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J. Laurence Laughlin papers, 1902-1931

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BOX 2-4 Subject File
Letters sent and received and miscellaneous related material.
Arranged alphabetically by name of subject, person, or organization. Laughlin's working groups of material have been retained so far as possible.
BOX 2 Aldrich plan
BOX 2 Aldrich, Nelson W., life of
BOX 2 Bank currency based on trade
BOX 2 Banking, Chamber of Commerce of U.S.
BOX 2 Banking contro
BOX 2 Banking reform
BOX 2 Bond-secured circulation
BOX 2 Bryan, William Jennings
BOX 2 Carson, William E.
BOX 2 Currency Act, Mar. 13, 1913
BOX 2 Delano, F. A.
BOX 2 Dictionary of American Biography
BOX 2 Farwell, John B.
BOX 2 Federal Reserve Board
BOX 2 Printed circulars, regulations, etc.
BOX 2 Statements for the press, and other multicopy material
BOX 2 Financial housekeeping; elasticity of credit and currency
BOX 2 Glass Bill, creation of
BOX 2 Guarantee of deposits
BOX 2 Hamlin, Charles S.
BOX 2 Hepburn, A. B.
BOX 2 Influence of tax upon volume of bank notes
BOX 2 Kalamazoo, Mich.
BOX 3 Lauck, W. Jett
BOX 3 LeBerthon, T. T. and J. L.
BOX 3 Marie Antoinette indictment
BOX 3 “Money Trust”
BOX 3 Morss, Charles A.
BOX 3 National Citizens League
BOX 3 Formation
BOX 3 Miscellaneous
BOX 3 Correspondence
BOX 3 Financial reports
BOX 3 Retirement of Laughlin
BOX 3 New York banking law
BOX 4 Patterson, C. S.
BOX 4 Peabody, George Foster
BOX 4 Perrin, John
BOX 4 “Plan D”
BOX 4 Roosevelt, Theodore, correspondence regarding article on, 1924
BOX 4 “R. B. H.” [Red Brick House], Jaffrey, N. H.
BOX 4 Redfield, William C.
BOX 4 Reynolds, G. M.
BOX 4 Scott, William A.
BOX 4 Underwood, Oscar W.
BOX 4 Taft, William H.
BOX 4 Untermeyer, Samuel
BOX 4 Warburg, Paul M.
BOX 4 Welton, A. D.
BOX 4 Willis, H. Parker
BOX 4 Weeks, John W.
BOX 4 Wilson, Woodrow
BOX 5-10 Writings
Handwritten and typed drafts of articles, lectures, and book material, including notes, printed matter, and occasional correspondence.
Arranged according to type of writing and therein by title as supplied by Laughlin.
BOX 5 Articles and lectures
BOX 5 “Abundance of Gold”
BOX 5 “The Amazing Adventures of Silver”
BOX 5 “Bank Notes and Lending Power”
BOX 5 “Banking Reform”
(3 folders)
BOX 5 “Banking Reform and the Constitution”
BOX 5 “The Bolshevist Pearls”
BOX 5 “Capitalism”
BOX 5 “Coin Debate–Free Silver”
BOX 5 “Confiscation by German Paper Money”
BOX 5 “Coolidge Policy–Tariff, 1925
BOX 5 “Cupsuptic”
BOX 5 “Duration of the War”
BOX 5 “Economic Factors in International Relations”
BOX 5 “Effects of the European War on the Credit Situation of the United States”
BOX 5 “The Flambeau River”
BOX 5 “Future of Prices”
BOX 6 “German Mark”
BOX 6 “Government and Banking”
BOX 6 “Henry Adams”
BOX 6 “Historical Research”
BOX 6 “Hoover's Economics”
BOX 6 “Iowa Bankers Association, 1911"
BOX 6 “John Brown's Grave”
BOX 6 Laughlin, J. L., “Statement before House Hearings”
BOX 6 “Leadership”
BOX 6 “Logic of Capitalism”
BOX 6 “Maiche”
BOX 6 “Monetary and Credit Problems of the War”
BOX 6 “Monetary Reform, 1910"
BOX 6 “Money and Banking Reform”
BOX 6 “A National Reserve Association in the Movement of Cotton in the South”
BOX 6 “ National Reserve Association of the United States”
BOX 6 “New Bryanism”
BOX 7 “The Peril of Labor”
BOX 7 “Personal Reminiscence of Some Literary Men”
BOX 7 “Politics at Work”
BOX 7 “The Railway Situation Today”
BOX 7 "Recollections of the founding of the University”
BOX 7 “The Recovery of Business”
BOX 7 “Roosevelt at Harvard University”
BOX 7 “Solution of Labor Problems”
BOX 7 “Spiritual Life”
BOX 7 “Strategy of the Coolidge Administration”
BOX 7 “The Tariff of Exaggerations, 1922"
BOX 7 “Tracts for the Times”
BOX 7 “Wages and Prices”
BOX 7 “World's Monetary Problems”
BOX 7 “The Younger Generation”
BOX 8-10 Book, The Federal Reserve Act, Its Origin and Problems
BOX 11-13 Printed Matter
Pamphlets and clippings.
No arrangement.
BOX 11-13 Pamphlets and clippings

Contents List