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George Fielding Eliot papers, 1939-1971

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BOX 7-14 General Article File, 1939-1971
Correspondence, manuscripts, handwritten and typewritten drafts, notes, newspaper clippings, and printed and near-printed materials.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX 7 "Alliance Diplomacy in Limited Wars," United States Naval Institute Proceedings, 1967
"American Arms for Allies and Friends," National Guardsman, 1967
"Annexation-Peril or Promise?", Suburbia Today, 1962
"Another Opinion on the Blue-Ribbon Panel," Ordnance, 1971
"Are the Suburbs Being Shortchanged?", Suburbia Today (Roundtable), 1962
"The Armies March Again" (publisher unidentified Army (notes and drafts, 1970-1971)
"Asian Wars Need Asian Soldiers," American Mercury, 1953
"The Beautiful Lady with the Healing Hands" (unpublished)
"Beware of Glamour Weapons!", Ordnance, 1954
"Brothers Offended" (unpublished)
"Changing of the Guard in the Middle East," Hadassah Newsletter
"Civil Defense on a Sound Basis," American Legion Magazine, 1957
"Clark Clifford, Rising Star or Lame Duck?", Family Week, 1968
BOX 8 "Survey of Commutation Problems," Suburbia Today (Roundtable), 1964
"Confidence in the Sea," United States Naval Institute Proceedings, 1966
"The Conflict in the Pentagon," American Legion Magazine
"Death Downwind" (unpublished)
"Defending America," 1939
"The Defense of the Middle East," American Zionist, 1953
"The Deterrence of Limited Aggression," National Guardsman
"Does Red China's Revived Missile Program Threaten Us?", Family Weekly, 1969
"Dope Grapplers," Argosy, 1951
"Dragnet for the Duce" (unpublished), 1966
"Dragoons Across the Desert" (unpublished), 1956
"The Engines of Caesar," Canadian Home Journal, 1951
"The False Alarm" (outline)
"The Fatal Virus of a Static Strategy," United States Naval Institute Proceedings, 1960
"Fear" (rights to Man Hunt-1956)
"The Flaw in the Blade" (unpublished), 1955
"Follow Me!", Family Weekly, 1967
"Franz Mayr, The Spy Who Couldn't Lower His Sights"
"Garbage Is a Nasty Word, But...," Suburbia Today, 1961
"General, We Killed Them"
"Gettysburg, Where Time Ran out on the Generals," American Weekly, 1957
"Gideon Welles and the Civil War Navy," 1968
"The Gold of California" (article idea)
"The Guard, an American Military Institution," National Guardsman, 1969
"Guardians at the Gate" (unpublished)
"The Gun as a Supporting Weapon in Vietnam," Ordnance, 1967
BOX 9 "The Hell of Trench Warfare," Family Weekly, 1968
"Has a New Day Dawned for the Guard and Reserves?", National Guardsman, 1970
"Here They Come, Coddled or Not!", Suburbia Today (Roundtable)
"The Hilt of the Sword," Marine Corps Gazette, 1969
"How Do We Look to a Soviet Marshal?", (unpublished), 1955
"How to Control the Military," Ordnance (book review), 1969
"How to Manage the News without Really Trying; Wartime Press Relations of General George C. Marshall" (unpublished)
"How Shall We Bomb Japan?", Plane Talk, 1943
"How to S-T-R-E-C-H Your Education Dollars," Suburbia Today (Roundtable), 1962
"How Well Is Your Community Policed?", Suburbia Today, 1960
"I Train American's Guerrillas," Family Weekly, 1962
"If You Can't Move It, You Can't Use It," Navy Magazine, 1958
"India and the United Nations," Council on Foreign Relations, 1942
"The Indirect Approach to a Middle East Strategy" (article draft for Army)
"Industry in Suburbia, They Need Each Other," Suburbia Today (Roundtable)
"I Predict for 1944...," Look, 1944
"Ironclad Captain" (unpublished), 1959
