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BOX 95-142 Speeches and Writings, 1921-circa 1970
Drafts of texts, galley and page proofs, as well as research notes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.
Arranged chronologically. Book reviews, miscellaneous radio and television scripts, ghost writings, and introductions of persons are filed at the end of the series along with files for Mearns's books Three Presidents and Their Books, Largely Lincoln, The Lincoln Papers, and The Story Up to Now.
BOX 95 1921-1941
Apropos of Max Beerbohm. A letter to the Editor of Current Opinion. 6 Apr. 1921. Printed in the May issue of Current Opinion. Vol. 70, No. 5, page 702. 1921
Aubrey Beardsley's Posthumous Frown. A letter to the Editor of Current Opinion. 10 July 1921. Printed in the September issue of Current Opinion, Vol. 71, No. 3, page 390. 1921
The Ballad of a Dead King. 1923, Written by Mr. Mearns to amuse his mother.
Notes on a Bibliography of Bret Harts. 1927.
The Chambers of the Supreme Court in New York, 1790. Washington, D.C., 1933. JK1561.A5 1790
The Chambers of the Supreme Court in Philadelphia, 1791-1800, with Verner W. Clapp, Washington, D.C., 1933. JK1561.A5 1800
The Chambers of the Supreme Court in Washington, 1801-1867, with Verner W. Clapp, Washington, D.C., 1933. JK1561.A5 1867
Some Materials for a Life of Elias Boudinot Caldwell, with Observations on the Early History of Capitol Hill, with Verner W. Clapp, 1933, F197.036
A Descriptive List of the Principal Pamphlet Collections in the Library of Congress in 1934. Washington, D.C., 1934. Z733.U63P2
Egg-rolling on the White House Lawn; Descriptions by Eye-Witnesses of an Ancient Easter Monday Custom in Washington. . . , 1858-1934, with Verner W. Clapp, Washington, D.C., 1935. F195.M43 Office
Small Backlog 20,547; Mark Twain in Washington 1867-1868. Washington, D.C. PS1332.M35 1935.
The Mouse Trap Quotation. 22 Jan. 1935. Prepared for Burton Stevenson and quoted by him in The Colonhon and in Famous Single Poems with acknowledgment to Mr. Mearns.
What the Founders Thought, May 1935.
Thomas Jefferson, the Architect. Washington, LC, 1936. E332.M53
F. W. A. A poem honoring Frederick W. Ashley. 17 Dec.1936. Published in D.C. Libraries Jan. 1937, page 39
The Constitution of the United States; an account of its travels since 17 Sept. 1787, compiled by David C. Mearns and Verner W. Clapp. Washington, D.C., 1937.
Mr. Archibald MacLeish. Washington (1939?), From D.C. Libraries, Vol. II, No. 1, Oct. 1939
Magna Carta; the Lincoln Cathedral Copy Exhibited in the Library of Congress; some notes prepared by David C. Mearns and Verner W. Clapp, Washington, D.C., 1939 and 1941. JN147.M4 1939 Same 1941.
Some Women of Achievement. A typed list, buckram bound, 1939.
Random Comments on Books Selected for Inclusion in "Outpost" Libraries of the Department of State. Prior to 1940.
An original play, balcony scenes derived from Shakespeare. Composed by David C. Mearns and Verner W. Clapp. Early 1940's. To be performed before the District of Columbia Library Association, Pierce Hall, Washington, D.C.
The Five Little Millions and How They Grew: Their Beginnings. A talk delivered to the staff of the Library of Congress in the Coolidge Auditorium. 31 Jan. and 1 Feb. 1940.
The Library of Congress (140 years old). An address before the Congressional Secretaries ' Club, 21 Mar. 1940. Printed in the Congressional Record, 28 Mar. 1940, Vol. 86, No. 62, pp. 5575-76.
The Library of Congress: A Brief History. A speech before the Seventy-Second Club, 1 Apr. 1940.
Lincolnians in the Library of Congress. Paper read before the Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia, 15 Apr. 1940. Printed in the Congressional Record, Vol. 86, No. 106, 29 May 1940. pp. 10871-10873.
Tribute to L. H. E. For: The Bookman, Vol. 1, No. 2, 26 November 1940. Stipulation: To be published anonymously.
The Arsenal. A speech made informally before the Congressional Secretaries' Club, 28 Jan. 1941.
Lincoln Collections in the Library of Congress. Article published in The Abraham Lincoln Quarterly, December 1941. Reprint issued May 1942; 2nd ed. Jan. 1943.
