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Stephen Bonsal papers, 1890-1973

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Article File, circa 1890-1947 (continued)
Jan. 1913, "The Sons of the Eagle," North American Review
1916-1917 Articles include
July 1916, "Through Starving Mexico," American Red Cross Magazine
17 Mar. 1917, "Lvoff Foretold Russia's Freedom," New York Times
13 May 1917, "Predicts Triumph for the New Russia," New York Sun
20 May 1917, "Muscovites Aloof From World War," New York Sun
25 Aug. 1917, "With Hindenburg on the Eastern Front," Collier's Weekly
23 Sept. 1917, "On the Day," Washington Times
1920, articles in the Baltimore Sun (1920)
BOX 35 1921, articles on Mexico
1921-1923 Articles include
16 Jan. 1921, "Hughes and the Cabinet," New York Times
14 Dec. 1921, "Allies War Debts to U.S.," Westminster Gazette (London, England)
22 Aug. 1922, "New Ties with Brazil," New York Times
16 Apr. 1923, "Pan-American Disarmament To Be Acid Test for Parley," Christian Science Monitor
1924-1930 Articles include
Nov.-Dec. 1923-Jan.-Feb. 1924, articles on South America, Christian Science Monitor
Mar. 1924, "The Nation's Oil Reserves: The Pending Inquiry at Washington," American Review of Reviews
June 1924, "China and the Foreign Devil," North American Review
Dec. 14-19, 1925, "The Land of Unpunished Murder," Washington Evening Star
Apr. 1929, "When War Was War in Paraguay," North American Review
Sept. 1929, "The Magic Island of Haiti," Current History
Feb. 1930, "What Manner of Man Was Clemenceau?" World's Week
1931-1934 Articles include
Jan. 1931, "William Henry Welch," World's Work
July 1934,"Heyday in a Vanished World,"
Part 1, Scribner's Magazine
Part 2, Scribner's Magazine
Nov. 1934, Articles on Japan and Manchuria for the New York Herald Tribune
1935-1947 Articles include
Mar. 1935, "Manchuria and the Regent's Sword," Scribner's Magazine
19 Apr. 1935, "Radiant City of the Guaranis Rules South America's unseen Empire," Washington Post
Apr. 1935, "The Man on Horseback, Boulanger," Scribner's Magazine
May 1935, "When Gentlemen Fell Out," Scribner's Magazine
Dec. 1935, Articles on Lawrence of Arabia for the Washington Post
4 Feb. 1940, "Mannerheim, Twenty Years Ago," Washington Post
1 Dec. 1940, "Prince Saionji, Last of the Genro," Washington Post
22 Apr. 1941, "Words for Our Time," Washington Post
Dec. 1943, "A Professor at Large," American Foreign Service Journal
18 Mar. 1944, "Cauldron Bubbling in the Dark," Saturday Review
22 Apr. 1944, "The Heroic Cauldron," Saturday Review
Sept. 1946, "Versailles to Paris," Free World
4 Jan. 1947, "Town Meeting of the World," Collier's
Articles on Ukraine, undated
BOX 36 Articles on South America, circa 1912-1913
(3 folders)
Miscellaneous, unidentified and undated
(2 folders)
"A Few Facts about Secret Treaties"
BOX 37 Unidentified and undated
(4 folders)
BOX 37-39 Printed Material, 1892-1944
Pamphlets, booklets, and other printed matter.
Arranged by subject.
BOX 37 Latin America
(1 folder)
BOX 38 (1 folder)
World War I, Paris Peace Conference
(3 folders)
China, Korea
BOX 39 Philippines
BOX 39 Miscellany, 1911-1963
Newspaper clippings, printed matter, and miscellaneous typescript and personal papers.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 39 Journals, pamphlets, and other printed matter
(2 folders)
Clippings, reviews, and notes, 1911-1963

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