for, 1897-1907
Personnel, change of, 1888-1905
Petrov, Ivan; census office, 1890
Popov, Petr, reports by, 1897-1903
Protestant propaganda–competition: other denomination, 1893
Priest, request for, from San Rafael and San Quentin, Calif., 1896-1898
Renskii, Nikolai, reports by, 1894-1898
Roman Catholic Church, literature, 1928
Russian Imperial Church in Alaska, historical sketch of, 1894
Russian Imperial Consulate, 1885-1905
Russian citizens' allegiance oaths to new Tsar, Nicholas II (list of names included), 1894-1895
Serf liberation holiday, February 19, 1861; 1882
Shelekhov, Grigorii, centennial celebration monument for, 1896
Signature certification; Consistory of Alaska (for), 1880
Slav parish in San Francisco (Greek-Russian-Slavic Orthodox Society), 1868-[1880]
Sokolovskii, Vladimir (bishop)
1889-1891 (from)
1888-1899 (to)
(2 folders)
BOX D475 REEL 301-302 Starosta reward policy; Milovidov, Semen, of Unalaska, 1889
Synod Press, 1899-1902
Translation, Aleut language; Thomson, J. H., request, 1886
Translation: imperial policy ( ukaz), 1883
U.S. church tax regualation (Shiskin, N.), 1876
Vechtomov, Vladimir
Dispatched on inspection tour of Alaskan parishes, 1886
Instructions, management, 1885
Verra, Anthony D., request for leave, 1898
Zass, Nestor (bishop)
Instructions, 1878
Orders–management, 1879-1882
(2 folders)
1879-1880 (to)
Yearly reports from, 1879
Ziorov, Nikolai (bishop)
Correspondence from
(7 folders)
BOX D476 REEL 302-303 To
Bellavin, Tikhon (bishop), 1899
Pobedonostsev, Konstantin (Over-Procurator), [1891-1898]
Sitka clergy, 1892-1898
Correspondence to
(10 folders)
Artsimovich, Vladimir Antonovich (Imperial Russian consul), 1871-1897
Beliakov, I., 1894-1895
Bocharov, Aleksei N., 1893-1895
Coats, Stuart A., 1897-1898
Dobrov, Pavel, professor, Moscow seminary, 1893-1897
Glubokovskii, Professor, 1895
Glukhovskoi, Pavel I., 1893-1897
Grabar, Aleksei, 1895-1896
Guliaev, Erast E., 1895-1897
Kaniukh, Ivan, 1895-1898
Kokhanik, Petr, 1895-1897
Kovalevskii, Evgraf, 1894-1895
Pinart, Alph. L., 1895
BOX D477 REEL 303 Protopoopv, Aleksandr, 1898
Ragozin, Zenaide A., 1896-1898
Robertson, J. N. W. B., 1895-1896
Russian Imperial Legation, Washington, 1892-1898
Sabler, V. K. (Over-Procurator), 1891-1895
Skrypitsyn, E. V., 1895-1897
Vedomosti, St. Petersburg, 1893-1897
Zubovskii, Ioakim, 1893-1898
Reports by, 1896-1898
Transportation, 1892-1894
Education books
Acknowledgment from Buenos Aires, 1896
Advertisements, orders, list, 1892-1902
Bashkov, A. O., books from St. Petersburg, 1895-1896
Cherkasov, A., books from St. Petersburg, 1875
Department of Orthodox Creed (Synod), books from, 1881
Fenu, N., books from; also supplies, 1887-1894
Glazunov, Ivan I., books from St. Petersburg, 1880-1885
Inventory, announcement of, 1879
Inventory; deliveries, 1893-1900
Kovrigin, Nikolai; orders from, 1869-1870
“Labors of Orthodox Russians in Eastern Siberia,” 1883-1885
London, Masters & Company, bookstore; English and Greek language books, 1884-1894
Mitropolskii, Ioann (bishop), books sold by, 1878
Subscriptions, magazines, 1884-1887
Ziorov, Nikolai (bishop), requests from and to, 1896
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