BOX 96 1942-1946
The Canon-Aid; or, The Egg Which Was Laid on Memorial Day. A Speech before the Librarian's Council held in the Senate Reading Room LC on May 30, 1942. Concerning the acquisition policy of LC.
The Activities of the Library of Congress in Wartime. A Speech delivered before the Special Libraries Association in Detroit, 20 June 1942. Printed in: Special Libraries, Sept. 1942.
A Report on Certain Collections in the Library of Congress. Prepared for the American Library Association, Board of Resources of American Libraries. Washington, D.C., 1942. Z733.U63R45
Biographical foreword to In His Own Country, by Charles Washington Coleman. Privately printed in limited edition, 1942
A "New" Washington Letter. Article for LC Quarterly Journal, July-Sept. 1943 Vol. 1, No. 1
Architects and Poets and Prophets. Article for LC Quarterly Journal, Oct.-Dec. 1943 Vol. 1, No. 2
Another England in the Great South Sea. Article for LC Quarterly Journal, Jan.-Mar. 1944 Vol. 1, No. 3
The President's Geranium. 1944.
The Constitution of the United States, together with an Account of its Travels since 17 Sept. 1787, compiled by David C. Mearns and Verner W. Clapp. Third edition, Oct. 1944.
Mr. Lincoln and the Man Who Bore the Battle. A talk delivered before veterans at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C., Feb. 1945.
The Reference Services of the Library of Congress. Script prepared for the Office of War Information for translation into Italian and broadcast on their Radio University Program. 4 June 1945.
Lest We Forget. Draft of a speech prepared for possible use on Saturday, 30 June 1945, in connection with the opening of the exhibition of German atrocity pictures sponsored by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The Evening Star.
This Is My America. Remarks made in accepting for the Library of Congress a copy of the anthology of poems. "This Is My America" Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, 18 Mar. 1946.
The Story Up to Now: The Library of Congress, 1800-1946. Reprinted (in 1947) from the Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress for the Fiscal Year Ending 30 June 1946.
The First Sixty Years of the Enoch Pratt Free Library: An Appreciation. 1946.
BOX 97 1947-1948
The Resources of the Library of Congress for the Study of the War of 1812. Speech delivered before the Society of the War of 1812 at the Jackson Day Dinner, Baltimore, Md., 8 Jan. 1947.
The Lincoln Year. Speech given informally in the Library of Congress before the Illinois Delegation in Congress on 12 Feb. 1947.
The Exquisite Inebriation. A speech delivered before the Cleveland Library Club, 27 Feb. 1947.
Essay in Alteration. A study of and commentary on the New Draft of Planning Committee Report. 28 Feb. 1947.
Memorandum on the Robert Todd Lincoln Collection. Prepared for incorporation in an article in America, 26 July 1947, pp. 459-461.
The Lincoln Papers. Article prepared for The Abraham Lincoln Quarterly, Vol. IV, No. 8, Dec. 1947, pp. 369-385.
Nothing Only Plenty of Friends. An article prepared for publication in the New York Herald Tribune Book Review, Sunday, 8 Feb. 1948, Vo.. 24, No. 25.
The Great Reality. A speech delivered before the Friends of the Library of Brown University, 10 Feb. 1948. Repeated with a few deletions before the ladies of The Congressional Club, Washington, D.C., 2 Feb. 1948 and 10 Feb. 1948.
Reminiscing Letter by Dave Mearns, '16, Recalls Early Days. Published in The Saint Albans News, Vol. 27, No. 9, 2 Mar. 1948, page 4.
The Significance of the Lincoln Papers: an Exposition by Way of Impression. A paper read before the Mississippi Valley Historical Society, Rock Island, Ill., 22 Apr. 1948.
Master of Materials: Random Reflections on Reference Librarianship. Lecture delivered before the Department of Library Science, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., 29 Apr. 1948. Printed in The Catholic Library World, Vol. 19, No. 8, May 1948, pp. 249-251; 275, and reprinted in Reference Services, Selected by Arthur Ray Rowland, Shoe String Press, Hamden, Conn., 1964, page 177.
Foreword to A Catalog of Important Recent Additions to the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection, compiled by Frederick R. Goff. Published in LC Quarterly Journal, Vol. 5, No. 3, May 1948.
The Federal Institute Dinner. Speech delivered at the Special Libraries Association Dinner, 7 June 1948.
The Dubious Intelligencer. Library of Congress, Aug. 1948. Daily Journal from DOM to the Librarian, Volume one, Nos. one, two, and three.
