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Lewis Nathaniel Chase papers, 1836-1947

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Correspondence with Poets, 1899-1943 (continued)
BOX 10 Russell, George William ("A.E.")
Drawings, 1935
Russell, Irene Freda, 1918
Sabin, A. K., 1917
Saintsbury, George E. B., 1910-1911
Sandburg, Carl, 1917
Sargant, Edmund Beale, 1916-1917
Sassoon, Seigfried, 1918-1930
Schauffler, Goodrich Capen, poems and note, undated
Scott, Winfield W., 1932-1935
Scruggs, Anderson, 1935-1939
Seaman, Sir Owen, 1918
Searight, Jeanette, 1924
Shanks, Edward, 1917
Shakespeare, John Howard (for son Captain William G.), 1917
Shea, Michael F., 1932
Sidgwick, Frank, 1926-1927
Sitwell, Edith, 1922
Smith, C. Fox, 1917
Snell, George, poem and article, undated
Snow, Wilbert, 1929
Sorley, W. R., 1920
Spearing, Edna Mead, 1926
Spicer, Elizabeth, 1936
Spingarn, J. E., 1903-1935
Squire, J. C., 1918-1921
Squire, Phyrne, 1932-1937
Starbuck, Victor, 1935
Stephens, James, 1916-1930
Stocker, Helen, 1923
Strauss, Samuel Wolfe, 1940
Stuart, Muriel, 1921-1922
BOX 11 Tai Jen, original poem and translations, undated
Tennant, E. Wyndham, 1918
Tennent, Margaret S., 1918
Tenney, Ruth, manuscript verses, undated
Thompson, Edward, 1926-1928
Towne, Charles Hanson, 1917
Torbert, Alice (Mrs. Horace G.), 1938-1941
Trench, Herbert, 1917
Trevelyan, Robert Calverly, 1916-1917
Turner, W. J., 1917-1930
Untermeyer, Louis, 1917
Van Doren, Mark, 1925-1933
Van Dyke, Henry, 1909
Van Sittart, Sir Robert, 1925
Ward, Lydia Avery Coonley, 1918-1923
Wallace, Edna Kingsley, manuscript verse, signed and unsigned, undated
Warren, Sir Herbert, undated
Watson, Mrs. H., undated
Watson, Sir William, 1917
Weaving, Willoughby, 1922
Wheelwright, John, 1936
Whiteside, Mary Brent and Oscar Williams, 1935-1938
Williams, Charles, 1931-1935
Wimsatt, Genevieve, 1931-1941
Woods, Margaret L., 1917
Yeats, William Butler, 1917-1930
Young, A. J., 1927
Young, Ella, 1917-1928
BOX 12 Poets letters to Lewis Chase (list loaned to University of Rochester and returned to Emma Chase in May 1939)
Poets in our files, list, undated
Library of Congress [?] (form letter[?]), 1925
Poets to see abroad, list, undated
Pictures of poets, 1923-1926
"Is Poetry Worth While?", undated
"What is poetry?," undated
Christ in modern poetry, 1916, 1924-1937
"Studies in Single Poems," undated
"How They Hated Poetry," Literary Supplement, London Times, 1927, undated
Modern American Poetry, 1920
"The Liberation of American Literature," Literary Supplement, London Times, 1933
Poets of the sea, 1936
Metaphysical poetry, 1904-1905, 1937-1940
Poets, birthdays, 1924-1925
Poetry: revelation of reality, undated
Poetry journal, undated
Poetry and music, 1904-1905
Court poets (to 1660), undated
"The Challenge to Poetry", 1923
Poetry for children, 1919-1928
"Experiments in Poetry," 1919
"The Future of Poetry," 1925
Oriental Poetry, 1916, 1926-1927
Poetry by Walt Mason (Adams Newspaper Service), 1914
Poets addresses, undated
Pastoral poetry, 1935-1938, undated
"Peace on Earth and Good Will, in Poetry", 1925
Poems in brown envelopes, undated
Poems: lists of copies and groups, undated
Lists of poets to write to, 1925-1928
Two articles: "A New Poetics" and "What Women Are Doing", 1925, undated
"Pure Poetry," 1928
Miscellaneous news articles, 1912-1939
BOX 13 General news articles, 1917, 1929-1941
War poetry, 1940-1941
Poets letters, 1935-1936
Metrics, 1906
Metre, 1924
Eighteenth-century verse, 1923-1924
Nursery Rhymes, 1926
Modern American Poetry, 1929
Lewis Chase class notes on contemporary poetry, 1926-1927
Poetry prize, American Association of University Women, 1933-1939
Clippings of poets, Chase readings, 1922-1928
Poetry readings by Lewis Chase, news clippings, 1923, undated
Modern poetry, clippings, 1931-1933
The sonnet, 1901, 1907, 1926, 1933-1938, undated
Lyric, 1902-1904, undated
(4 folders)
Robert Hillyer's lectures of modern poetry, 1936
University of Wisconsin, contemporary poets, stenographic notes, 1917
BOX 14 Poetry, 1931
"Poetry," clippings, 1934
Modern poetic drama, 1934
Contemporary poets and poetry (Wisconsin), 1917
Contemporary articles on poets and poetry, 1915-1931
Poetry Bookshop, 1914-1919
Poet's early environment, undated
Contemporary poetry, 1927, undated
Poets today, bibliography, etc., 1933-1936
New poets, American and British, A-Z, 1914, 1922-1941
Emerson, compensation, 1906-1911
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