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Merrill Moore papers, 1904-1979

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Literary File, circa 1923-1958 (continued)
1953, Sonnets Written (continued)
BOX E72 (7 folders)
Sonnets Written
(3 folders)
BOX E73 (10 folders)
BOX E74 (6 folders)
A Psychiatrist's Book of Hours
(1 vol.)
BOX E75 (6 folders)
Sonnets Written
Verse-Diary of a Psychiatrist
Sonnets Written
(3 folders)
BOX E76 (7 folders)
1957, Sonnets Written
1958, Poems of American Life, printer's proofs
BOX E77 Undated, Sonnets Written
(10 folders)
BOX E78 (10 folders)
BOX E79 (10 folders)
BOX E80 (10 folders)
BOX E81 (10 folders)
BOX E82 (10 folders)
BOX E83 (10 folders)
BOX E84 Partial card index of sonnets written, 1922-1951, including numerous complete sonnets
BOX E85 Bound index to Unrecorded Things, The Urgency of Twilight, Dance of Death, More Sonnets in the American Tradition, A Sonnet Gallery of American Portraits, The Streams of Sleep, Sonnets of American Life, Quickened to Sympathy, O Glimmering World, and Twitter of Swallows
Bound index to Thirty Sonnets, Loud Century, Waves and Cities, Salty Derision, Record of Flight, In Many Veins, Cold Language, Capricious Ship, Hypnogogische Bilder
Abstract Surrealist
Americanische Sonnetten. A notebook of sonnets from The Noise That Time Makes translated into German
An Entire Book of One Hundred Sonnets
Boston Common People
(3 folders)
BOX E86 (3 folders)
Childe Merrill
(3 vols.)
BOX E87 China
(1 vol. and 1 folder)
Dawn Honey
(3 folders)
BOX E88 (1 vol.)
Day and Night
(1 vol. and 1 folder)
BOX E89 (3 vols.)
Experimental Sonnets
(1 folder)
BOX E90 Fragments
(2 vols. and 1 folder)
BOX E91 (1 vol. and 6 folders)
BOX E92 The Fugitive and Fugitive group
Prose from The Fugitive
Miscellany about The Fugitive and Fugitive group
Clippings about The Fugitive and Fugitive group
(2 vols.)
M.A. thesis, A History of the Fugitives and The Fugitive, 1938
BOX E93 German translations of miscellaneous sonnets
Juvenilia of a Young Poet
(1 vol. and 3 folders)
BOX E94 Leaves From a Psychiatrist's Notebook
(6 folders)
Literary theme
(2 folders)
Love theme
Medical theme
BOX E1-E99 Moore, Merrill
Miscellaneous publications in which his writings appear
BOX E100-E103 Papers, lectures, articles, reviews, and miscellaneous published and unpublished prose writings of Merrill Moore, including notes and fragments (arranged alphabetically by title and subject)
BOX E104-E107 Published works
BOX E108-E109 Material relating to methods and techniques used by Moore in writing sonnets
BOX E110 More Clinical Sonnets
(5 folders)
Non-Sonnet Forms
(1 vol.)
BOX E111 (5 folders)
Pacific Warrior
(5 folders)
BOX E112 (10 folders)
BOX E113 Pastoral
(6 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX E114 Philosophic
(10 folders)
BOX E115 Phoenix
(1 vol. and 1 folder)
(1 vol. and 4 folders)
BOX E116 Poems from The Fugitive and Fugitives, an Anthology of Verse
(2 vols.)
Poems, miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX E117 (7 folders)
Poems read at Fugitive meetings by members of the group
BOX E118 Poetry as Usual
(10 folders)
BOX E119 (2 folders)
(5 folders)
Some Notes on Early Poems
BOX E120 Some Poems
(2 vols.)
Some War Poems
Sonnetten aus dem amerikanischen Leben
Sonnets Are Gizmos
(3 folders)
BOX E121 Sonnets for a General Psychiatrist, notebook
Sonnets from The Fugitive
(4 folders)
Time theme
(3 folders)
Time Will Not Stay
BOX E122 The Times and Troubles of the Form Divine
Tourist poems
(2 folders)
The Tradition That We Uphold
(1 vol. and 4 folders)
War theme
The Year
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