The Lincoln Papers; the Story of the Collection, with Selections for 4 July 1861; introd. by Carl Sandburg. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1948. 2 vols.
The Library of Congress: A Statement Without a Conclusion. 15 Oct. 1948. Prepared for the Hansard Society London. Printed in Parliamentary Affairs, Vol. II, No. 3, Summer 1949.
The Lincoln Papers. 22 Oct. 1948. A speech in Chicago before the Civil War Round Table.
The Man in the Memorial. 9 Dec. 1948. A talk delivered at the Arts Club, Washington, D.C.
BOX 98 1949-1950
Our Reluctant Contemporary. Speech delivered at St. John's (Parish House) Library. 4 Feb. 1949.
Preface to the Lincoln Encyclopedia. 7 March 1949. Published by Macmillan 1950.
Morsels of History. An address before the National Society of Autograph Collectors at Princeton, New Jersey, 11 Apr. 1949. Printed in the Autograph Collectors' Journal, Vol. 1, No. 3, Apr 1949.
The Kinsman. 1 June 1949. A foreword to accompany translations of selections from Abraham Lincoln's works. Sent to Department of Cultural Affairs, Pan American Union.
The Heresy of Abraham Lincoln: An Attempt at the Last but Edgewise Word. Prepared for LC Information Bulletin, 1-11 June 1949. Reprinted in Autograph Collectors' Journal.
Twenty Thousand Years of Comics. 3 Oct. 1949. Remarks at the opening of an exhibit in the Library of Congress.
The Library of Congress and Public Relations. Intern Lecture in the Library of Congress. 29 Nov. 1949.
Library of Congress Sesquicentennial Year. 52 lead articles in the LC Information Bulletin, Vol. 9, Nos. 1-52, 1950.
Our Reluctant Contemporary: Abraham Lincoln. A speech before members of the Abraham Lincoln Association at their annual meeting, Springfield, Ill., 13 Feb. 1950.
The Sesquicentennial Program of the Library of Congress. Remarks at Professional Forum, LC, 15 Mar. 1950.
For the Library of Congress wives. Address at a luncheon meeting, 12 Apr. 1950.
Remarks of greeting to members of the National Society of Autograph Collectors meeting in Washington, D.C. The Dodge Hotel, 1 May 1950.
The Law Library of the Library of Congress. 15 June 1950. Prepared for Judge Stevens and delivered via Mr. Dwyer.
The Information Bulletin of the Library of Congress. Intern Lecture in the Library of Congress. June 20, 1950.
Introduction to the Library of Congress. Sesquicentennial Exhibit Catalog. June 27, 1950.
Inside Evans; or, Rosemary for the Boss. Speech delivered at the Division Chiefs' luncheon on June 29, 1950.
Of Archibald Beatty Evans. A tribute to Mr. Evans in the form of a letter addressed to Mrs. Mary Martin, Principal, Bradley School, Washington, D.C. September 29, 1950.
The Lincoln Papers. An address to the Military Order of the Loyal Legion Commandery of the District of Columbia. Dinner at Raleigh Hotel, October 10, 1950.
On José Martí. On the occasion of dedication ceremonies attending the unveiling of a bronze bust of José Martí in Grove of Educators, St. Augustine, Florida, October 12, 1950. Proceedings published in pamphlet by Inter-American Center of Florida, St. Augustine, Florida, 1951. Published also in: Archive José Martí, Tomo V, Enerc-Junio 1951, No. 3, Publicaciones del Ministerio de Educacion, La Habana, Cuba, 1951.
Virginia in the History of the Library of Congress; or, Mr. Jefferson's Other Seedling. A speech delivered before the Virginia Library Association meeting in Roanoke, October 20, 1950. Printed in: Virginia Library Bulletin, No. 16, May 1, 1951.New Light on an Old Subject: Thanksgiving as a National Holiday. Memorandum. November 16, 1950.
The Declaration of Independence; the Story of a Parchment. Washington, D.C., 1950. Reprinted from the Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1949.
BOX 99 1951
Exhibits, Publications, and Informational Activities of the Library of Congress. Orientation Lecture-Special Recruiting Program-LC-February 15, 1951
The Constant American. An address before the Colonial Dames, Washington, D.C., April 11, 1951.
A Neglected Bookman: Calvin Coolidge. A paper read before the Literary Society (Washington, D.C.) at the Folger Shakespeare Memorial Library, April 21, 1951.
The Community of Greatness. An address at the annual meeting of the National Society of Autograph Collectors, May 2, 1951. Printed in: Autograph Collectors' Journal, Summer 1951.