"It's an Old Story, The Uncertain Trumpet," National Guardsman
"Jezebel and the Jaguar" (unpublished), 1955
"The Kissinger Appointment," Houston Chronicle, 1968
"The Kremlin Builds a Cold-War Fleet," Marine Corps Gazette
"The Lady and the Ironclad" (unpublished), 1960
"Leadership in Post-War World Called Only Way to Save United States," Eureka Specialty, 1945
"Local Security in a Fragmented World" (unpublished)
"The Long Grey Line" (unpublished), 1953
"Loyal Competition," Marine Corps Gazette, 1958
"Lyndon Johnson's Get-Tough Policy," American Legion Magazine, 1965
BOX 10 "The Man Who Saved Washington," Adventure, 1954
"Mao Tse-Tung--Our Mysterious Enemy," Family Weekly, 1963
"Marlborough and the Maid of Maestricht" (unpublished)
"Meeting the Soviet Submarine Threat" (outline), 1968
"Military Construction in South Vietnam," Ordnance, 1966
"Minute-Men of the Atomic Age" (draft), 1953
"Mobilization as a Will-To-Win Indicator," National Guardsman, 1967
"More Fun-Space, Where It's Handy," Family Circle
"Choose Your Weapons!", National Guardsman
National Review (book reviews)
"NATO Without France," The Blade (Toledo, Ohio), 1966
"A New Look at Defense," Ordnance, 1967
"A New Season of Security," United States Naval Institute Proceedings
"Next Time We'll Have to Get There Faster," Army, 1970
BOX 11 "Notes on United States Military Aid for Latin-American Countries," 1966
"No War Without Animals" (unpublished), 1954
"Nuclear Balance, 1971" (article idea)
"Old Settlers and New Arrivals, How Do They Mix?", Suburbia Today (Roundtable), 1963)
"Parking Is a Pesky Problem," Suburbia Today (Roundtable), 1964
"Perplexities of the Property Tax," Suburbia Today, 1963
"1973, the Political and Strategic Environment," United States Naval Institute Proceedings, 1963
"The Political Basis of Enduring Sea-Power," Navy, undated
"Politico-Military Relationships in the Nuclear Age," National Guardsman, undated
"The Presidential Chain of Command," undated
"Principles of War, Hot or Cold," Military Review, 1956
"Prisoners of War in United States History," My Country Society (Litchfield, Conn.), 1970
"The Problem of Base Defense in Vietnam," National Guardsman, 1966
"Problems of United States Economic Development," Committee For Economic Development, 1957
"Persuasive Compulsion," Sunday Telegraph (London), undated
"The Question of Technical Surprise," Ordnance, 1969
"Rapine in Millfield" (article idea), 1955
"Red China's Submarine Threat," Popular Science, 1965
"Regaining American's Military Strength," American Academy of Political Science, 1947
"The Reluctant Detective," The Saint Mystery Magazine, 1959
"The Responsibilities--and Burdens--of Power," National Guardsman, 1966
"Return to Hell," The Saint Mystery Magazine, 1955
"Risk Against Consequences of the Nuclear Age" (article idea), 1970
"Road to Disaster, the Single Concept of War," Marine Corps Gazette, 1961
"Rotation, the Sharing of the Burden" (unpublished article), 1966
"The Russians Will Never Understand the Sea," Family Weekly, 1971
BOX 12 "Santa Claus in Suburbia," Suburbia Today (Roundtable), 1962
"A Season of Hard Choices," Ordnance, 1970
"Secondary Deterrence," Ordnance, 1968
"Ship-to-Shore Cableway, Just in Case," Steelways, 1953
"Slaughter without Suffering" (unpublished article), 1956
"Soviet Naval Policy in the Trial-and-Error Stage," Navy, undated
"Spotter Pilot," Family Weekly, 1967
Steelways (article ideas)
"The Stone Fleet" (undated article manuscript)
"Suppose Your House Goes Dead," Family Circle, 1956
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