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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Geographical File, 1733-1938 (continued)
Siberia, 1733-1910 (continued)
Malkinskaia Bolnitsa
Erection of a church, 1826-1840
St. Mary's Church, 1840-1845
Diocese administration
Orders, management, 1840
Education–school records, 1842-1843
Financial reports
Overall accounts, 1842-1844
Salary funds, 1848-1852
Parish records, church/clergy registers
St. Mary's Church, 1839-1844
Epiphany Church, 1848-1853
New wooden church, 1835-1840
Pinegin, Ivan (starosta), 1840
Starostas, 1834-[40]
Education–school records, 1840-1852
Financial contributions
Shchapinskii, Ostrozhok (furnishings for the chapel), 1846-1847
Financial reports
Overall accounts, 1842-1852
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Epiphany Church
(6 folders)
BOX D12 REEL 46-47 Parish records, church/clergy registers
(13 folders)
Bell tower, 1842-1845
Icons for inconastas lost at sea, 1799
Moving the church to another location, 1824
Panov, police captain, maintaining a mistress, 1797
Sukhaninskii, Pavel, debt to the Assumption Church, 1777-1802
Diocese administration
Ecclesiastical Consistory, order from, 1797 See Container D515, same heading
Membership for tax purposes, 1789 See Container D515, same heading
Education–school records, 1841-1850
Financial reports
Overall accounts, 1842-1852
Financial supplies
Altar cloth, etc., 1843
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Assumption Church
(16 folders)
BOX D13 REEL 47 1848-1851 (4 folders
Parish records confessional list, 1848
Baptism certification
Brodnikov, Ilia, 1837
Golovnin, Elizaveta, and Vasiliev, Nikolai Aleksandrovich (captain), 1841
Pshenitsyn, Victor (Alekseev), 1839-1840
New church building, 1798-1817
(2 folders)
New church in Okhotsk on the Iudoma River, 1815
Shilov, Ivan, 1836-1837
Transfiguration Church, 1816-1830
(2 folders)
BOX D14 REEL 47-48 Transfiguration Church repairs, 1840
Dementiev, Aleksei, bigamy, 1835-1836
Kollegov, Ilia, indebtedness to Kornakov, Paraskeva, 1839-1840
Maltsov, Konstantin, and Danilova, Paraskeva, 1843-1844
Nepomniashchaia, Iuliana; Stepanov, Ivan, and Petrov, Ivan, 1848-1851
Reshetnikov, Stefan, homicide, 1842-1846
Shelekhov, Grigorii, debt to the Transfiguration Church, 1795
Siberian native (Tungus) converts, 1777-1779
Nikiforov, Nikolai and Kollgeov, Ilia, 1837
Starostas, 1839-1852
Prelovskii, Ioann, 1845
Diocese administration
Correspondence, etc., [1837]-1840
Personnel changes, 1841
Request to return church funds from civilian authorities, 1790-1791
Education books
Request, 1787
Education–school records, 1847-1853
Financial collections
Funeral tax, 1846-1850
Financial contributions
Shilov, Ivan; Zavoiko, Iulia, etc., 1844-1849
Financial reports
Clergy travel funds, 1849-1850
Debts, 1851-1852
Expenses, income, transmitted funds, 1852
Okhotsk and Kamchatka budget; various parishes, 1841-1852
Okhotsk area parishes, 1841-1851
Overall accounts, 1841-1853
BOX D15 REEL 48-49 Request for payment, Transfiguration Church, 1843
Various transactions, 1850-1852
Financial supplies
Bells and tobacco, 1845
Books, altar cloths, etc., 1843-1845
White laced ledgers, 1843-1851
Wine, 1792
Instructions ecclesiastical
Tsar family (prayers), 1845-1848
Fadeev, Ivan (Kozmin) and Fadeev, Akilina (Fedorova), 1781-1783
Migalkin, Andrian, and his wife Aleksandra, 1840-1841
Matrimony petitions/investigations
Various individuals, 1802
Parish records, church/clergy registers
Transfiguration Church, 1833-1852
(19 folders)
Parish records notifications
Acknowledgments, announcements, 1842-1844
Lists of, 1846-1850
Parish records unconfessed
Regulations: punishments, 1842-1844
Bagriantsev, Petr, 1828-1829
Reports/ ukaz, 1847-1851
Vital statistics
Fragmentary, [1844]
Okhotsk and Kamchatka
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