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Joseph Stanley-Brown papers, 1730-1941

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BOX 1-3 Family Papers, circa 1730-1941
Correspondence with relatives, a professional genealogist, and a few friends as well as the letters of some of these to his wife and daughter; a Bible with family records; genealogical notes, document copies, and abstracts; Stanley-Brown’s history of his family, bound with relevant documents and copies; letters, newspaper articles, invitations, programs, and printed matter largely relating to Stanley-Brown’s tenure as private secretary to Presidents Garfield and Arthur; annotated engravings and photographs; financial papers; and unidentified notes and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX 1 Correspondence, 1880-1929
BOX 1 Genealogical notes, 1792-circa 1928, undated
BOX 1 Genealogical documents, copies, and abstracts, 1792-1893
BOX 1 Family history with documents and copies, 1792-1884 2
BOX 2 Family Bible, 1823-1941
BOX 3 Private secretaryship, 1881-1924, undated
BOX 3 Invitations, cards, passes, and other papers, 1874-1922, undated
BOX 3 Programs, announcements, and other papers, 1883-1888, undated
BOX 3 Engravings and photographs, circa 1730-1925
BOX 3 Financial papers, 1890-1925, undated
BOX 3 Miscellany, circa 1765-circa 1930, undated
BOX 4-6 Agency Files, 1817-1912
Notes, correspondence and telegrams to and from federal officials and others, reports, depositions, articles, lists, charts, photographs, printed matter, and transcripts relating to Stanley-Brown’s activities as a federal agent in Alaska, to fur seals and sealing, to Alaskan natives and wildlife, and to Henry W. Elliott.
Arranged by topic, type of material or name of person and therein chronologically.
BOX 4 Notes, 1890-circa 1893, undated
BOX 4 Correspondence (some transcripts)
BOX 4 1869-1892
BOX 4 1892-1893
BOX 4 Telegrams, 1889-1892
BOX 4 Elliott, Henry W., 1890-1912
BOX 4 Sealers and sealing company, 1870-1892 (some transcripts)
BOX 4 Native population, 1891-1893, undated
BOX 4 Sea otter, 1892-1893
BOX 4 Alaskan fishes, 1881-1891, undated
BOX 5 Stanley-Brown’s reports and depositions, circa 1891-1892
BOX 5 Other Treasury agents’ reports, 1868-circa 1892 (some transcripts)
BOX 5 Other depositions and related papers, 1891-1895, undated
BOX 5 Instruction for revenue cutters, 1867-1892 (some transcripts)
BOX 5 Copies of reports and logs from revenue cutters, 1869-1892
BOX 6 Stanley-Brown’s published articles, 1891-1896
BOX 6 Congressional documents and proceedings, 1890-1896
BOX 6 Lists of vessels, 1889-1892
BOX 6 Statistical charts and abstracts, 1861-1895 (some transcripts)
BOX 6 Photographs, 1892
BOX 6 Copies of Russian statistical charts, 1817-1854
BOX 6 Maps, 1890-circa 1892, undated
BOX 6 Commission for the investigation of seal life in Bering Sea, 1891-1893
BOX 6 Blank official forms, 1887-1892, undated
BOX 6 Miscellany, 1882-1893
BOX 6 Maps, 1890-circa 1892, undated
BOX 6 Commission for the investigation of seal life in Bering Sea, 1891-1893
BOX 6 Blank official forms, 1887-1892, undated
BOX 6 Miscellany, 1882-1893
BOX 7-8 Arbitral Files, 1853-1893
Notes, correspondence between federal officials, anonymous briefs and critiques, memoranda, extracts, transcripts, and printed matter relating to the preparation for and conduct of fur sealing arbitration between the United States and the United Kingdom. Includes American critiques of British arguments; a loose-leaf book of comic sketches and watercolors by Robert Lansing, associate counsel for the United States; and mounted photographs of principal arbiters and commissioners.
Arranged by type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX 7 General notes and other papers, circa 1892-1893, undated (some transcripts)
BOX 7 Correspondence, 1893
BOX 7 Letters of appointment and related papers, 1892-1893
BOX 7 American arguments, circa 1892-1893
BOX 7 British rebuttals of American arguments, circa 1893
BOX 7 British arguments and documents, 1875-1893
BOX 7 American rebuttals of British arguments circa 1893
BOX 7 Dr. H. H. McIntyre’s criticism of British arguments, circa 1892
BOX 8 Professor T. C. Mendenhall’s criticism of British arguments, circa 1893
BOX 8 Stanley-Brown’s criticism of British arguments, 1892-circa 1893
BOX 8 Additional criticism of British arguments, 1892-circa 1893
(2 folders)
BOX 8 Memoranda on Henry W. Elliott’s reports, circa 1893
BOX 8 Extracts from Canadian fishery reports, circa 1892-circa 1893
BOX 8 Robert Lansing’s “Souvenir of the Arbitration,” 1893
BOX 8 Miscellany, 1853-1893, undated
BOX 9 Superintendency Files, circa 1845-1899
Notes by Stanley-Brown and others, his notebook, correspondence between governmental and corporate officials and businessmen, extracts from seal blotters (tallies of seals killed and skinned), catalogs, and financial papers relating to sealing, to the operation of the North American Commercial Co. in Alaska and in the United States, and to the market for sealskins in London. Includes an unsigned description of the wildlife of mid-nineteenth-century St. Paul’s Island, written in Russian (probably composed by Innokentii Kassianov Shaiashnikov) and a map, probably of part of Unalaska Island.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 9 Notes and notebook, 1894-1898, undated
BOX 9 Correspondence, 1894-1898
BOX 9 Reports, 1894-1897
BOX 9 Natural history of St. Paul’s Island, circa 1845
BOX 9 Extracts from seal blotters, 1892-1894
BOX 9 Catalogs of sales of sealskins, 1894-1897
BOX 9 Financial papers, circa 1893-1898, undated
BOX 9 Map, circa 1895
BOX 9 Miscellany, 1894-1899
BOX 9 Miscellany, 1745-circa 1914
Clipped newspaper and magazine articles, mostly relating to sealing, unidentified notes, general printed matter, and a transcript.
Arranged by type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX 9 Newspaper and magazine articles
BOX 9 1890-1891
BOX 9 1892-circa 1914, undated
BOX 9 General, 1745-1906 (includes transcript)

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