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National Consumers' League records, 1882-2003

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BOX K1-K6 Addition III, 1951-1986
Minutes, correspondence, bylaws, project and publication files of the National Consumers Committee for Research and Education.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically therein.
BOX K1 National Consumers Committee for Research and Education, Inc.
Bylaws and incorporation, 1952
General, 1959-1980
(2 folders)
Magee, Elizabeth S., 1951-1953
Membership, 1971-1985
Minutes, 1952-1983
(2 folders)
BOX K2 Projects
An Examination of the Desirability and Nature of a Surplus Food Program for Migrant Workers, 1966-1973
(2 folders)
Arbitration of Consumer Complaints, 1975
Common Ground, 1967
Community Action with the Seasonally Employed, 1965-1967
Consumer Agency Study, 1978-1980
(3 folders)
BOX K3 (2 folders)
Food Marketing Study, 1973
Health Projects for Migrant Families, 1955-1963
Home is Where They Find It, 1957-1967
Homemaking for Our Migrant Families, 1951-1960
Migratory Labor in New York State, 1960-1966
The New Masked Man in Agriculture, 1962-1986
Robert R. Nathan Fellowship Fund
BOX K4 1980-1984
(4 folders)
Consumer Activists: They Made a Difference, 1982
Correspondence, 1979-1985
(2 folders)
BOX K5 Galleys and book
(4 folders)
Preliminary drafts
(3 folders)
BOX K6 (3 folders)
Transcripts of taped interviews
(2 folders)
Pamphlets, 1955-1979
(2 folders)
BOX L1-L110 Addition IV, 1900-2003
Addition IV spans the years 1900-2003. It documents the work of the national league predominately from the 1960s through the 1990s on the topics of child labor, consumer education, credit card fraud, health care and drug costs, medication, privacy, telemarketing fraud, and other topics regarding workers' rights and consumer protections. It is divided into an Organization File, an Office File, a Projects and Programs File, and a Publications and Press File.
Arranged in four subseries.
BOX L1-L20 Organization File, 1901-1999
The Organization File primarily contains materials relating to the activities and decisions made at the top level of management in the national league, including files relating to the board of directors, executive committee, financial matters, and affiliate organizations.
Arranged in three sub-subseries.
BOX L1-L12 General, 1901-1999
The General files contain material pertaining to the activities of the board of directors and executive committee, as well as annual meetings, events, reports, topical committees, and membership. Also included in this sub-subseries is information on the organization’s bylaws and a 1978 revision of its constitution. The materials are sporadic in nature and do not generally include complete chronological runs of reports, meeting minutes, and committee files.
Material types include correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, memoranda, photographs, reports, and surveys.
Arranged alphabetically by topic and chronologically within.
BOX L1 Angevine, Erma, 1981, 1987-1991
BOX L1 Anniversary report, 1989
BOX L1 Annual membership meeting
BOX L1 General, 1972-1982
(2 folders)
BOX L1 President's report, 1981
BOX L1 Report to membership, 1980-1982
BOX L1 Annual report, 1976-1984, 1993
(14 folders)
BOX L1 Bibliography, undated
BOX L1 Board of Directors
BOX L1 Correspondence, 1974-1978
(5 folders)
BOX L2 Correspondence, 1979-1985
(5 folders)
BOX L2 Correspondence regarding board action, legislation, 1979-1981
BOX L2 Correspondence to board members, 1980
BOX L2 Development and Executive Vice President's report to board, 1981
BOX L2 General files
BOX L2 1976-1982
(5 folders)
BOX L3 1977-1983
(9 folders)
BOX L4 1984-1992
(10 folders)
BOX L5 1993-1998
(9 folders)
BOX L6 1999
(5 folders)
BOX L6 History of officers, circa 1977
BOX L6 Meeting, Board of Directors and annual membership (Dec. 1978), 1978
BOX L6 Meeting, Board of Directors and annual membership (Dec. 1981), 1981
(2 folders)
BOX L6 Meetings, Board of Directors, 1979-1983
(7 folders)
BOX L7 Meetings, Board of Directors, 1983-1985
(6 folders)
BOX L7 Members and officers, 1978-1986
(5 folders)
BOX L7 Nominations, 1968-1982
(9 folders)
BOX L7 Press and publicity, 1978-1981
BOX L7 Program guidelines, 1979-1982
BOX L7 Bylaws, 1921-1977
BOX L7 Bylaws, 1980
BOX L7 Committees, topical
BOX L7 Business relations committee, 1983
BOX L7 Bylaws committee, 1984
BOX L7 Consumer credit committee, 1981
BOX L7 Consumer education committee, 1981
BOX L8 Credit and banking committee, 1977-1983
BOX L8 Development committee, 1980
BOX L8 Energy committee, 1981
BOX L8 Food and nutrition committee, 1974-1981
(2 folders)
BOX L8 Guidelines and membership of committees, 1981-1982
BOX L8 Health care and drug safety committee, 1981
BOX L8 Insurance committee, 1981
BOX L8 Labor standards committee, 1981
BOX L8 Lawyers committee, 1981-1982
BOX L8 Nominating committee, 1979-1984
(6 folders)
BOX L8 Performance review committee, 1981
BOX L8 Priorities committee, 1979-1981
BOX L8 Public affairs committee, 1981-1985
(2 folders)
BOX L8 Standards committee, 1979-1984
(2 folders)
BOX L8 State and local liaison committee, 1981
BOX L8 Constitution, 1901, 1978
(2 folders)
BOX L8 Development, 1981
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