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Bernard A. Schriever papers, 1931-2005

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Military Papers, 1931-1977 (continued)
1963 (continued)
BOX 17 (1 folder)
(7 folders)
BOX 18 1960s
(2 folders)
Personal file
Retirement, 1966
(2 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX 19 Service record, 1996-1997
(6 folders)
Planning, management, and organization
Air Force Systems Command management conference, Monterey, Calif., May 1962, 1961-1963
(3 folders)
BOX 20 (1 folder)
Department of Defense organization study, 1962-1964
Miscellany, 1954-1966
(3 folders)
“Organizing for National Security,” report by Senate Committee on Government Operations, Subcommittee on National Policy Machinery, 1962
(2 folders)
BOX 21 Planning personnel, 1965-1966
Reorganization, 1958-1962
Space management briefing, circa 1961
Systems Command task group to review the system and research and development procedures, fiscal year 1965
(2 folders)
Weapon Systems Management Study Group, 1959-1960
(2 folders)
BOX 22 Project Forecast
Cost program status, circa 1963 See Classified
Current views of the secretary of defense, 1963 See Classified
Director's report, 1964
Forecast situation report, 1966 See Classified
Miscellany, 1963-1965
Organization and mission planning group report, 1963
Panel reports
Analytical studies, 1963 See Classified
Vol. I, Basic report
Vol. II, Appendix A, ballistic missile system studies
Vol. III, Appendix B, nuclear versus non-nuclear weapons
Bioastronautics, 1964 See Classified
Communications, 1964 See Classified
(2 vols.)
Continental defense, 1964 See Classified
(2 vols.)
Data processing and display, 1964
Detection and surveillance, 1964 See Classified
ECM-ECCM, 1964 See Classified
Flight dynamics, 1964 See Classified
Geophysics, 1964 See Classified
Intelligence and reconnaissance, 1964 See Classified
Materials, 1964 See Classified
Navigation and guidance, 1964 See Classified
Personnel resources, 1964 See Classified
Power generation, 1964 See Classified
Support, 1964 See Classified
Vol. I, Space
Vol. II, Logistics
Vol. III, Command and control
Threat, 1964 See Classified
(3 vols.)
Weapons, 1963-1964 See Classified
(2 folders)
Program status, 1964 See Classified
Technology panel review, 1963-1967 See also Classified
Ramo-Wooldridge Corp. and Space Technology Laboratories
Corporation A
Ford, Vincent
Miscellaneous documents, 1959-1961 See also Oversize
(7 folders)
BOX 23 Notes, 1960
(2 folders)
Schriever, Bernard A., 1959-1960
“Participation of the Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation in the Guided Missiles Program,” 1953-1955
(3 folders)
Ramo-Wooldridge role
Miscellaneous documents, 1955-1959
Staff study, 1951-1957
(2 folders)
BOX 24 Space Technology Laboratories
“An Analysis of the Future of Space Technology Laboratories, Inc. as a Systems Engineering Contractor,” 1959
Miscellaneous documents
Notebook I, 1954-1959 See Classified
Notebook II, 1958-1959
New corporation, working file, 1960
(2 folders)
Study for Air Force Ballistic Missiles Committee meeting, 1954-1958
Western Development Division, Holloman Air Development Center, Ramo-Wooldridge, Air Research and Development Command, management, 1955-1961
Research and development issues
Action items, 1962-1963
Advanced Research Projects Agency, 1957-1959
Air Force Systems Command Task Force on Technology Program Trends report, 1966 See Classified
Beyond the Horizon study, 1966
Commander's Congressional policy book, “Tomorrow's Security Depends on Today's Technological Advances,” 1965 See Classified
(5 folders)
Development planning, 1946-1954
(4 folders)
BOX 25 Innovation, 1964-1966
Miscellaneous, 1952, 1958-1966 See also Classified See also Oversize
(4 folders)
National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council study group relating to long-range scientific and technical trends of interest to the United States Air Force, summary report, 1958 See Classified
Satellites and other space issues
Air force space plan, 1961-1962 See Classified
Early space papers, 1958-1962 See also Classified
Manned orbiting laboratory, 1965-1966 See also Classified
To secretary of defense regarding air force national space program, 1961 See Classified
To vice president regarding space, 1961
Military space policy, 1961-1964
BOX 26 Miscellany, 1958-1966
(4 folders)
National policy papers concerning outer space, 1962 See Classified
National space program and national security, 1961-1962 See Classified
Notes, 1960-1964, undated See Classified
(3 folders)
Papers of interest to Schriever, 1958-1963 See Classified
Recommendations concerning the national management structure for missile and space flight ground data equipment, 1959 See Classified
Reconnaissance satellites, 1958-1966 See Classified
Report to the president-elect of the Ad hoc Committee on Space, 1960-1961 See also Classified
“The Role of Bioastronautics in Determining the Feasibility of Potential Manned Military Space Systems,” circa 1962
Satellite and Missile Observation System, 1959-1960 See Classified
Second story, 1957-1962 See Classified
(2 folders)
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