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General Correspondence, 1943-1970 (continued)
BOX 3 "H" miscellaneous
BOX 4 "I" miscellaneous
BOX 4 Jarrell, Randell
BOX 4 Johnson, Lyndon B.
BOX 4 "J" miscellaneous
BOX 4 Kahn, Ely J., Jr.
BOX 4 Kenny, Nicholas N.
BOX 4 Kerner, Otto
BOX 4 Key, William S.
BOX 4 Keyes, Geoffrey
BOX 4 Knauth, Percy
BOX 4 Knopf, Alfred, Jr.
BOX 4 "K" miscellaneous
BOX 4 Lamont, Corliss
BOX 4 Landers, Ann
BOX 4 Lang, Will
BOX 4 Library of Congress
BOX 4 Life magazine
BOX 4 "L" miscellaneous
BOX 4 McCain, John S., Jr.
BOX 4 McNamara, Robert S.
BOX 4 "Mc" miscellaneous
BOX 4 Manning, Gordon
BOX 4 Manning, Reginald
BOX 4 Martin, Ralph G.
BOX 4 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures
BOX 4 Mitgang, Herbert
BOX 5 Monroney, Mike
BOX 5 Morris (William) Agency
BOX 5 Morton, Thruston B.
BOX 5 Motley, Arthur H.
BOX 5 "M" miscellaneous
BOX 5 Norton (W. W.) & Co.
BOX 5 "N" miscellaneous
BOX 5 O'Brien, Lawrence F.
BOX 5 Oliphant, Patrick B.
BOX 5 "O" miscellaneous
BOX 5 Park, Chan Hyun
BOX 5 Patterson, Eugene
BOX 5 Percy, Charles H.
BOX 5 Perkins, Maxwell E.
BOX 5 Phoenix Union High Schools
BOX 5 Pulitzer, Joseph, Jr.
BOX 5 Pulitzer, Michael E.
BOX 5 Pyle, Ernie (Ernest T.)
BOX 5 "P" miscellaneous
BOX 6 "Q" miscellaneous
BOX 6 Reagan, Ronald
BOX 6 Reid, Helen Rogers
BOX 6 Reporter
BOX 6 Roosevelt, Eleanor
BOX 6 Ross, Harold W.
BOX 6 Ryder, Melvin
BOX 6 "R" miscellaneous
BOX 6 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
BOX 6 Saturday Evening Post
BOX 6 Saturday Review
BOX 6 Schlesinger, Arthur (1917-2007)
BOX 6 Schulz, Robert L.
BOX 6 Shriver, Sargent
BOX 6 Sloane (William) Associates
BOX 6 Sports Illustrated
BOX 6 Stars and Stripes
BOX 6 Stevenson, Adlai E.
BOX 6 Swenson, Eric P.
BOX 6 Symington, Stuart
BOX 6 "S" miscellaneous
BOX 6 Thomas, Norman
BOX 6 Tregaskis, Richard
BOX 6 Truscott, Lucian K., Jr.
BOX 6 Udall, Stewart
BOX 6 United Feature Syndicate
BOX 6 "U" miscellaneous
BOX 7 "V" miscellaneous
BOX 7 Waring, Fred
BOX 7 Watkins (Ann) Inc.
BOX 7 Welch, Joseph N.
BOX 7 White, Egbert
BOX 7 White, William L.
BOX 7 Whitney, John Hay
BOX 7 Wide World Lecture Bureau
BOX 7 Winship, Thomas
BOX 7 Wood, Meredith
BOX 7 "W" miscellaneous
BOX 7 Young, Stephen M.
BOX 7 "Y" miscellaneous
BOX 7 Zinnemann, Fred
BOX 7 "Z" miscellaneous
BOX 7 Unidentified
BOX 8-14 Speech, Article, and Book File, 1941-1965
Drafts, galleys, and printed copies of Mauldin's speeches, articles, books, a television script, and advertising copy, including some related correspondence. There are a few writings by other authors, some of which have been annotated by Mauldin.
BOX 8 Speeches
BOX 8 Will Lang funeral
BOX 8 New York Herald Tribune Forum, 1945
BOX 8 Planned Parenthood
BOX 8 Untitled and undated
BOX 8 Articles
BOX 8 "Bill Mauldin Asks Today's Teen-Agers ‘What Gives?'"
BOX 8 "Crazy Like an Eagle"
BOX 8 "Europe on Less Than $28, 411"
BOX 8 "The Fraudulent Repairmen"
BOX 8 "Hair of the Rabbit"
BOX 9 "Innocents Aloft"
BOX 9 "The Manpower Problem in the Air Force"
BOX 9 "Notes on KP and/or the Egghead"
BOX 9 Untitled articles
BOX 9 Television, "Sam Bean"
BOX 9 Advertising copy, untitled and undated
BOX 10 Books
BOX 10 Back Home
BOX 10 Bill Mauldin in Korea
BOX 11 I've Decided I Want My Seat Back
BOX 11 Mud, Miles, and Mountains(business papers only)
BOX 11 Sicily Sketch Book (business papers only)
BOX 11 A Sort of a Saga
BOX 12 A Sort of a Saga
BOX 13 A Sort of a Saga
BOX 13 Star Spangled Banner, 1944
BOX 13 Up Front
BOX 14 Up Front
BOX 14 Up High
BOX 14 Material by writers other than Mauldin
BOX 14 "Dairy of a Roman G. I.," television script by Walter Wager
BOX 14 "Teresa," movie script by Stewart Stern and Alfred Hayes
BOX 14 "Up Front," movie script by John Lardner and Ring Lardner, Jr.
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