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Speech, Article, and Drama File, 1923-1968 (continued)
BOX 15 The Streets of New York
BOX 15 Thou Shalt Not Kill
BOX 15 The Warning Shot
BOX 16 Silent movie scripts
BOX 16 Film stories and scripts not performed, list
BOX 16 Television productions
BOX 16 Arsenic and Old Lace
BOX 16 Body in the Barn
BOX 16 Breaking Point
BOX 17 Coincidence
BOX 17 The Defenders
BOX 17 Lillian Gish Remembers
BOX 17 Mr. Novak
BOX 17 Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Kenmore
BOX 17 Morning's at Seven
BOX 17 Remember the Women
BOX 17 The Retiring of Mrs. Hasbrouck
BOX 17 The Spiral Staircase
BOX 17 Too Much for Granted
BOX 17 The Trip to Bountiful
BOX 17 Television scripts performed, list
BOX 17 Television scripts not performed, list
BOX 17 Productions in which Lillian and Dorothy Gish appeared, list
BOX 18-21 Miscellany, 1829-1969
Financial papers, interviews, music, printed matter, scrapbook pages, and other papers.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material, topic, or name of person.
BOX 18 Financial papers
BOX 18 "The Gish Girls," by John Vlahos
BOX 18 General miscellany
BOX 18 Interviews
BOX 18 Invitation to twenty-fifth anniversary screening of Birth of a Nation, 1940 See Artifacts
BOX 18 Music
BOX 18 O'Neill, Eugene, testimonial to Carlotta O'Neill
BOX 18 Photographs
BOX 18 Playbills
BOX 18 Prayer books
BOX 19 Printed matter
BOX 19 About Lillian Gish and Dorothy Gish
BOX 20 Miscellaneous
BOX 21 Miscellaneous
BOX 21 Scrapbook pages
BOX 21 “The Theatre in France”
BOX 22-25 Additions, 1922-1978
A legal file of correspondence, briefs, affidavits, and related documents in the case of Duell v. Gish, and one letter.
Organized into two additions. Addition I is arranged as received from the donor and includes a guide at the beginning of the file.
BOX 22 Addition I, legal file, Duell v. Gish
BOX 22 Letters regarding files
BOX 22 Guide to files (on which the following titles are based)
BOX 22 File I. general E - Z
BOX 22 A. letters
BOX 22 C. meetings-minutes-resolutions
BOX 33 D. memoranda used at trial
BOX 22 E. memoranda of law
BOX 22 F. memoranda-miscellaneous
BOX 22 I. questions asked Gish by J. A. Leve
BOX 22 J. release
BOX 22 K. statements
BOX 22 L. statements to all papers
BOX 22 N. [unmarked file folder]
BOX 22 File II. pleadings
BOX 22 A. loose items
BOX 22 B. pleadings, 1927
BOX 22 D. pleadings, 1925
BOX 22 E. pleadings-(Duell-Ince)
BOX 23 File III. briefs-exhibit books
BOX 23 A. loose
BOX 23 B. briefs
BOX 23 C. exhibits
BOX 23 File IV. Metro-Goldwyn Corp.
BOX 23 A. 3227 [untitled]
BOX 23 B. memoranda
BOX 23 C. bills and receipts
BOX 23 D. agreements
BOX 23 File V. general A-Z
BOX 23 A. clippings
BOX 23 B. affidavit
BOX 23 C. bills and receipts
BOX 23 D. briefs
BOX 24 E. certificates
BOX 24 F. code
BOX 24 G. deposition and memorandum regarding conversation
BOX 24 H. letters
BOX 24 I. letters-confirmations
BOX 24 J. memoranda
BOX 24 K. minutes-stenographers
BOX 24 L. questions
BOX 24 M. statement
BOX 24 File VI. correspondence/pleadings
BOX 24 A. 4259 [untitled], 1927
BOX 25 B. 4259 [untitled], 1928
BOX 25 C. loose documents
BOX 25 D. pleadings
BOX 25 E. pleadings-extra copies
BOX 25 File VII. Gish-Albin
BOX 25 A. 4780 [untitled]
BOX 25 B. bills and receipts
BOX 25 C. letters and cables
BOX 25 D. memoranda
BOX 25 E. notes
BOX 25 F. notice-sale notice
BOX 25 G. loose documents
BOX 25 File VIII. Players, Inc. and Franz Lederer
BOX 25 A. 5519 [untitled]
BOX 25 B. letters
BOX 25 C. memoranda-office
BOX 25 D. statement
BOX 25 Addition II, letter, 1975
BOX VA 1 Artifact, 1940
Described according to the series, container, and folder from which the item was removed.
BOX VA 1 Miscellany
BOX VA 1 Invitation to twenty-fifth anniversary screening of Birth of a Nation, 1940 (Container 18)

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