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Addition IV, 1900-2003 (continued)
Organization File, 1901-1999 (continued)
Related and Affiliate Organizations, 1952-1993 (continued)
BOX L18 Tax statements, 1975
BOX L19 Internal Revenue Service, 1975-1976
BOX L19 Legal intervention (Coca-Cola Co.), 1975-1976
BOX L19 Reports, 1975-1976
BOX L19 Board mailing regarding elections (Jan. 1976), 1976
BOX L19 Membership mailing, nominations (Feb. 1976), 1976
BOX L19 Board meeting (Apr. 1976), 1976
BOX L19 Board memo and minutes (June 1976), 1976
BOX L19 Board report (June 1976), 1976
BOX L19 President's memo (June 1976), 1976
BOX L19 Audit of public participation agreement, 1976
BOX L19 Board elections, ballots, 1976
BOX L19 Board list, correspondence, 1976
BOX L19 Board mailing, 1976
BOX L19 Board nominations, 1976
BOX L19 Correspondence, 1976
BOX L19 CSA (Community Services Administration) energy proposal, 1976
BOX L19 Employee federal tax, 1976
BOX L19 Ferry, Carol Bernstein, 1976
BOX L19 Internal Revenue Service, 1976
BOX L19 Merger correspondence (with National Consumers' League), 1976
BOX L19 Petition originals, 1976
BOX L19 President's report, 1976
BOX L19 Press coverage, 1976
BOX L19 Sulzberger, Mrs. Arthur Hayes (Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger), 1976
BOX L19 Merger with National Consumers' League, 1976-1977
(2 folders)
BOX L19 Board report (Apr. 1977), 1977
BOX L19 Authority to dissolve National Consumers Congress, 1977
BOX L19 Community services administration audit, 1977
BOX L20 D.C. taxes, 1977
BOX L20 Final board memo, resolution to dissolve, 1977
BOX L20 Letters to members, group affiliates and subscribers, 1977
BOX L20 Merger with National Consumers' League, 1977
BOX L20 National Consumer Resource Center
BOX L20 Articles of incorporation, etc., 1974-1975
BOX L20 Internal Revenue Service, 1975
BOX L20 Receipts ledger, 1975
BOX L20 Internal Revenue Service, 1975-1982
BOX L20 Federal tax return, 1976
BOX L20 D.C. unemployment board, 1976-1977
BOX L20 D.C. taxes, 1976-1977
BOX L20 Virginia Department of Taxation, 1976-1977
BOX L20 Taxes, 1976-1978
BOX L20 Board material, 1978-1982
(2 folders)
BOX L20 Financial statement, 1979
BOX L20 Memorandum of understanding with National Consumers' League, etc., 1979-1980
BOX L20 Intern program, 1980
BOX L20 NCRC-NCL education fund, 1981-1982
BOX L20-L64 Office File, 1951-1999
The Office File documents the general advocacy work and public activities of the national league on the issues of child labor, credit and banking, food distribution, fraud, health care, insurance, privacy, and other issues of interest regarding workers' rights and consumer protections. It is particularly strong in documenting the league's work on Medicare and over-the-counter and prescription drug information for consumers. The Office File includes a non-comprehensive run of primarily outgoing correspondence from 1973 to 1998, and a chronological file containing policies, Congressional testimonies and letters, and speeches, as well as drafts of all this material, which the league called "originals." Also included is a subject file containing the league's collaboration with various businesses, organizations, and government departments and their activities related to specific issues of interest to the league. Additional material related to specific named programs of the National Consumers' League can be found in the Projects and Programs file below.
Material types include correspondence, conference proceedings, Congressional testimonies, copies and drafts of speeches, legal briefs, policies, proposals, reports, and surveys.
Arranged in a correspondence file, a chronological file, and an alphabetical subject file. The file structure of digital content maintained as received.
BOX L20 Correspondence
BOX L20 Coalition correspondence, 1982
BOX L20 Letters from Congress, 1974-1990, 1996
BOX L20 Letters to Congress, 1977
BOX L21 Letters to Congress, 1978-1990
(12 folders)
BOX L21 Letters to Congress (originals), 1979-1981
BOX L21 Letters to the Executive Branch, 1981
BOX L21 Presidential correspondence, 1977-1982
BOX L21 White House correspondence, 1977-1982
BOX L21 Chronological correspondence
BOX L21 1973-1974
(2 folders)
BOX L22 1975-1977
(14 folders)
BOX L23 1978-1979, May
(11 folders)
BOX L24 1979, June-1980, June
(12 folders)
BOX L25 1980, July-1981, Oct.
(16 folders)
BOX L26 1981, Nov.-1983, Sept.
(10 folders)
BOX L27 1983, Oct.-1988
(13 folders)
BOX L28 1989-1992, Feb.
(8 folders)
BOX L29 1992, Mar.-Nov.
(8 folders)
BOX L30 1992, Dec.-1993, Oct.
(11 folders)
BOX L31 1993, Nov.-1994
(11 folders)
BOX L32 1995, Jan.-July
(9 folders)
BOX L33 1995, Aug.-1996, Apr.
(10 folders)
BOX L34 1996, May-1997, Mar.
(11 folders)
BOX L35 1997, Apr.-Oct.
(10 folders)
BOX L36 1997, Nov.-1998
(3 folders)
BOX L36 Chronological file
BOX L36 1961, Testimony/comments
BOX L36 1969, Policy statement
BOX L36 1975
BOX L36 Speeches
BOX L36 Testimony/comments
BOX L36 1976-1977, Originals
(3 folders)
BOX L36 1977, Testimony/comments
BOX L36 1978
BOX L36 Originals
(2 folders)
BOX L37 Originals
BOX L37 Proposals
BOX L37 Speeches
BOX L37 Testimony/comments
BOX L37 1978-1979, Policy statements, revised
BOX L37 1979
BOX L37 Originals
(4 folders)
BOX L38 Sign-on letters
BOX L38 Speeches
BOX L38 Testimony/comments
BOX L38 1980
BOX L38 Originals
(5 folders)
BOX L38 Policy statements
BOX L38 Policy statements (originals)
BOX L39 Speeches
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