Publications Program of the Library of Congress: Historical Aspects. Speech before the Staff Forum in Coolidge Auditorium to consider the publications program of the Library of Congress May 17, 1951.
The Nitid Crimson. An address before the Society of American Archivists, Annapolis, Maryland, October 16, 1951. Offprint published April 9, 1952.
The Fair Inheritance. An address to the Public Library of the District of Columbia and the Motion Picture Council, November 2, 1951.
A Plume for Madame. An address to the District of Columbia Branch of the National League of American Penwomen, November 28, 1951.
Alfred Whital Stern and the Hoaf Prints. December 10, 1951. Published in Library of Congress Quarterly Journal, Vol. 9, No. 2, February 1952.
Abraham Lincoln: Bibliographer: Some Notes on the First Inaugural. Compiled by David C. Mearns and C. Percy Powell. December 21, 1951.
BOX 100 1952
The Fair Inheritance. An address delivered to the Colonial Dames, Dumbarton House, Washington, D.C., January 9, 1952. A variation of the 1951 writing.
History of the Manuscript Division. An address delivered before the American University class in the History and Administration of Archives, held in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, January 23, 1952.
Activities of the Manuscript Division. Special Recruits Lecture Series, 1951-1952, Page School in LC, Room 309 MB, February 21, 1952.
Who in Triumph Advances. An address before the Lincoln Association of Jersey City, February 12, 1952.
Research in American History: Opportunities Provided by the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. A speech delivered before a dinner meeting of Beta Pi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, National Honorary History Fraternity, March 23, 1952.
No Tedious Business. An address by the Assistant Librarian for American Collections upon receiving from Alfred Whital Stern the gift of the printer's copy of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates. April 28, 1952.
Gloriously Dispelled. Written for a Festschrift honoring Nathan Van Patten, Stanford University. June 6, 1952.
Abraham Lincoln Goes to Press: A Documentary Memorandum. Published in the LC Quarterly Journal, Vol. 9, No. 4, August 1952.
Forever is Twenty-Eight Years. Concerning the transfer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States to the National Archives. August 14, 1952.
Change the Name of NSAC? An article appearing in Autograph Collectors' Journal. Summer 1952, p. 37.
The Formative Years of the Manuscript Division 1897-1903: An Intimate Search for Origins. A Talk presented at the Staff Forum of LC, September 1952.
The Story of the Queen's Letter. A historical note to accompany a facsimile of a letter of condolence written on April 29, 1865, by Queen Victoria to Mrs. Abraham Lincoln. Printed in limited edition for presentation to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in remembrance of the visit of Their Royal Highnesses the Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to the Library of Congress, November 2, 1951. Washington, D.C., 1952. E457.52.U593
The Library of Congress. A talk delivered before the Chevy Chase Branch of the National League of American Pen Women, October 11, 1952, in the Whittall Pavilion, Library of Congress.
Remarks at a reception given by Mrs. John R. Murdock. December 1, 1952.
Nineteenth Century Collectors. Article appearing in the Autograph Collectors' Journal. Vol. IV, No. 11, Winter 1952.
BOX 101 1953
Abraham Lincoln as a Purer Nelson. Address delivered before the Pennsylvania Historical Junto in the Conference Room, National Archives, Washington, D.C., February 6, 1953.
Lincoln and the Image of America. An address before the Lincoln Fellowship of Hamilton, Canada, at McMaster University, February 12, 1953. E457.7.M4
Remarks at the Opening of the Manuscript, Exhibition, Ohio State Museum, Columbus, Ohio, May 3, 1953.
The First White House Library. Article prepared for D.C Libraries, Vol. 24, No. 3, July 1953.
In the Presence of the Scholars. An address delivered before the North Carolina Library Association, Asheville, N.C., October 22, 1953. Printed in North Carolina Libraries, Vol. 12, No. 3, April 1954, and in College and Research Libraries, April 1954.
Manuscript Sources of American History: Problems of Their Control, Use, and Publication. Comments on a Symposium held on November 12, 1953, at the American Philosophical Society. Printed in Proceedings of the Society, Vol. 98, No. 3, June 15, 1954. Also reprinted in pamphlet form.
The Great Invention of the World: Mr. Lincoln and the Books He Read. A Confused and Confusing Consideration. Phineas Windsor Lecture delivered at the University of Illinois, December 2, 1953. Printed by University of Illinois Press in Three Presidents and Their Books by Arthur E. Bestor, David C. Mearns, and Jonathan Daniels. Hardback 1955: Paperback, 1964. E176.1T48
BOX 102 1954
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