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David Bailie Warden papers, 1800-1840

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BOX 1-22 General Correspondence, 1800-1840
Letters sent and received in bound volumes.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
BOX 2 Ba-Be
BOX 3 Bi-By
BOX 9 Ha-He
BOX 10 Hi-Hu
BOX 11 I-J
BOX 12 K-L
BOX 13 Ma-Mat
BOX 14 Mau - Mi
BOX 15 Mo-My
BOX 16 N-O
BOX 17 P
BOX 18 R
BOX 19 Sa-Sp
BOX 20 St-Sy
BOX 21 T-V
BOX 22 W-Z and unsigned
BOX 23-27 Miscellany, 1800-1835
Diaries and journals, scientific and historical notes, jottings, and writings, official memoranda, personal observations from Warden's travels and diplomatic postings, miscellaneous correspondence and letterbooks, and other items.
Arranged by topic or type of material.
BOX 23 Letters and copies of letters
BOX 23 Statement of Warden's case against General John Armstrong
BOX 23 Article, “Of the Probable Duration of the American Government”
BOX 23 Answer by Thomas W. Griffith to Benjamin Stoddert and John Mason in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, 1808
BOX 23 Miscellaneous literary and historical manuscripts Letters to Warden, 1813, 1826
BOX 23 Scientific memoranda
BOX 23 Articles
BOX 23 “Reptiles in the U.S.”
BOX 23 “Insects in the U.S.”
BOX 23 “North American Fish”
BOX 23 Notes on the geography of Texas, etc.
BOX 23 Vocabulary of the Creeks
BOX 24 Letters to Warden, 1812-1828
BOX 24 Notes for “Etats Unis de L'Amerique Septentrionale”
BOX 24 Notes on American universities and colleges
BOX 24 Catalogue of books relating to China and India
BOX 24 Notes on "the Indians of the Rocky Mountains"
BOX 24 “Observation thermometique dans Philadelphia”
BOX 24 Notes on vocabularies
BOX 24 Notebook of daily weather observations, seasonal occupations, diseases, birds, flowers, and other topics, at Kinderhook, Kingston, Hudson Valley, N.Y., 1800-1802
BOX 24 Notes on California, the Islands of the Pacific, Peru, Colombia, Chile
BOX 24 Scientific memoranda
BOX 25 Letters and copies of letters
BOX 25 Scientific and historical notes
BOX 25 Papers concerning the Imperial Prize Court, Paris, France
BOX 25 U.S. consular business, 1806-1810
BOX 25 Letterbooks, 1800-1810, 1825-1827
BOX 26 Consular matters, 1810-1813
BOX 26 Scientific memoranda
BOX 26 Notes on "the number of Indians at the commencement of the European settlements in America and a description of those residing within the present limits of the United States"
BOX 26 Notes on Patagonia, etc.
BOX 26 Diary, 1816-1824
BOX 26 Notes on "medicine, ornithology, philosophy, law, the history of the American Indians and miscellaneous scientific memoranda"
BOX 27 Historical notes
BOX 27 Íle de Tobago
BOX 27 Íle St. Vincent
BOX 27 La Grenade
BOX 27 Las Tortugas
BOX 27 Ile St. Dominique
BOX 27 Íle de Monserrat
BOX 27 Íle de Curacao
BOX 27 Íle St. Lucie
BOX 27 Íle de Santa Cruz
BOX 27 Íles Vievges
BOX 27 Íle St. Christophe
BOX 27 Íles Bermudes
BOX 27 Íles Bahamas
BOX 28 Geographical notes
BOX 28 Warden's diary of visits, 1829-1835
BOX 28 Les Lecons Chimiques, by Du M. Vauguelin, [23 November 1803]
BOX 28 Journal

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