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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Other Papers, 1886-1925 (continued)
General correspondence and other papers, 1891-1914, undated
A-Averkieva, M.
(53 folders)
BOX H16 REEL 367-368 Averkieva, P.-Bog
(79 folders)
BOX H17 REEL 368 Bor-Dub
(92 folders)
BOX H18 REEL 368-369 Dud-Gorod
(88 folders)
BOX H19 REEL 369 Gorok-Kas
(89 folders)
BOX H20 REEL 369-370 Kat-Kot
(74 folders)
BOX H21 REEL 370 Koto-Mako
(83 folders)
BOX H22 REEL 370 Maks-Nazarevskii, A.
(93 folders)
BOX H23 REEL 371 Nazarevskii, I.-Par
(90 folders)
BOX H24 REEL 371 Pas-Preobrazhenskii, I.
(79 folders)
BOX H25 REEL 371-372 Preobrazhenskii, N.-Sch
(89 folders)
BOX H26 REEL 372 Sel-Snie
(85 folders)
BOX H27 REEL 373 Snig-T.
(92 folders)
BOX H28 REEL 373 T. L.-Uspenskii, A.
(80 folders)
BOX H29 REEL 374 Uspenskii, D.-Vos
(86 folders)
BOX H30 REEL 374-375 W-Z
(36 folders)
Miscellaneous correspondence and other material
First name only
(13 folders)
Incomplete and fragments
BOX H31 REEL 375 Third-party correspondence, 1892-1913, undated
(23 folders)
Illegible correspondence, 1892-1917
(2 folders)
REEL 375-376
(3 folders)
REEL 376
(1 folder)
Damaged material
(2 folders)
Photograph, undated
Printed material, 1904-1910 See also Oversize
Kedrovsky, John, Bishop
Buildings, property, 1915-1917
Cases, 1924
Diocese administration
Correspondence, 1913-1925
Financial reports, 1915-1921, undated
BOX OV 1-OV 11 Oversize Items Removed, 1816-1910
Parish records, drawings, and financial records.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed. Filmed in the order of their original location.
BOX OV 1 Clergy Dossier
Chernykh, Georgii, 1846 (Container B4, Reel 9)
Geographical File
Annunciation Church, 1843-1851 (Container D5, Reel 42)
BOX OV 2 Unalaska Island
Financial reports
Clergy salary, 1853-1861 (Container D70, Reel 79-80)
Parish records confessional list
1859 (Container D104, Reel 98-99)
1883 (Container D107, Reel 100-101)
Pribilof Islands: St. Paul Island
Parish records confessional list, 1877-1883 (Container D140, Reel 116)
(7 folders)
BOX OV 3 Pribilof Islands: St. Paul and St. George islands
Parish records confessional list, 1878-1879 (Container D157, Reel 122-123)
(2 folders)
Parish records confessional list, 1877-1879 (Container D181, Reel 134)
(3 folders)
St. Michael-Ikogmiut-Kolmakov
Parish records confession list
Ikogmiut–Holy Cross Church, and other areas (including conversion reports), 1881-1883 (Container D238, Reel 163-164)
(3 folders)
BOX OV 4 Kodiak Island and area
Kodiak Island
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Resurrection Church, 1865 (Container D253, Reels 174-175)
Parish records confessional list
1855 (Container D255, Reels 175-176)
1865, 1878-1879 (Container D256, Reels 176-177)
(3 folders)
BOX OV 5 Geographical file
Kenai Peninsula
Parish records confessional list, 1878-1879, 1883 (Container D294, Reel 199)
(4 folders)
The Southeast
Church building plans, [1890-1895] (Container D312, Reel 207)
Church land
Clergy housing, 1898 (Container D325, Reel 214)
Plans for some buildings in Novo-Archangelsk by Peshchurov, A., 1867 (Container D325, Reel 214)
BOX OV 6 St. Michael Cathedral
Various matters, iconostasis line drawing, 1844 (Container D326, Reel 215)
BOX OV 7 Tlingit Indian (Kolosh) Holy Trinity Church, 1846 (Container D327, Reels 215-216)
Diocese administration
Establishment, St. Michael the Archangel Church, March 8, 1816 (Container D334, Reels 218-219)
Financial reports
Russian-American Company
Colonial churches' credit, notes, 1841-1853 (Container D378, Reel 245)
St. Michael Cathedral, 1853-1855 (Container D395, Reel 254)
Parish records confessional list
St. Michael Cathedral, 1879, 1883 (Container D414, Reel 265)
(2 folders)
BOX OV 8 Secular papers, Stefan Mikhailovich Ushin, journal of damaged material and fragments (filmed as Container 437A) (Container 437, Reel 280)
BOX OV 9 San Francisco
Parish records
Aleutian Islands and Alaska Diocese, 1879-1884 (Container D501, Reel 315)
Vital statistics
Census, Greek and Serbian parishioners, 1879 (Container D512, Reel 320)
Additional material: Siberia, Alaska
Unalaska Island
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