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Diaries, Reminiscences, and Notebooks, 1920-1957 (continued)
1929, July-Aug.
Notebook entitled “Things To Remember,” containing diary entries, notes, clippings, and cards, circa 1943, July-1945, June
Scrapbooks for son Leslie, describing in photographs and prose a trip in June 1943 to Guadalcanal, 1944
BOX A2 Scrapbook for daughter Hester, describing in photographs and prose a trip in June 1943 to Guadalcanal, 1944
Diary, 1945, May
Notebook of autobiographical notes, including recollections of his youth in Nashville, Tenn., and notes for further writing, circa 1945.
BOX A3 Unbound diary notes
1942, Nov.
BOX A4 1942, Dec.-1943, May
BOX A5 1943, June-1945, Apr.
BOX A6 1947-1956
BOX A7-A8 Notebooks
Address books, composition books, memorandum books, dictation books, and bound lecture notes, circa 1920-1957
BOX B1-B52 Family Correspondence and Special File, 1904-1958
Correspondence, clipping book, diary notes, transcripts, and printed matter.
Organized into two groupings: family correspondence and special file.
BOX B1 Family correspondence
Barnes, Bess Daniel
Cheek, Hettie, 1931-1941, undated
BOX B2 Cheek, Hettie, case
Correspondence and memoranda, 1938, 1954-1957
BOX B3 1937-1944
BOX B4 1945-1948
BOX B5 1949-1951
BOX B6 1952-1954
Cheek, Huldah
Cheek, Leslie, Jr.
Cheek, Leslie, Sr.
Cheek, Mabel W.
Cheek, Menifee R.
1950, 1954
BOX B7 1955-1957
Cheek, Will T.
Cole, Helen Moore
BOX B8 1940-1950
BOX B9 1951-1957, undated
BOX B10 Cole, Mary Bass
Cole, Whitefoord R., Jr.
BOX B11 1943-1953
BOX B12 1954-1957, undated
Cole, Whitefoord R., III, 1939-1957, undated
Daniel, Mrs. H. Clay
Kapp, Ella Lu
Merrill, Pearl D.
Moore, Adam G. N.
BOX B13 1954-1958, undated
BOX B14 Moore, Ann Leslie
BOX OV B15 1942-1943, correspondence and clipping book (oversize)
BOX B16 1944
BOX B17 July
BOX B18 Aug.
BOX B19 Sept.
BOX B20 Oct.
BOX B21 Nov.
BOX B22 Dec. and no month or day
BOX B23 1945, Jan.-Apr.
BOX B24 1945, May-1946, Apr.
BOX B25 1946, June-1957, undated
BOX B26 Moore, Helen
Moore, Hester
Moore, John (died 1904)
Moore, John Trotwood (1858-1929)
Moore, John T.
(born 1933), 1936-1951
BOX B27 1952-1957, undated
Moore, John T., 1952-1957, undated
Moore, Leslie
Moore, Mary Daniel (Mrs. John Trotwood Moore), 1923-1930
BOX B28 Moore, Mary Daniel
BOX B29 1938-1939
BOX B30 1940-1941
BOX B31 1942-1944
BOX B32 1945-1948
BOX B33 1949-1952
BOX B34 1953-1957, undated
Transcript of a conversation with Merrill Moore
BOX B35 Nichol, Adam G.
1930-1931, book of letters to Ann Leslie Nichol Moore and Merrill Moore
1931-1941, undated
BOX B36 Nichol, Ann Leslie
1929, Jan.-Sept.
BOX B37 1929, Oct.-1930, Feb.
BOX B38 1930
BOX B39 July-Aug., undated
Nichol, Bertha Cheek
Whitney, Joel M., family
Whitney, Mary Daniel Moore
BOX B40 Special file
Adler, Alexandra
Adler, Alfred
Autobiographical reminiscences, Merrill Moore
BOX B41 Case material, miscellaneous
Case summaries, World War II
Correspondence, miscellaneous
1923, 1930-1942
BOX B42 1943-1957, undated
Diary notes
BOX B43 1945, Jan. 3-Apr. 26
BOX B44 1945, Apr. 27-1946, Feb. 10
BOX B45 1946, Feb. 11-1954, June 30, undated
BOX B46 Depuy, Trevor N.
Enters, Angna
Forbes, F. Murray, Jr.
McClure, Robert B.
BOX B47 1951, 1957, undated
Printed matter
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