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Washington Irving Chambers papers, 1871-1943

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BOX 37-40 Aircraft Logbooks, 1911-1917
Test data, training information, performance charts, reports, and operational data.
Arranged alphabetically by name of airplane manufacturing company.
BOX 37 Burgess Co.
Burgess-Dunne Pusher Biplane, 1915-1917
Burgess Flying Boat D-1, 1913-1914
Burgess Flying Boat D-2, 1913-1914
Curtiss Co.
Curtiss Single Pontoon, 1911-1915
Curtiss Flying Boat C-1, 1912-1914
Curtiss Hydroplane A-1, 1911-1912
Curtiss Hydroplane A-1 (printed copy), 1911-1912
Curtiss Pusher 63A (stricken from navy list), Feb. 1917
BOX 38 Curtiss Pusher Biplane, 1914-1917
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Fly-boat, 1914-1917
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Single Pontoon AH13, 1915-1917
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Single Pontoon AH15
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Single Pontoon, 1915-1916
Curtiss Pusher Biplane Triple Pontoon, 1914-1916
BOX 39 Curtiss Student Aviator A57, 1917
Curtiss Student Aviator A58, 1917
Gallaudet Co., Gallaudet Nacelle Pusher, Mar. 1917
Sturtevant Co., Sturtevant Tractor Biplane Pontoon, 1916-1917
Thomas Co.
Thomas Tractor Biplane Pt. 1, 1916-1917
Thomas Tractor Biplane Pt. 2, 1916
BOX 40 Wright Co.
Wright B-1, 1911-1913
Wright Biplane Twin Pontoon, 1916-1917
Wright Hydroplane B-2, 1912-1916
Wright Navy Built B-3, 1913
Nine undated logs, AB-1, AB-2, AB-6, AB-7, AH-1, AH-4, AH-5, AH-6, AX-1
BOX 41-43 Naval Logbooks, Notebooks, Journals, and Order Books, 1872-1909
Logbooks, journals, order books and other accounts.
Arranged chronologically and identified according to type of volume.
BOX 41 Logbooks, Constellation
9 June-2 Sept. 1872
4 June-27 Aug. 1873
13 June-22 Aug. 1874
BOX 42 Notebooks
Nicaraguan Survey Expedition, 1884-1885
Pensacola, 1876-1877
BOX 43 Portsmouth, 1877-1888
Torpedo warfare
Minneapolis, 1895-1896
Fleet maneuvers, 1897
Texas (typescript of a diary of C. E. King), 1898
Annapolis, 1901
Order book, Annapolis, 1900-1901
BOX 44-48 Miscellany, 1884-1932
Photographs, poetry, literary work, newspaper clippings, printed matter, a biographical file, awards, diplomas, drawings, notes, articles, and memoranda.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 44 Photographs, 1884-1911
BOX 45 Poetry and literary works, mostly undated
BOX 46 Newspaper clippings, 1911-1917
BOX 47 Printed matter, 1911-1917
BOX 48 Biographical file (mainly Chambers's retirement), 1912-1932
Awards and diplomas, 1887-1915
Drawings, notes, articles, and memoranda, mostly undated

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