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Joseph P. Tumulty papers, 1898-1969

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BOX 87-104 Subject File, 1920-1960
Correspondence, telegrams, legal and financial documents, notes, newspaper clippings, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder. Alist of correspondents is provided for selected subject headings.
BOX 87 Acer, Frank A., estate of, 1924, Dec.-1926, June
Affidavit to practice before Treasury Department, 1924-1926
Alfalfa Club, Washington, D.C., 1921-1954, undated
1931, Jan.-1935
(5 folders)
BOX 88 1936, Jan.-1939
(6 folders)
BOX 89 1939, Jan.-1941, 1945-1954
Altamont apartment, Washington, D.C.
General, 1932, Nov.-1939, Aug.
Refinancing, 1939, Oct.-1940, Jan.
Streetcar stop, 1931, Aug.-1937, Aug.
Altamont apartment dinner, 1934, May
BOX 90 American Bar Association, 1921, June and 1944, Apr.
Asbury Park Trust Co., 1921, May-Nov.
Autograph requests
Tumulty, Joseph, 1921, Nov.-1939, Mar.
Wilson Woodrow, 1921, Mar.-1939, June
Auto train control bill, 1924
Belridge Oil Co., 1925, Nov.-1928, Apr.
Burning Tree Club, Bethesda, Md., 1929, June-1953, Jan. See also Container 28, Stover, Holly
(3 folders)
Business publicity, undated
Charities and donations
1921, Mar.-1925, July
BOX 91 1925, Oct.-1940, Nov., undated
(3 folders)
Charlton, William, 1921, July-1938, June
Chevy Chase Club, Chevy Chase, Md., 1921, Apr.-1927, Apr.
Christian (George B., Jr.) Memorial, 1938-1941
(2 folders)
BOX 92 Christmas lists and greetings, 1925-1936, Dec.
Cliosophic Society of Princeton University, 1924 See also Container 25, Gibbons, Herbert Adams
Colonial Life Insurance Co., 1924, Sept.-1930, Dec.
Congressional Country Club, Bethesda, Md., 1924, Apr.-1930, Dec.
Conover (John C.) Real Estate and Insurance, 1924, July-1943, June See also Container 20, same heading
Conservative Oil Co., 1931, June-1943, Jan.
Cox, James M., luncheon, 1939, Nov.
Crowley, John T., 1925-1933, May See also Container 20, same heading
Cushwa, Raymond C., 1933, July-1943, Feb.
Davis, J. Warren, investigation, 1939, May-1944, Aug.
D.C. Public Transit, merger proposal, 1924-1925
DeBarde, Dr., 1923, June-Aug.
Defiance Realty Co., 1930, Apr.
Degnan, James, 1922
DeJeanne, James, 1923, Jan.-1936, Apr.
BOX 93 Democratic National Committee, 1921-1923, undated
(5 folders)
Democratic National Convention, 1932
Democratic State Committee of New Jersey, 1922-1942
Dinner arrangements, Hull, Cordell, 1923, Mar.-1958, June
District National Bank, 1926, Mar. and 1931, April
Dove (J. Maury) Co., 1921, May-1926, Oct.
BOX 94 Egan, Charles, testimonial dinner, 1934, Aug.-1935, Feb.
Elks, 1920, Feb.-1930, Oct.
Elliot, Milton, 1929, Jan.-Aug.
Essex and Sussex Hotel, 1932, Sept.-1940, July
Export trade, business proposals, 1921, Apr.-Nov.
Federal American National Bank building, 1923-1926
Feeney, John P., 1921 July-Nov. See also Container 111, Kearns (W. F.) Co.
First National Bank of Jersey City, 1921-1935
First National Bank of Princeton, 1925, Mar.-1941, Feb.
Foss-Hughes Co., 1924, Sept.-1927, Oct.
Freeman, Alden, 1929, Dec.-1930, Jan.
General Finance and Security Co., 1921, Nov.-1925, May
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., 1923, Jan.-1937, Dec.
Gray, Jennie, 1921, June-1949, Jan.
Hardy, Wilfred S., 1925, June-1941, July See also Container 107, Casey, A. J. and P. J., and Northern Anthracite Coal Co.
Harris, Stanley, testimonial dinner, 1929, Feb. and undated
Heibut, Golda Elizabeth, 1941, Mar.-Apr. See also Container 32, McCloy, Joseph
BOX 95 Hibbs (William) & Co., 1921, Oct.-1937, Jan.
Hogan J. Frank, testimonial dinner, 1930, Jan.
Howe, Charles B., 1932, July-Apr., 1933
Hughes, Terence, 1921, Apr.-1936, Dec.
Income tax returns
(6 folders)
BOX 96 1926-1928
(6 folders)
BOX 97 1929-1934
(6 folders)
Insull Utility Investments, 1927, Feb.-1930, Oct.
BOX 98 Insurance, 1921-1943 Oct.
Invitations, 1921, Mar.-1939, Nov.
(2 folders)
Ireland, support for, 1921, Mar.-1927, Oct.
Jackson Day dinner, 1931, Dec.-1960, Jan.
Job applicants, 1921, Mar.-1924, Aug.
Joe Tumulty and the Wilson Era, by John Morton Blum, 1946, Feb.-1953, May
Jones, James E., 1925, Nov.-1933, June
Lawton (W. T.) and Sons, 1921, July-1927, June
Libby-Owens stock, 1921 Apr.-Dec. See also Container 29, Jones, Walter
BOX 99 Lincoln Trust Co.
1921, Mar.-1925, Oct.
1925, Nov.-1931, Feb.
Martin, H. A., 1928, Mar.-May
McCann, Margaret E., investment securities, 1921-1930, See also Container 32, McCann, Margaret; and Container 37, Pinkham, Frances
Merchants National Bank and Trust Co., 1921-1930
Mickey, Lillian S., 1940, Feb.-Mar.
Milverton, Frederick, estate of, 1926, Feb.-1927, May
National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1933-1942
National Democratic Club
General, 1921, Sept.-1929, Apr.
Jefferson Day Dinner speech (Wilson-Tumulty controversy), 1922, Apr.
Wilson, Edith Bolling
Wilson, Woodrow
National Metropolitan Bank, 1921, May-1946, Jan.
Neale, Margaretta, 1922, Apr.-1933, June
Newark Sugar Refinery, 1925, Mar.-June
BOX 100 Office rental, 1921, Jan.-1922, Aug.
Pennsylvania Railroad Co., 1922, Feb.-1933, Oct.
Preview, Inc., 1935, Feb.-1936, Oct.
Acer, Frank A., 1921, July-1934, Sept.
Cowe, Louis T., 1924, Dec.-1934, Dec.
Cronin, Michael F., 1924, Jan.-1930, Dec.
Dispatch Printing Co., 1921, Mar.-1927, Mar.
First National Bank of Princeton, 1925-1939
Ford, Charles E., 1937, May-1939, Apr.
McGary, Gary, 1923, Apr.-1926, Nov.
Ohio National Bank, 1929, Nov.-1935, Sept.
Rodier, Jules A., 1923, Feb.-1927, Dec.
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