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Joseph P. Tumulty papers, 1898-1969

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Legal Case File, 1905-1944 (continued)
Fugitt, John L., 1925, June-July
BOX 110 Gavey, William S., 1921, June-1932, July
General Paper Good Manufacturing Co., 1922, Feb.-1923, June
Gerard, James W., 1937, Feb.-1943, Apr.
German property owners, 1932, June-1933, June
Glans, Isadora v. United States, 1922, Mar.-1927, Feb.
Guffey, Joseph, tax claim, 1921, May-1932, Jan.
Hansen Produce Co., 1921, May-Sept.
Hanson (John J.) Inc.
1928, May-1937, June
1937, July-1939, Aug.
Hoover, Annie M., 1934, May-Nov.
Hoover, Lawrence, 1921, Oct.-1936, Sept.
Howard, George B., regarding Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, 1921, May-Oct.
BOX 111 Hufeland, regarding Frank Joran, 1920, Nov.-1921, June
Hughes, Magaret, estate of 1921, Dec.-1941, Nov.
Jarvis, Claude S., 1932, Nov.
Johnston, Edward F., 1928, July-1934, May See also Container 65, Johnston, Edward F.
Kearns (W.F.) Co., 1918, Sept.-1923, June See also Container 94, Feeney, John P.
Kentucky Distilleries and Warehouse Co., 1925, Nov.-1926, Jan.
King and Vogt, 1925, Oct.-Nov.
Klingenstein, Adolph, 1921, Sept.-1923, Dec.
Kreiger, Charles, 1926, Feb.-June
Leavitt, Louis, 1924, Jan.-1926, June
Davis, Frank
Johnston, Warren
Lewis Gun Co.
1933, Jan.
1930, Jan.-1934, Feb
BOX 112 1934, Mar.-1940, undated
Lias, William, 1932, Nov.-Dec.
Libby, F. Grey, 1926, Jan.-Feb.
Lipset, M. J., 1922, Mar.-Apr.
Lowe, Alexander H., 1921, Mar.-May
McCormack, John, tax appeal
1919, Sept.-1922, Mar.
1922, Apr.-1923, Jan.
McGee, Daniel M., 1933, July
Madison Realty Co., 1922, Sept.
Manton, Martin, 1940, Sept.-1944, Dec.
Marx and Rawolle, Inc., 1905-1923
Megargee, Lieutenant, 1930, Nov.-Dec.
Mexican debt claims, 1930, July-Aug.
Miller, Henry, 1923, Feb.-1924, Apr.
BOX 113 Miscellaneous cases, 1906, Oct.-1942, Dec.
Morgan, Sara, 1936, Feb.-1942, Dec.
Motor Player Corp., 1921, Dec.-1922, Aug.
Mullaney, James, 1921, Sept.-Oct.
Neil, Carlotte, regarding Bainbridge Colby, 1922, May
New York Central Railroad, 1930, Mar.-Aug.
Oatman Condensed Milk Co., 1922, Aug.-Sept.
O'Jenkins S., Co. 1921, Oct.-1922, Oct.
O'Laughlin v. Turner, 1931, Mar.-Aug.
Ostreicher, David, 1922, Oct
Pacific Mail Steamship Co., 1926, Feb.
BOX 114 Paul, Armand, 1917-1925 See also Container 102, Simon and Co.
Peters National Serum Co., 1920, Dec.-1921, Dec. See also Container 36, Peters, Mason
Powers, Patrick T., 1921 May-June See also Container 37, same heading
Proctor (John R.) Inc., 1919, Dec.-1922, Mar.
Radio Time Service, 1922, Aug.-Oct.
Red Seal Beverage Co., 1921, Mar.-May
Rennie, James M.
1931, Jan.-Nov.
1931, Apr.-1932, Aug. See also Container 37, Rennie, James M.
Rizak, A. M., 1922, Jan.-Feb.
Scaramelli and Co., 1920, July-1922, Oct.
Schenley Products Co., regarding Emanuel Celler, 1932, Apr.-1933, July
Schneidman, Julius, 1921, Mar.-1923, May
BOX 115 Schroder, John Henry von, 1921, May-1923, July
Schwarzenberg v. United States, 1925, Nov.-Dec.
Seversky Aircraft Corp., 1930, Oct.-1934, Feb.
Shewan (James) and Sons v. United States See also Container 20, Curley; John L.
1920, Apr.-1923, Feb.
Palmer, A. Mitchell
Mellon, Andrew
1923, Mar.-1924, Dec.
1925, Feb.-1926, Nov., John L. Curley
1926, Dec.-1928, June
BOX 116 1928, July-1929, Sept.
1929, Oct.-1931, July
1931, Aug.-1933, Mar.
Printed material
Shewan, Jessica, 1926, Nov.-Dec.
Shields, Thomas F., 1921, Oct.-1922, Apr.
Solicitations, 1921, Mar.-Apr.
BOX 117 Southern California Edison Co.
1926, Feb.-Oct.
1926, Nov.-1928,undated, Dec.
Southern Pacific Co., 1923, Jan.-1929, Jan.
Staten Island Shipbuilding Co., 1921, Oct.-1926, Oct.
Strauss Bascule Bridge Co., 1921-1922
Stuart, Russell V.
1921, May-1922, May
1922, June-1934, undated. Apr.
Taylor and Pearson, 1926, May-1927, Aug.
BOX 118 Thompson (William J.) Co., 1926, Feb.-Dec.
Trinity Trust Co., 1921, July-Sept.
Tumulty, Julia, 1941, Jan.-June
Ungerleider, Samuel See also Containers 77-78, same heading
Universal Shipbuilding Co.
United Fruit Co., 1921, Apr.-Nov.
United States v. Gold, 1921
United States v. Guffey, 1921, Mar.-1937, Oct.
Waddington, Gladys
Waggoner Estate v. Eureka Producing Co.
Walker Brothers
Weger Brothers
Winchell, Wallace
Wright, George
Yauch, John
BOX 119-123 Speeches and Writings File, 1921-1945
Typewritten and handwritten drafts, typescripts and carbon copies, notes and correspondence, telegrams, and reviews relating to speeches and writings.
Arranged by type of material and chronologically thereunder. See also Set I of Miscellany series .
BOX 119 Articles and miscellaneous writings
Garner, John Nance, editorial, 1932, Jan. 14
Letters to the editor
Addresses and speeches
BOX 120 Speeches
“War and Peace,” address for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1934, Dec. 18
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