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BOX 54-58 North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, 1863-1864
Retained copies and a few original of correspondence, reports, prize lists, and logbook abstracts received by See as commander of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron. Includes supplementary memoranda, charts, drawings, and miscellaneous papers.
Arranged alphabetically by name of vessel in the squadron.
BOX 54 Alabama
BOX 54 Aries
BOX 54 Ascutney
BOX 54 Banshee
BOX 54 Britannia
BOX 54 Calypso
BOX 54 Cambridge
BOX 54 Cherokee
BOX 55 Connecticut
BOX 55 Cuyler
BOX 55 Dacotah
BOX 55 Daylight
BOX 55 Dumbarton
BOX 55 Emma
BOX 55 Eutaw
BOX 55 Fakhee
BOX 55 Florida
BOX 55 Fort Donelson
BOX 55 Fort Jackson
BOX 55 Gettysburg
BOX 55 Governor Buckingham
BOX 56 Grand Gulf
BOX 56 Howquah
BOX 56 Iron Age
BOX 56 Isonomia
BOX 56 James Adger
BOX 56 Kansas
BOX 56 Keystone State
BOX 56 Maratanza
BOX 56 Mercedita
BOX 56 Montgomery
BOX 56 Monticello
BOX 57 Mount Vernon
BOX 57 Nansemond
BOX 57 Nereus
BOX 57 Newberne
BOX 57 Niphon
BOX 57 Oneida
BOX 57 Pequot
BOX 57 Quaker City
BOX 58 Santiago de Cuba
BOX 58 Sassacus
BOX 58 Shenandoah
BOX 58 State of Georgia
BOX 58 Tuscarora
BOX 58 Vicksburg
BOX 58 Victoria
BOX 59-65 Miscellany, 1860-1869
Originals and typescripts of correspondence sent and received by Lee, printed matter, a logbook, record books, a diary, captured Confederate documents, administrative Confederate States of America forms, maps, and muster rolls.
Arranged by subject heading and chronologically therein.
BOX 59 General Orders, 1862-1869
BOX 60 Extracts, Circulars, and Notices, 1860-1865
BOX 60 Printed Matter, 1861-1869
BOX 61 Logbook, USS Minnesota, 8 May-8 Aug. 1861, and Money Request Book, North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, Apr. 1862-Oct. 1863
BOX 61 Descriptive List Book of Blockade Runners, 1862-1864
BOX 61 Cargo List Book, USS Antonica, May-Dec. 1863
BOX 61 Diary of Events on the James River by Lieutenant M. Mullin, 5 May-14 June 1864
BOX 61 Death List Book, Mississippi Squadron, Oct. 1864-June 1865
BOX 61 Record Book of Documents Forwarded, May 1864-June 1865
BOX 61 Court-Martial Record Book, Mississippi Squadron, Feb.-July 1865
BOX 61 Signal Record Book, USS Tempest, Mississippi Squadron, 26 May-12 Aug. 1865
BOX 62 Correspondence Designated for the Naval War Records Office, indexed, Nov. 1862-Nov. 1864
BOX 62 Correspondence with Major General John G. Foster, July-Nov. 1863
BOX 62 Correspondence with “special secret agent” J. B. Devoe, Feb. 1864-June 1865
BOX 62 Copies of captured Confederate documents, Nov. 1862
BOX 62 Index to Consular Reports of Blockade Runners, undated
BOX 62 Two maps of Little Muscle Shoals, Tenn.
BOX 62 Blank administrative forms of the Confederate States of America
BOX 63 Typescript copies of correspondence in this collection, Nov. 1860-May 1865, selected from the main body of this collection in 1898 and apparently used in compiling sections concerning Lee in the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion, serial I, vols. 7-10, published 1898-1900
BOX 64 Appointment Book, Mississippi Squadron, 1864-1865
BOX 64 Vacancy Book, Mississippi Squadron, 1864-1865
BOX 65 Muster Rolls, Mississippi Squadron, Apr.-Aug. 1865

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