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Joseph Warren Beach papers, 1891-1955

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Subject File (continued)
Realism in fiction
Renan, Ernest
Rexroth, Kenneth
Richards, I. A.
Richardson, Dorothy
Richardson, Henry Handel
Richardson, Samuel
Roberts, Michael
Robinson, Edwin Arlington
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
Rukeyser, Muriel
Ruskin, John
Saintsbury, George
Samain, Albert
Sand, George
Sandburg, Carl
Sarton, May
Sartre, Jean-Paul
Sassoon, Siegfried
Schneider, Herbert
Schnitzler, Arthur
Schwartz, Delmore
Scott, Evelyn
Scott, Walter
BOX 21 Shakespeare, William
Shaw, George Bernard
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Sidgwick, Ethel
Sinclair, May
Sinclair, Upton
Sitwell, Edith
Sitwell, Osbert
Sitwell, Sacheverell
Smith, Adam
Smollett, Tobias
Soward, F. H.
Spender, Stephen
Stanzel, Franz
Stauffer, Donald
Stegner, Wallace
Steinbeck, John
Sterne, Laurence
Stevens, Wallace
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Swinburne, Algernon C.
Swinnerton, Frank
Symons, Arthur
Taupin, René
Thackeray, William Makepeace
Thomas, Dylan
Todd, Ruthven
Tolstoy, Leo
BOX 22 Treece, Henry
Trevelyan, George M.
Trollope, Anthony
Turgenev, Ivan
Twentieth-century American fiction
Twentieth-century fiction
Twentieth-century poetry
Udset, Sigrid
Van Vechten, Carl
Victorian prose writers
Viereck, Peter
Waller, John
Walpole, Hugh
Warner, Sylvia Townsend
Warren, Robert Penn
Wasserman, Jacob
Watkins, Vernon
Waugh, Evelyn
Wells, H. G.
Wescott, Glenway
Wharton, Edith
Whitman, Walt
Wilbur, Marshal Urban
Wilder, Richard
Wilder, Thornton
Williams, William Carlos
Wilson, Edmund
Winters, Yvor
Wolfe, Thomas
BOX 23 Wolfe, Thomas
Wolfert, Ira
Woolf, Virginia
Wordsworth, William
Wylie, Elinor
Yeats, William Butler
Zola, Emile
BOX 24-42 Book, Article, Poetry, and Lecture File, 1891-circa 1950
Writings and lectures by Beach.
Arranged by type of material and therein alphabetically by title.
BOX 24 Books
The Coming of Eve
The Concept of Nature in Nineteenth-Century English Poetry
Chapters 1-15
BOX 25 Chapters 16-21, footnotes, annotated typescript, Chs. 1-14
BOX 26 Beach's working notes
Irving Babbitt-J. J. Rousseau, annotated typescript, chapters 15-21
BOX 27 Scale of ascent-Wordsworth, permissions to quote, reviews of the published work
BOX 28 The Making of the Auden Canon
First vacation, part of the second version
BOX 29 Remainder of the second version, revisions, and excisions, supplementary notes and appendices to final version, second carbon of final version
BOX 30 Remainder of second carbon of final version, index, gallery proofs, research notes, bibliographies reviews of the published work
BOX 31 Moral Forces in English Literature
BOX 32 The Nature of Comedy
BOX 33 Obsessive Images
BOX 34 The Loathly Lady, doctoral thesis, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
BOX 35 Articles and stories
American Fiction in This Century
American Literature in French Universities
American Poetry of This Decade
American Poetry, Strasbourg
American Poets of the Twentieth Century
The Black Man in a White World
Body's Breviary
Bowdlerized Versions of Hardy
Breaking the Butterfly
Bromides and Stimulants
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