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Washington Irving Chambers papers, 1871-1943

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General Correspondence, 1874-1943 (continued)
“M” miscellaneous
Martin, Glenn L.
Means, James
Merrill, Albert A.
Moisant International Aviators
Mullins (W. H.) Co.
BOX 20 “N” miscellaneous
National Seamless Boat Co.
Naval airplanes
Course instruction
License applications
(1 folder)
BOX 21 (1 folder)
Navy Department
“O” miscellaneous
O'Leary, John and Molly
Olmsted, Frederic L.
Ostheimer Brothers
“P” miscellaneous
Parisano, Michael
Pennie, Goldsborough & O'Neill
BOX 22 Pilot equipment
Pioneer Instrument Co.
“R” miscellaneous
Redmond, Edmond
Reiferscheid (William) & Co.
Requests for photographs
Richardson, Holden Chester
Ritchie (E. S.) & Sons
Roberts Motor Co.
Rodgers, John
Romeike (Henry) Inc.
“S” miscellaneous
Sirch-Todd Co.
BOX 23 Skerrett, Robert G.
Sloane Aeroplane Co.
Sperry Gyroscope Co.
“T” miscellaneous
Thomas Brothers Aeroplane Co.
Towers, John H.
Transatlantic flights
Transportation orders
BOX 24 Tulsa Motor Co.
“U-V” miscellaneous
Van Wye, G. P.
“W-Z” miscellaneous
Willoughby Aeroplane Co.
Wright Co.
Yates, Robert
BOX 25-36 Subject File, 1884-1917
Memoranda, designs, blueprints, notes, photographs, printed matter, and newspaper clippings.
BOX 25 Aeronautical Laboratory, 1910-1913
Aeronautical Society, 1911-1914
BOX 26 Airplanes, 1910-1917
BOX 27 Aviation, 1910-1915
BOX 28 Burgess Co. & Curtis , 1914
Centrifugal Force Convertor, undated
Curtiss Aeroplane Co., 1912-1913
Dirigibles. 1911-1914
Foreign navies, 1887-1910
BOX 29 Harriman, J. Emery, 1911-1912
Hydroaeroplanes, 1911-1913
Naval War College, 1884-1897
BOX 30 Navy yards, 1888-1913
Nicaraguan Canal Survey Expedition, 1884-1892
BOX 31 Nicaraguan Canal Survey Expedition
Ordnance, 1884-1917
Naval rifles
Target practice
BOX 32 Torpedoes
BOX 33 Torpedoes, 1911-1914
Richardson, Holden C., 1891-1899
Seamanship, 1886-1905
Armored cruisers
BOX 34 Battleships
Designs and specifications
BOX 35 Sketches
Steering compasses
Torpedo boats
Topographical maps, 1910-1911
Torpedo Station, Newport, R.I., undated
Unitarian sermons of U. G. B. Pierce
1932, 1934
BOX 36 United States Navy, 1884-1897
Wright Co., 1913-1914
BOX 37-40 Aircraft Logbooks, 1911-1917
Test data, training information, performance charts, reports, and operational data.
Arranged alphabetically by name of airplane manufacturing company.
BOX 37 Burgess Co.
Burgess-Dunne Pusher Biplane, 1915-1917
Burgess Flying Boat D-1, 1913-1914
Burgess Flying Boat D-2, 1913-1914
Curtiss Co.
Curtiss Single Pontoon, 1911-1915
Curtiss Flying Boat C-1, 1912-1914
Curtiss Hydroplane A-1, 1911-1912
Curtiss Hydroplane A-1 (printed copy), 1911-1912
Curtiss Pusher 63A (stricken from navy list), Feb. 1917
BOX 38 Curtiss Pusher Biplane, 1914-1917
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Fly-boat, 1914-1917
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Single Pontoon AH13, 1915-1917
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Single Pontoon AH15
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Single Pontoon, 1915-1916
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Triple Pontoon, 1914-1916
BOX 39 Curtiss Student Aviator A57, 1917
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