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BOX 59-61 Speech, Article, and Book File, 1859-1891
Drafts and printed copies of books, speeches, and articles.
Arranged by type or title of writing. Includes source material for the pamphlet, “Story of the Creation of Adams County.”
BOX 59 Handbook of Politics
1874 (incomplete manuscript)
Subscription lists, 1868-1872
BOX 60 Thaddeus Stevens biography
Miscellaneous material
Index to Congressional Globe, vols. 24-61
Notes on Masons and Anti-Masons (1831-1839)
Notes on Pennsylvania senate chamber disturbance (1838)
Speeches of Edward McPherson
“The Conspiracy of Dis-Union,” 1861, Jan.
“Know Thyself,” Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., 1863
Miscellaneous speeches, 1859-1878
BOX 61 Articles by Edward McPherson
“Letter from Harrisburg” (Philadelphia, Pa., newspaper clippings), 1850
Local history (newspaper clippings) circa, 1876
“Further Items about the Campaign of 1756-1758," 1887
“Hance Hamilton on the French-Indian Campaign,” 1887
“Story of the Creation of Adams County [Pa.]” (with documents, 1774 ff., 1889
“The Temperance Cause in Gettysburg,” 1889
BOX 62-71 Family Financial and Estate Papers, 1738-1895
Bills, receipts, accounts, cancelled checks, promissary notes, indentures, deeds, plats, powers of attorney, accounts, lists of property sold, inventories, and similar papers.
Organized into five groups: a chronological file of loose material arranged by decade; an estate file arranged by name of estate and chronologically thereunder; a file relating to turnpikes arranged by type of material; records of the March Creek Presbyterian Church, including correspondence and financial files, arranged by type of material and chronologically thereunder; and bound ledgers, account books, lists, and related matter arranged by name of family member. Oversize ledgers and account books are grouped in a container at the end of the series.
BOX 62 Chronological file
BOX 63 1780-1809
BOX 64 1810-1839
BOX 65 1840-1859
BOX 66 1860-1895
Robert McPherson, undated
William McPherson, undated
John B. McPherson, undated
Estate file
Hance Hamilton, administered by Robert McPherson, 1757-1795
Mrs. Martha McDonnald, administered by Robert McPherson, 1781-1785
BOX 67 Samuel Carrick, administered by William McPherson, 1797-1827
Stephen Griffin, administered by William McPherson, 1803-1830
William McClellan, administered by John B. McPherson, 1812-1847
Samuel Sloan, administered by John B. McPherson, 1825-1844
John Sweeney, administered by John B. McPherson, 1818-1825
George Little, administered by Edward McPherson, 1842-1885
Turnpike file
Gettysburg and Black's Tavern Turnpike Road (William McPherson, president), 1809-1830
Gettysburg, Pa., area turnpikes, 1809-1830
BOX 68 Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church
Correspondence, 1761-1845
Church records, lists, dues, etc., 1760-1810
Congregational and sessions book, 1757-1786
Financial records, 1750-1837, undated
BOX 69 Bound ledgers and account books
John McPherson
Account book, 1753-1761
Memorandum book, circa, 1776-1778
Robert McPherson See also Container 71, same heading
Memorandum and account books, 1759-1779, 1785
(12 vols.)
Ledger book (used by Samuel McDonald as a cyphering book, 1779-1780)
Horse stud fee book, 1771-1772
Estates auction sales lists, 1764-1768
Flour mill books, Marsh Creek, 1770-1771
Estate auction sale record, 1793
Estate account book, 1789-1796
Administration account book by William McPherson, 1819
William McPherson See also Container 71, same heading
Ledger, 1776-1786; 1816-1821
Account books, 1776-1825
(5 vols.)
Memorandum and account books, 1791-1814; 1822-1830
(10 vols.)
Horse stud fee book, 1790-1792
Partnership record book (Russell & McPherson), 1795-1796
Account and receipt book (Boyd & McPherson), 1802-1808
Accounts (Moses Jenkins), 1814-1815
Estate vendue list, 1832
John B. McPherson See also Container 71, same heading
Commonplace book, 1822-1832
BOX 70 Account books
Creditors of Alexander Mock, 1826-1827
Against his children, 1842-1857, 1846-1848
(2 vols.)
Edward McPherson
Sales list and account books, estate of Mary McPherson, 1878-1885
Farm account book, 1875-1892
Estate auction sale record, 1827
Miscellaneous account books, circa, 1780-1874
BOX 71 Oversize file
Robert McPherson, account book, 1767-1789 See also Container 69, same heading
William McPherson See also Container 69, same heading
Day book (McPherson & Gettys), 1785-1786
Day book and ledger, 1786-1816
Estate account book (John B. McPherson, administrator), 1832-1846
John B. McPherson, estate account book (Edward McPherson, administrator), 1858-1884 See also Container 69, same heading
Hance Hamilton Estate, administered by Robert McPherson, circa 1772-1782
BOX 72-76 Miscellany, 1748-1895
Address book, calling cards, invitations, family genealogy, engraved portrait, clippings, account books, a logbook, minute books, legal documents, and printed matter.
Organized into three groups: personal miscellany of Edward McPherson arranged by type of material; McPherson family and Pennsylvania history documents arranged chronologically; and law office files of Robert G. McCreary of Gettysburg, Pa., including correspondence, arranged chronologically.
BOX 72 Edward McPherson personal material
Address book, 1862
Calling cards
Report cards, Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., 1843-1848
Family genealogy
Portrait (engraved)
Obituaries, 1895
BOX 73 Political, circa, 1860-1895
Abraham Lincoln
Thaddeus Stevens estate
Gettysburg Battlefield
Local history (articles by Rev. J. K. Demarest and others)
Printed matter
BOX 74 McPherson family and Pennsylvania history
Carroll's Delight, 1748-1797
Digge's Choice, 1752-circa, 1775
Robert McPherson's tax collection records, 1768-1769
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