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United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, 1958-1999 (continued)
Case File, 1982-1999 (continued)
92-1381 In re Alappat See also Containers 553-555, same heading
92-1402 C. R. Bard, Inc. v. Advanced Cardiovascular Sys. See same container, 92-1372
93-1367 Sanders Assocs. v. Summagraphics Corp.
93-3020 Petroske v. National Aeronautics & Space Admin.
BOX 479 1993-1994 term
Case assignments
92-1206 Rite-Hite Corp. v. Kelley Co.
93-1088 Hilton-Davis Chem. Co. v. Warner-Jenkinson Co.
93-1270 Haworth, Inc. v. Steelcase, Inc.
(3 folders)
93-1551 Haworth, Inc. v. Herman Miller, Inc.
94-1026 Glaxo, Inc. v. Novopharm, Ltd.
(4 folders)
94-1029 Lifescan, Inc. v. Can-Am Care Corp.
BOX 480 1994-1995 term
Case assignments
94-1217 In re Fraenkel
(3 folders)
94-1334 ABB Robotics v. GMFanuc Robotics Corp.
(3 folders)
94-1380 Advanced Display Mfg. v. United States See also same container, 94-1490
94-1450 Imazio Nursery v. Coastal Nursery
94-1490 Advanced Display Mfg. v. United States See also same container, 94-1380
94-5084 Cal-Almond, Inc. v. United States
94-5112 Alonge v. United States
94-5116 Fairchild Indus. v. United States
94-7050 Lefevre v. Secretary of Veterans Affairs
94-7073 Cook v. Department of Veterans Affairs
94-7101 Zevalkink v. Brown
95-1066 Festo Corp. v. SMC Corp.
95-3363 Dermott v. Department of the Treasury
95-3817 Hasan v. United States Postal Serv.
95-5013 Autek Sys. Corp. v. United States
95-5014 Fort Mojave Indian Tribe v. United States
95-5031 Kunkes v. United States
BOX 481 1995-1996 term
Case assignments
92-5083 Whitecotton v. Department of Health and Human Servs.
93-5101 Whitecotton v. Department of Health and Human Servs. See same container, 92-5083
94-1066 Intermax, Ltd. v. Department of the Navy
94-1358 Stewart Sys. v. Baking Technology Sys.
94-1406 Merino v. Marchon, Inc.
94-3548 Alver v. Office of Personnel Management
94-3670 King v. Frazier
94-7035 Ephraim v. Department of Veterans Affairs
95-1118 Southwest Constr. Corp. v. Secretary of the Army
95-1178 Nordale, Inc. v. Samsco, Inc.
95-1182 Engel Indus. v. Lockformer Co.
95-1191 Alpex Computer Corp. v. Nintendo Co.
95-1214 Grumman Data Sys. v. Department of the Navy
95-1217 Roton Barrier v. Stanley Works
95-1223 Altmayer v. General Servs. Admin.
95-1235 In re Smith
95-1256 Swede Indus. v. Zebco Corp.
95-1258 Amhil Enters. v. Wawa, Inc.
95-1285 Swede Indus. v. Zebco Corp. See same container, 95-1256
95-1301 Valmet Paper v. Beloit Corp.
95-1315 Manildra Milling Corp. v. OMI Holdings
95-1322 Critikon, Inc. v. Becton Dickinson Vascular Access
95-1335 Jim Arnold Corp. v. Hydrotech
95-1337 In re Recreative Technologies Corp.
95-1374 Dorf & Stanton Communications v. Molson Breweries
95-1382 Hydramatic Packing Co. v. Sea Gull Lighting
95-1400 In re Eccs, Inc.
(2 folders)
95-1404 Nadel Indus. v. United States
95-1424 Novo Nordisk v. Genentech, Inc.
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