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Family Correspondence and Special File, 1904-1958 (continued)
BOX B46 Depuy, Trevor N.
Enters, Angna
Forbes, F. Murray, Jr.
McClure, Robert B.
BOX B47 1951, 1957, undated
Printed matter
Morgan, Christiana D., and Henry Murray, project of
Correspondence, 1957 See also Containers J4-J8, Research material
Transcripts of Merrill Moore's interviews with, 1954-1956
Murray, Henry A., Jr., and Robert N. Wilson, project of, 1950-1952 See also Containers J4-J8, Research material
BOX B48 Sachs, Hanns
Spack, Allan
BOX B49 1951-1957, undated
Starr, Alfred
BOX B50 Starr, Milton
BOX B51 1947-1953
BOX B52 1955-1957, undated
Theatre Guild “picnic” statements
Wedemeyer, Albert C.
Printed matter
BOX C1-C69 General Correspondence, 1914-1957
Letters received and copies of letters sent, supplemented by memoranda, two bound volumes of acknowledgments, and miscellaneous enclosures and attachments.
Arranged chronologically by month with the bound volumes at the end.
BOX C1 1914
BOX C2 1934-1936
BOX C3 1937, Jan.-Nov.
BOX C4 1937, Dec.-1938, Apr.
BOX C5 1938
BOX C6 Aug.-Oct.
BOX C7 1938, Nov.-1939, Jan.
BOX C8 1939, Feb.-Aug.
BOX C9 1939, Sept.-1940, Feb.
BOX C10 1940, Mar.-Sept.
BOX C11 1940, Oct.-1941, Mar.
BOX C12 1941, Apr.-Nov.
BOX C13 1941, Dec.-1942, Mar.
BOX C14 1942
BOX C15 May
BOX C16 June
BOX C17 June-July
BOX C18 July-Aug.
BOX C19 Aug.-Sept.
BOX C20 Sept.-Oct.
BOX C21 Oct.-Dec.
BOX C22 1943, Dec.-1943-Mar.
BOX C23 1943
BOX C24 June-Aug.
BOX C25 Sept.-Oct.
BOX C26 Nov.-Dec.
BOX C27 1943, Dec.-1944, Feb.
BOX C28 1944
BOX C29 May-Aug.
BOX C30 Sept.-Oct.
BOX C31 Nov.-Dec.
BOX C32 1944, Dec.-1945, Feb.
BOX C33 1945
BOX C34 June-July
BOX C35 Aug.-Sept.
BOX C36 1945, Oct.-1946, Jan.
BOX C37 1946
BOX C38 Mar.-Apr.
BOX C39 May-July
BOX C40 Aug.-Nov.
BOX C41 1946, Dec.-1947, Jan.
BOX C42 1947
BOX C43 Apr.-May
BOX C44 May-July
BOX C45 Aug.-Sept.
BOX C46 Oct.-Nov.
BOX C47 1947, Dec.-1948, Feb.
BOX C48 1948
BOX C49 May-June
BOX C50 July-Aug.
BOX C51 Sept.-Oct.
BOX C52 1948, Nov.-1949, Jan.
BOX C53 1949
BOX C54 Apr.-July
BOX C55 Aug.-Oct.
BOX C56 1949, Nov.-1950, Feb.
BOX C57 1950, Mar.-1951, Jan.
BOX C58 1951, Feb.-July
BOX C59 1951, Aug.-Jan. 1952
BOX C60 1952
BOX C61 Sept.-Nov.
BOX C62 1952, Dec.-1953, Feb.
BOX C63 1953
BOX C64 June-Sept.
BOX C65 Oct.-Dec.
BOX C66 1954
BOX C67 1954, Dec.-1957, Sept.
BOX OV C68 Bound volume of acknowledgments of Moore's article on Dr. Morton Prince, 1938, Aug.-1939, Jan. (Oversize)
BOX OV C69 Bound volume of acknowledgments of Moore's Christmas circular letter, 1943, Nov.-1944, May (Oversize)
BOX D1-D219 Subject File, circa 1920-1957
Correspondence, memoranda, writings, notes, printed matter, and miscellaneous material.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization, subject, or type of material.
BOX D1 “A” miscellaneous, 1954-1957
Abbott, Mary Ogden
Correspondence, 1936-1942
BOX D2 Interview
Adler, Alfred, lecture on
Age Center of New England
Aiken, Conrad, correspondence, 1953
BOX D3 1934-1939
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