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General Correspondence, 1948-1965 (continued)
Rodriquez, Guillermo
BOX 23 Roper, Elmo
Roper Public Opinion Research Center
Rose, Kenneth
Rosen, Fred
Rowntree and Co.
Rubicam, Raymond
Ruder, William
BOX 24 “S" miscellaneous
BOX 25 Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York
Samstag, Nicholas
Sanborn, Lee
Sarnoff, Robert
Saturday Evening Post
Saturday Review
Savile Club
Scammell Inc.
Schachte, Henry
Schackne, Stewart
Schechter, A. A.
Schlesinger, Arthur M. (1917-2007)
Schofield, Perry
Schwab, Victor O.
Schwerin, Horace
Scott-Rankins, Paul
Scott Paper Co.
Scribner's (Charles) Sons
Seligman, Eustace
Sell, Henry B.
Shapleigh, David
Shelton, Stanhope
Shepard, Mills
Shiel, David
Shockley, William
BOX 26 Sidman, Alan
Silberman, Samuel J.
Silliman, Jane
Simon, Richard
Simmons Co.
Slaymaker, Samuel R.
Smith, Marcus
Smith, A. William
Snyder, John I.
Soflty, W. S. D.
Sonnenberg, Benjamin
South Africa
Spence, Lewis H.
Sports Illustrated
Stafford, Robert W.
Stanfield, Harold F.
Stanford, Alfred
Stanfield, Harold F.
Stanton, Richard A.
Stebbins, Hue
Stern, Eric
Stevenson, J. A.
Stobo, Philip
Stolz, Robert
Storer, Hugo
Stowell, Esty
Straight, Whitney
Strauss, Charles B.
Strouse, Norman H.
Sunday Telegraph
Swiss Watch
BOX 27 “T” miscellaneous
Tennant, Anthony
Terry, Walter E.
Thiele, Everett A.
Tibby, John
Toigo, John
Tolk, Bernard
Towler, T. W.
Trans World Airlines
Tree, Ronald
Tri-Valley Packing Association
Tyler, William D.
Tyroler, Charles
BOX 28 “U” miscellaneous
United Nations We Believe
Untermeyer, Mrs. Eugene
Updegraff, Robert R.
“V” miscellaneous
Videotape Productions of N. Y.
“W” miscellaneous
BOX 29 Walker (Hiram) Inc.
Walker, Richard E.
Wallace, David
Walsh, Christy
Warwick, Paul
Waterhouse, Meriel (Mrs. Rollo)
Waters, Somerset
Watkins, Julian
Watkins, M. D. C.
Weissman, George
Welsh, John
West, Rebecca (Mrs. Henry Andrews)
Welsh, John
Westgate, R. I. W.
Westminister County Park Commission
Whirlpool Corp.
Whitehead, Edward
Whitney, Monroe
Whittier, Charles L.
Whyte, William H.
Williams, Herschell
Williams, Paul
Williams, Reginald A. F.
Willis, William A.
Withers, Rupert
Woolf, James D.
World's Fair
Wrangell, George
Wrenn, W. T.
Wright, T. William
“Y” miscellaneous
Young, John Orr
Yourng, Marvin
“Z” miscellaneous
Zirato, Bruno
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