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General Correspondence, 1948-1965 (continued)
Kurz, Walter C.
BOX 14 “L” miscellaneous
La Hermosa Cultural Center
Lambert, Gerard B.
Lane, L. W.
Larmon, Sigurd S.
La Roche, Chester J.
Larrabee, C.
Larsen, Roy
Laurie, William D.
Law, Marion
Lebow, Victor
Lee, Frank
Lesly, Philip
BOX 15 Liebmann Breweries
Lindsley, Fanshawe
Little (Arthur D.), Inc.
Lloyd, Roger K.
Loeb, G. M.
London trip
Longley, Harry
Louden, Mary
Lowen, Walter A.
Luttmann, Fred W.
Lydecker, Garrit A.
Lygate, William
Lyon, David
BOX 16 “M” miscellaneous
Mackenzie, Colin
Mackenzie, W. A. Stephenson
Macleod, Mairi Ann
Macrae, Christopher
Marcus, Stanley
Marrian, Jacqueline
Masius and Ferguson, Ltd.
Matthews, Basil
BOX 17 Max, Alfred
Max, Eue (Wengler)
Maxwell, James
Mayer, Peter
McCall, David
McCarthy, John
McDermott, Pat
McMath, Kenneth
McMillan, William
Melville, Ward
Mendelsohn, Estelle
Mennell, Peter
Metcalfi, H.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y.
Meynell, Francis
Mithum, Ray O.
Misch, Robert
Mitchel, E. Kent
Maloney, Herbert W.
Moran, Jack
Morgan Crucible Co.
Morgan, J. P. & Co.
Morrell, Sidney
Morris, Grinnell
Morton, Digby
BOX 18 Moscoso, Teodoro
Moses, Robert
Mountfort, Guy
Murphy, W. B.
Murrow, Edward R.
Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y.
BOX 19 “N” miscellaneous
National Brewing Co.
National Trust for Scotland
Needham, Maurice
Neff, Richard
Nemkox, Sol
Newman, Joseph W.
New York Public Library, New York, N.Y.
New York Times
New York University, New York, N.Y.
Nielson, A. C.
BOX 20 “O” miscellaneous
O'Brien, Edward F.
O'Gara, James V.
Ogilvy, Mary
Okie, W. T.
“The Open Mind”
Oxley, Michael
“P” miscellaneous
Package Designers Council
Palmer, Fred
Paton, Noel
Patrick, Ted
Patterson, William D.
BOX 21 Pearl, Les
Peterson, Eldridge
Pfizer (Charles) & Co.
Planned Parenthood Federation
Platt, Ron
Plimpton, Francis
Pollock, Judd L.
Porter, David
Powlison, Keith
Preprint Corp.
Proetz (Erma) Award
Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music
Puerto Rico (University of)
Pujo, Roger
“Q” miscellaneous
Quaker Oats
BOX 22 “R” miscellaneous
Ranck, John M.
Reader's Digest
Reeves, Rosser
Reichman, Henry
Reilly, Paul
Remington Rand
Resor, Stanley
Reynolds, Fred
Rhodes, John
Robertson, W. S.
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