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T.J.J. See papers, 1887-1960

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 113-127 Miscellany
Bills, receipts, newspaper clippings, printed matter, photographs, and miscellaneous papers.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 113-115 Bills and receipts
BOX 116 Einstein, Albert, controversy
BOX 117-120 Newspaper clippings and printed matter
BOX 121-122 Photographs and prints
BOX 123-127 Miscellaneous papers
BOX OV 128-OV 129 Scrapbooks (Oversize), circa 1892-1902
Articles, photographs, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia.
Arranged chronologically in two overlapping volumes.
BOX OV 128-OV 129 circa 1896-1902
BOX 130-133 Addition, 1909-1940
Mainly writings by See, particularly relating to his book Wave-Theory, and some correspondence and miscellany.
Organized by type of material and title of work or chapter therein.
BOX 130 Correspondence, magazine publishers, 1909, Jan.
BOX 130 Writings
BOX 130 Articles
BOX 130 “The Cause of Temporary Stars as Inferred from Their Observed Distribution Relative to the Plane of the Milky Way”
BOX 130 “Elements and Corresponding Tables for the Resulting Terrestrial Spheroid”
BOX 130 “Postscript of the Exhaustive Memoir on the Change in the Color of Sirius,” 1940
BOX 130 “Researches in the Electrodynamic Wave-Theory of the Aether”
BOX 130 “Retrospectives Relative to the Resonance Cleste, Especially, and its Miraculous Discovery,” 1945
BOX 130 “Whittaker’s Special Solution of Universal Validity”
BOX 130 Books
BOX 130 Light
BOX 130 Vol. I, 1933, Nov.-1934, Jan.
BOX 130 Vol. II, 1934, Jan.-Feb.
BOX 131 Theory of the Aether, Vol. II
BOX 131 Chapter I, Demonstrated Dynamical Theory of the Aether Stresses in All Directions about a Pair of Binary Stars, Based on the Composition of Wave-Rotations
BOX 131 Chapter II, For Magnetic Attraction with Opposite Poles, the General Theory of the Contraction of the Aether Is Everywhere Verified
BOX 131 Chapter III, The Wave-Theory of the Dynamo, and the Related Problems of Induction in a Magnetic Field, with More General Analysis of the Wave Conditions Underlying Attraction and Repulsion
BOX 131 Chapter IV, Analytical Theory of the Magnetic Induction Generated by the Earth’s Rotation in the Sun’s Powerful Magnetic Field
BOX 131 Chapter V, The Wave-Field of Universal Gravitation Analyzed under the Dynamical Principles of Natural Philosophy
BOX 131 Chapter VI, Investigation of the Physical cause Underlying Laplace’s Laws, for the Motions of Jupiter’s Satellites
BOX 131 Chapter VII, Further Examination of the Theory of Surfaces: Application of the Theory to the Equipotential Surfaces about Stars and Binary Systems
BOX 131 Chapter VIII, On the Use of the Theory of Curved Surfaces, Closed about Matter in the Case of Equipotential Surfaces
BOX 131 Wave-Theory
BOX 131 Book I
BOX 131 Chapter IX, Investigation of the Curvature of Orthogonal Lines Upon a Surface, Leading to a Celebrated Formula of Lame, with Demonstration of Several Other Theorems Useful in Geometry and the Physics of the Aether
BOX 131 Chapter X, Investigation of the Curvature of Orthogonal Trajectories Upon the Sphere, with Outline of the General Theory of Geodesic Curvature
BOX 131 Chapter XI, Theory of Evolutes and Involutes with Radius of Curvature for Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola, Epicycloid, Gycloid, and Any Roulette Surface Envelope of Osculationg Planes
BOX 131 Chapter XII, Theory of Radius of Curvature for Curves of Double Curvature and of the Principal Normal, with Calculation of the second Curvature, the Angle Formed by Two Near Normals and of their minimum Distance
BOX 131 Chapter XIII, Theory of the Osculating Sphere, and of Curved Surfaces, Normal Sections
BOX 131 Chapter XIV, Theory of the Curvature of Surfaces Along Oblique Sections, in the Case of Curves of Double Curvature: Applications to the Figures of the Planets, with Direct Geometrical Demonstration of the General Laws of Curvature
BOX 131 Chapter XV, The Study of Normals to a Common Surface
BOX 131 Chapter XVI, General Theory of Lines of Curvature and of Orthogonal Surfaces
BOX 132 Chapter XVII, Theory of the Line or Curvature Applied to Certain Cases
BOX 132 Chapter XVIII, Conclusion Respecting Equipotential Surfaces, Especially the Orthogonal Surfaces Formed by the Confocal Conics, Namely the Series of Ellipsoids and Hyperboloids, Actually Arising in the Physical Theory of the Aether, and Involving a Doubly Infinite Inter-Penetration Throughout all Space
BOX 132 Chapter XIX, Summary of the Direct and Simple Criteria for Establishing the Aeolotrophy of the Aether and the Cause of Gravitation
BOX 132 Chapter XX, The Dynamics of the Wave-Theory: Especially the Analytical Theory of Confocal Conics, as Orthogonal Surfaces. With complete Illustration of Stresses on the Infinitesimal Ellipsoidal-Hyperboloidal Parallelopipedons of the Aether between these Equipotential Surfaces
BOX 132 Chapter XXI, Infinitesimal Analysis for the Block of Aether Cut out by the Variations of the Confocal Conics: Defined by the Analytical Properties of Certain Surfaces
BOX 132 Chapter XXII, Theory of Geodesic Lines, Geodesic Curvature, and of the Total Curvature of a Surface, as Defined by Gauss
BOX 132 Chapter XXIII, Theory of Surfaces Applicable to One Another with Certain Concluding Theorems on Geodesic Curvatures
BOX 132 Chapter XXIV, Summary of the Chief Conclusions to Be Drawn from the Theory of Surfaces
BOX 132 Book VI, Applied to Gauss’ Theory of Terrestrial Magnetism as a Means of Discovery, 1936, Apr.
BOX 132 Book VIII, The Forces of Nature
BOX 132 Book IX, Part I, Discovery of the Cause of Gravitation
BOX 132 Book X
BOX 132 Applied to the Heavens Generally, 1932
BOX 133 Introductory Notice of the Recent Development, 1945
BOX 133 Miscellaneous
(4 folders)
BOX 133 Miscellany
BOX 133 Clippings
BOX 133 Lists, Learned Men (46)
BOX 133 Perpetual Miracle of Gravitation (Supplement Chapter)
BOX 133 Printed Matter
BOX 133 Report, History and Progress of Certain Large American Observatories
BOX 133 The Screening Effects in Gravitation
BOX 133 Theory of Isotropic or Equal Gravity Surfaces for Two or More Centres of Attraction

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