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United States. Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission Office of the Research Director records, 1957-1960

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BOX 1-29 Lincoln Day-by-Day
Chiefly holograph and typewritten drafts, printer’s copy, and a few page proofs of the manuscript of the three-volume work Lincoln Day-by-Day. Includes an extensive file of research notes from primary to secondary sources that document the chronology of Lincoln’s life.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 1 Project records (index orders, correspondence, advisory subcommittee, statistics)
BOX 1 First typed draft of 1809-1860 manuscript (incomplete, 1809-1943), William E. Baringer (compiler and editor)
BOX 1 Second typed draft of 1809-1860 manuscript (incomplete, 1809-1841), edited by William E. Baringer
BOX 1 Retyped pages (1809-1835)
BOX 2 Second typed draft of 1809-1960 manuscript (complete), edited by C. Percy Powell
BOX 3-8 Holograph and edited first typed draft of 1861-1864 manuscript, C. Percy Powell (compiler), 1861-1864
BOX 9 Holograh and edited first typed draft of 1861-1864 manuscript, 1864-1865, carbon copy of first typed draft annotated by Earl Schenck. Miers, 1861-1865
BOX 11-13 Printer’s typescript
BOX 11-13 1809-1863
BOX 14 1864-1865
BOX 14 Page proofs (incomplete)
BOX 14 1809-1847
BOX 14 1859-1860
BOX 15 Slips for index entries under “Lincoln,” “Lawyer,” and other terms
BOX 16 Source notes for volumes 1809-1860
BOX 16 1809-1845
BOX 17 1846-1854
BOX 18 1855-1860
BOX 19 Source notes for volumes 1861-1865
BOX 19 Series I
BOX 19 1861, Jan.-May
BOX 20 1861, June-1862, Mar.
BOX 21 1862, Apr.-1863, Mar.
BOX 22 1863, Apr.-1864, June.
BOX 23 1864, July-1865, June.
BOX 24 Series II
BOX 24 1861, Jan.-1862, July
BOX 25 1862, Aug.-1864, Feb.
BOX 26 1864, Mar.-1865, Apr.
BOX 27 Miscellaneous source notes, unused, 1861-1865
BOX 27 Abbreviations used
BOX 27 Miscellaneous records on cards
BOX 28 Source notes for bibliography
BOX 29 Bibliography of book and periodical sources
BOX 30-34 Lincoln Bibliography Project
Card indexes by title and author to publications relating to Abraham Lincoln appearing between 1939 and 1959.
Arranged in two groups, by author and by title of publication, and therein alphabetically.
BOX 30 Authors of publications
BOX 30 A-C
BOX 31 H-M
BOX 32 N-Z
BOX 33 Titles of publications
BOX 33 A-O
BOX 34 P-Z
BOX 34 Gifts lists, publishers, book collections, and suggestions
BOX 35-38 Miscellany
Research director’s office files including copies of records, reports, and minutes of the commission, correspondence with leaders and groups concerned with Abraham Lincoln. Also publication and promotional material relating to the Handbook published by the commission in 1958.
BOX 35 Lincoln bibliography project
BOX 35 Handbook information
BOX 35 “Lincoln’s Ideals”
BOX 35 Intelligencer
BOX 35 Anniversaries and celebrations
BOX 35 Letters to publishers
BOX 35 Press releases
BOX 35 Printers
BOX 35 Clippings
BOX 35 Library of Congress Bulletin
BOX 35 Book records
BOX 35 Miscellaneous pamphlets
BOX 36 Legislation
BOX 36 Commissioners (Victor M. Birely and Gerald R. McMurtry)
BOX 36 Executive committee
BOX 36 Commission meetings
BOX 36 Executive director’s reports
BOX 36 Preliminary reports
BOX 36 Subcommittee
BOX 36 Honorary membership
BOX 36 Special projects
BOX 36 School programs
BOX 36 General correspondence
BOX 36 Commission appropriations and finances
BOX 36 Bills and receipts
BOX 37 Personnel records of the research staff
BOX 37 Personal correspondence of C. Percy Powell
BOX 37 Research staff members
BOX 37 Personnel matters (job applications and administrative affairs)
BOX 37 Miscellaneous memoranda
BOX 37 General correspondence
BOX 38 Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia
BOX 38 Commission members (John E. Allen and C. J. Corliss)
BOX 38 Letters and papers from the Illinois Sesquicentennial
BOX 38 Indiana Sesquicentennial Commission
BOX 38 United States Civil War Centennial Commission
BOX 38 Alexander Hamilton Bicentennial Commission

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