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Joseph P. Tumulty papers, 1898-1969

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Subject File, 1920-1960 (continued)
Ireland, support for, 1921, Mar.-1927, Oct.
Jackson Day dinner, 1931, Dec.-1960, Jan.
Job applicants, 1921, Mar.-1924, Aug.
Joe Tumulty and the Wilson Era, by John Morton Blum, 1946, Feb.-1953, May
Jones, James E., 1925, Nov.-1933, June
Lawton (W. T.) and Sons, 1921, July-1927, June
Libby-Owens stock, 1921 Apr.-Dec. See also Container 29, Jones, Walter
BOX 99 Lincoln Trust Co.
1921, Mar.-1925, Oct.
1925, Nov.-1931, Feb.
Martin, H. A., 1928, Mar.-May
McCann, Margaret E., investment securities, 1921-1930, See also Container 32, McCann, Margaret; and Container 37, Pinkham, Frances
Merchants National Bank and Trust Co., 1921-1930
Mickey, Lillian S., 1940, Feb.-Mar.
Milverton, Frederick, estate of, 1926, Feb.-1927, May
National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1933-1942
National Democratic Club
General, 1921, Sept.-1929, Apr.
Jefferson Day Dinner speech (Wilson-Tumulty controversy), 1922, Apr.
Wilson, Edith Bolling
Wilson, Woodrow
National Metropolitan Bank, 1921, May-1946, Jan.
Neale, Margaretta, 1922, Apr.-1933, June
Newark Sugar Refinery, 1925, Mar.-June
BOX 100 Office rental, 1921, Jan.-1922, Aug.
Pennsylvania Railroad Co., 1922, Feb.-1933, Oct.
Preview, Inc., 1935, Feb.-1936, Oct.
Acer, Frank A., 1921, July-1934, Sept.
Cowe, Louis T., 1924, Dec.-1934, Dec.
Cronin, Michael F., 1924, Jan.-1930, Dec.
Dispatch Printing Co., 1921, Mar.-1927, Mar.
First National Bank of Princeton, 1925-1939
Ford, Charles E., 1937, May-1939, Apr.
McGary, Gary, 1923, Apr.-1926, Nov.
Ohio National Bank, 1929, Nov.-1935, Sept.
Rodier, Jules A., 1923, Feb.-1927, Dec.
Stechman, Frederick M., 1920, Dec.-1929, May
BOX 101 Sweeney, B., 1923, June-1928, Nov.
Tumulty, Thomas, 1921, May-1936, Aug.
Woolley, Robert W.
1923, Apr.-1925, Sept.
1925, Oct.-1929, Oct.
1930, Jan.-1943, Dec.
Edgewater, 1924, Dec.
Kalorama, 1921, June-1935, Feb.
Montgomery St., Jersey City, N.J.
1928, June-1938, June
1932-1934, May
1939, Jan.-1944, Feb.
BOX 102 Property, rental, 1615-1617, “O” St., N. W., Washington, D.C., 1921, Jan.- 1925, Sept.
(2 folders)
Pusey and Jones Shipbuilding Co. receivership, 1921-1922
Racquet Club, 1921, Mar.-1924, Sept.
Rahilly Farms, 1924, May-1924, July
Requests to Woodrow Wilson, 1921, Feb.-June
St. Charles Hotel, 1921, May-Aug.
Simon and Co., 1921, Jan.-1922, Mar.
Southerland, James, 1935, Jan.-Feb.
Southern Building litigation, 1921-1931
S.S. Majestic, 1922, Jan.-1932, Jan.
S.S. West Amargosa, 1921, Mar.-Apr.
Swartzell, Rheem & Hensey Co., 1924, Jan.-1928, May
BOX 103 Taylor, L. Stoddard, testimonial, 1939, Feb.-Mar.
Testimony, Robert Lee Wright v. United States, 1932, Mar.-Apr.
Thompson (John W.) and Co., 1924, Apr.-1925, Aug.
Thompson v. Chicago Tribune, 1922
Trent Amalgum Co., 1925, Dec.-1934, Oct.
Tumulty, Alcie, wedding
1936, July-Oct.
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Sinnott, Arthur J.
Borah, William Edgar
1936, Oct.-Nov.
Tumulty, Felix, wedding, 1924, Jan.-June
Tumulty, Mary, wedding, 1927, Nov.-Dec.
Ungerleider (Samuel) Co., 1922, Apr.-1941 Feb.
Ursuline Convent, 1924, Jan.-1935, June
Veritzan, Francis, 1923, June-July
Voluntary Committee of Lawyers, 1930, Aug.-1932, Mar.
West Publishing Co., 1921, Mar.-1946, Feb.
BOX 104 Wilson, Edith Bolling Galt, “As I Saw It,” Saturday Evening Post, (Feb. 1939), 1939 Jan.-Feb.
(2 folders)
The Wilsonian, 1921, Nov.-1922, Mar.
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1933, June-1935, May
Woodrow Wilson Association of Hudson County, N.J., 1924-1936
Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1921, Aug.-1931, Apr.
BOX 105-118 Legal Case File, 1905-1944
Correspondence, telegrams, financial documents, legal briefs and summations, notes, newspaper clippings, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by case and chronologically thereunder. A list of correspondents is provided for selected cases.
BOX 105 Adwear Soles Co., 1921, June-1923, Oct.
Airplane detector, 1938, June-1939, Apr. See also Container 32, McCloy, John C.
Aitkin v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 1931, Oct-1932, Feb.
Barnett, John
Allgrunn v. U.S. Government, 1920-1921
Baker, Newton Diehl
Jordan, Frank
Amalgated Oil Co., 1924, Feb.-1926, July
American Book Co., 1923, Jan.-1928, Mar.
American Seating Co., 1922, Aug.-Sept.
American Solvents and Chemical Corp., 1931, Jan.-1933, Apr. See also Container 36, O'Shaughnessy, Eugene A. and Victor M.
Arvi Drug and Chemical Co., 1922-1924
Associated Oil Co., 1924, June
Atlantic Dyestuff Co., 1922, May-Oct.
Atlas Engine O., 1930, Apr.-1932, Oct.
Baker, Raymond T., 1929-1932 See also Container 16, Baker, Raymond T.
Baloche, Louis, 1921-1922
Bank of Peoples Park, 1921, June-Aug.
Banks Business College, 1921, May-Dec.
Barrett & Small, 1923, Jan.
BOX 106 Blackstone Manufacturing Co., 1921, May-1923, Feb.
Booth (Alfred W.) & Brothers, 1921, Apr.-Oct.
Brinkman, Viola, 1923, Jan.-1935, Jan.
Brodie v. United States, 1918, Jan.-1926, May
Buggelen, George W., 1918, June-1923, Jan.
Bumsted, Minnie G., 1931, Feb.
California Brick C., 1923, Jan.-May
Casey, Patrick J., 1922, July-Aug.
Carden, George A., in re Carden and Herd v. United States
1924, Feb.-1931, Feb.
1931, Mar.-1935, Aug.
BOX 107 1936, Jan.-1938, Oct.1938, Nov.-1941, Jan.
(2 folders)
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