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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Geographical File, 1733-1938 (continued)
Siberia, 1733-1910 (continued)
Baptism certification
Snovidov, Ksenofont (Petrov), 1836-1837
Destruction by fire of the church, 1809-1815
New wooden church, 1830-1838
Antonov, Aleksei (village manager), 1837-1842
Gladkii, Vasilii (Andreev) debt to Berezin, Pavel (Alekseev), 1824-1825
Speshnev, Stefan, 1785
Education–school records, 1847-1853
Financial reports
Income, 1837-1841
Overall accounts, 1842-1852
Financial supplies
Altar cloth, etc., 1843
BOX D7 REEL 43-44 Parish records, church/clergy registers
Ascension Church, 1833-1851
(2 folders)
Resurrection Church, [1840]-51
(13 folders)
Condition of the parish, 1841 See Container D515, same heading
Kosolapov, Andrei, and Kuzovkin, Artamon, runaway thieves, 1797
Prasolov, Fedorov, homicide, 1839-1841
Ryshchkov, Ivan (Ivanov), indebtedness, 1758-1784
Volkov, Zakhar, incest, 1851-1852
Illegible, 1788
Diocese administration
Bagriantskii, Veniamin (bishop), 1797-1801
Census of Siberian parishes (Orthodox parishioners), 1831
Clergy transportation, 1796
Exemption of payment of supplies, transportation charges, and interest from the clergy, 1837-1839
New clergy ordained, 1801
BOX D8 REEL 44 Over-Procurator Mescherskii, P.S., 1828-1838
(6 folders)
Records of Okhotsk, 1841
Records received, 1823-1825
Records, request for, 1838
BOX D9 REEL 44-45 Supplies, especially wine, delivery to the 22 parishes in the Irkutsk and Kamchatak area, 1834-1839
Education books
From Moscow, 1840-1844
Education management
Seminary finances, 1837-1840
Death announcements, 1836-1837
Those who became clergyman since 1820, 1836-1837
Vinokourov, Georgii, et. al., 1842-1844
Financial reports
Audit accounts; transmitted funds, 1842-1843
Inquiry, 1858
Kamchatka parishes, 1782-1791
(2 folders)
Sent to Sitka, 1853
Siberian parishes, 1839-1846
(2 folders)
Financial supplies
Church regalia, 1830-1831
Delivery of ointment in special vessel, 1836
Silver and pearls from Bolsheretsk and Nizh.-Kamchatsk, 1843-1844
Tinilsk Nativity Church, 1778-1749
Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1836-1840
(2 folders)
Kamchatka Diocese to Irkutsk Consistory, 1836-1840
Lists of, 1836
Popechitelstvo management
Collection sheets distribution, 1837-1838
Popechitelstvo records
Income and expenses, 1830
Record journal
Law regarding marriage, 1781
Smallpox vaccination, 1846-1847
Various parishes, 1840-1844
Education–school records, 1841-1850
Financial reports
Overall accounts, 1842-1852
Financial supplies
Altar cloths, etc., 1843
BOX D10 REEL 45-46 Parish records, church/clergy registers
Holy Trinity Church; St. Nicholas Chapel at Anadyr; Savior Church at Gizhiga, 1830-1847
Holy Trinity Church, 1841-1851
Kollegov, Mikhail, 1802
St. Nicholas Church, 1842-1846
Education–school records, 1842-1849
Financial reports
Overall accounts, 1842-1852
Financial supplies
Church regalia, 1844
Fur and church provision, 1839-1840
Parish records, church/clergy registers
St. Nicholas Church, 1835-1851
(16 folders)
BOX D11 REEL 46 Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1846
Idols, 1841
Lesnovski and Kliuchevskoe
Starostas, 1840-1850
Malkinskaia Bolnitsa
Erection of a church, 1826-1840
St. Mary's Church, 1840-1845
Diocese administration
Orders, management, 1840
Education–school records, 1842-1843
Financial reports
Overall accounts, 1842-1844
Salary funds, 1848-1852
Parish records, church/clergy registers
St. Mary's Church, 1839-1844
Epiphany Church, 1848-1853
New wooden church, 1835-1840
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