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General Correspondence, 1948-1965 (continued)
Chapman, K. W.
Clough, Reginald
Cone, Fairfax M.
Connell, Howard
Corcoran, Michael
Corrigan, Kevin
Copy Research
Copy Research Council
Copywriters Competition
Cousland, Charles W.
Cowie, Charles Rennie
Cowles, Gardner
Cox, Edwin
Cox, Michael
Curran, D. Edward
Counter Cards
Covington, Euclid
Crichton, John
Crompton, Alan C.
Crookshank, Paddy
Cummings, Barton A.
Cuff, John
Cunningham, J. P.
Curtis Publishing Co.
BOX 7 “D” miscellaneous
Dahl, Roald
Daily Telegraph
Dale, Gertrude R.
Daniel, James
Davis, John P.
Davis, Peter
Davis, Robert
Davison, Alexander
Dawson, Michael
DeBeers Consolidated Mines
De Champeaux, M.
Deckinger, E. L.
De Sager, Walter
Deschampsneufs, Henry
De Selincourt, Charles
De Selincourt, Nancy
Deutsch, Arnold R.
Dibrell, Edwin
Dicter, Ernest
Dodge, Sherwood
Dorfman, Robert
DoValle, Huascar Terre
Drew-Brook, T. G.
Drogheda, Earl of
Duke, William H.
Dunmore, Earl of
Dunt, Bradstreet
Durant, Henry
Durham, Robert C.
Durstine, Roy S.
Dykeman, C. H.
BOX 8 “E” miscellaneous
Editor and Publisher
Eggleston, Keith
Eichler, Edward P.
Einstein, Charles
Eldridge, Carlton
Ellis, Sherman K.
Ellis, William E.
Elvinger, Frances
Emery Advertising Corp.
English-Speaking Union of the United States
Ergman, Louis L.
Erwin, Thomas
Espy, Willard
Esso Standard Oil Co.
Evans, George
Ewald, Philip
“F” miscellaneous
BOX 9 Fajardo Academy, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Famous Writers School
Fanning, George
Far, Michael
Fatt, Arthur C.
Faulkner, Alex H.
Fifth Avenue Club, New York, N.Y.
Fischer, Annie (Mrs. Levi)
Fistere, John
Fletcher, Frank
Ford Motor Co.
Fortas, Abe
Foust, Chester
Fox, Sara
Frissell, Toni
Frost, E. Allen
Frome, Michael
“G” miscellaneous
BOX 10 Galitzine, (Prince) Yurka
Gallagher, Bernard P.
Gamble, Fred
Gardiner of Selkirk, Ltd.
Gardner Advertising Co.
Gardner, Burleigh B.
Gardner, Edward J.
Garner, Grace
Geddes, Keith
Geer, Peter
Gilbney, Frank B.
Gildner, Martin
Gilmore, Voit, USTS
Gilpatric, Roswell L.
Glendinning, Ralph
Gluck, Miriam
Goodden, Wynham
Gore-Booth, Paul
Gossage, Howard
Gould, Bruce
Gould, Lucille
Graef, Jean R.
Graham, Kate
Graphis Annual
Gray, Robert M.
Grayson and Co.
Gribben, George
Griffin, William J.
Griggs, John C.
Groesbeck, Kenneth
Gunn, Havard
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