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Francis Bowes Sayre papers, 1861-1967

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Special Correspondence, 1924-1952 (continued)
BOX 4 “H” miscellaneous Correspondents include Will Hays, Christian A. Herter, Alger Hiss, J. Edgar Hoover, W. E. Hocking, and Edward M. House
BOX 4 Hart, Thomas Charles
BOX 4 Hull, Cordell
BOX 5 “I-J” miscellaneous Correspondents include Robert H. Jackson, Nelson T. Johnston, and Jesse Jones
BOX 5 Ickes, Harold
BOX 5 Jessup, Philip C.
BOX 5 “K” miscellaneous Correspondents include Saburu Kurusu and Frank Knox
BOX 5 “L” miscellaneous Correspondents include Alf. M. Landon, Chieh Liu, and Isadore Lubin
BOX 5 LaGuardia, Fiorello
BOX 5 Lattimore, Owen
BOX 5 Lawrence, Gertrude
BOX 5 Leham, Herbert H.
BOX 5 Luce, Henry R.
BOX 5 “M” miscellaneous Correspondents include Joseph McNarey, Henry Morgenthau, Mike Mansfield, Agnes Elizabeth Ernst Meyer, and Raymond Moley
BOX 5 Mac Arthur, Douglas
BOX 5 McCormack, John
BOX 5 Marshall, George C.
BOX 5 Murphy, Frank
BOX 5 “N” miscellaneous Correspondents include Kichisaburo Nomura and George W. Norris
BOX 5 “O” miscellaneous Correspondents include Robert L. O'Brien and Sergio Osmeña
BOX 5 “P” miscellaneous Correspondents include Thomas N. Page, Robert P. Patterson, and Frances Perkins
BOX 5 Pepper, Claude
BOX 5 Phillips, William
BOX 5 Polk, Frank
BOX 5 Pound, Roscoe
BOX 5 Quezon, Manuel Luis
BOX 6 “R” miscellaneous Correspondents include Stanley Reed, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Dean Rusk
BOX 6 “S” miscellaneous Correspondents include G. Howland Shaw, Henry K. Sherrill, Frank Stanton, Edward R. Stettinius, Jr. Henry L. Stimson, Harlan Fiske Stone, J. W. Studebaker, and John Leighton Stuart Scarlett, William
BOX 6 “T” miscellaneous Correspondents include Elbert Thomas and Millard Tydings
BOX 6 “V” miscellaneous Correspondents include Arthur Vandenberg and John Carter Vincent
BOX 6 “W-Z” miscellaneous Correspondents include Robert F. Wagner, Frank Walker, Henry A. Wallace, David I. Walsh, Fred Warning, Sumner Welles, Margaret Woodrow Wilson, Harry T. Woodring, Wu te Chen, and Harry E. Yarnell
BOX 7 Presidential correspondence
BOX 7 Hoover, Herbert
BOX 7 Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt
(3 folders)
BOX 7 Truman, Harry S.
BOX 7 Wilson, Woodrow, including reading copy of Wilson's Fourteen Points address to Congress
BOX 8-14 Subject File, 1925-1952
Records, memoranda, reports, correspondence, press releases and printed matter relating to the Philippines, United National Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, the United Nations, and Siam.
BOX 8 Philippines
BOX 8 Articles and drafts
BOX 8 Reports
BOX 8 1938-1942
BOX 9 1942
BOX 9 Budgetary and financial papers
BOX 9 Internees and prisoners of war
BOX 9 Defense and collaborators
BOX 9 Corregidor
BOX 9 Personnel
BOX 9 Japanese conversations and memoranda
BOX 9 Manuel Quezon Luis
BOX 10 Commissioner's office, resignation and sugar question
BOX 10 Independence
BOX 10 Miscellaneous notes and memoranda
BOX 10 United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
BOX 10 Reports
BOX 10 Argentina
BOX 10 Belgium
BOX 10 Bolivia
BOX 10 Brazil
BOX 10 Chile
BOX 10 Columbia
BOX 10 Cuba
BOX 10 Denmark
BOX 10 Dominican Republic
BOX 11 Egypt
BOX 11 Equador
BOX 11 Guatemala
BOX 11 India
BOX 11 Iran
BOX 11 Iraq
BOX 11 Mexico
BOX 11 Panama
BOX 11 Peru
BOX 11 Portugal
BOX 11 Southern Rhodesia
BOX 11 Switzerland
BOX 11 Union of South Africa
BOX 11 Uruguay
BOX 11 Venezuela
BOX 12 Miscellaneous
BOX 12 Articles and speeches
BOX 12 Printed matter
BOX 12 Correspondence and memoranda
BOX 12 United Nations
BOX 12 Notes and miscellaneous writings
BOX 12 Correspondence, 1946-1952
BOX 13 Printed matter
BOX 13 Records of meetings
BOX 13 Speeches and articles
BOX 13 Statements and press releases
BOX 13 Palestine and Southwest Africa
BOX 13 Drafts and reports
BOX 13 Reports
BOX 14 Samoa
BOX 14 Meetings
BOX 14 Drafts of reports and final reports
BOX 14 Notes and miscellaneous materials; speeches and official statements
BOX 14 Siam, correspondence, 1924-1952
BOX 15-24 Book, Speech, and Article File, 1918-1961
Manuscripts, drafts, notes, printed and near print copies of addresses, speeches, and books.
Arranged by type of writing or material
BOX 15 Speeches and articles
BOX 15 1927-1935
BOX 16 1936-1941
BOX 17 1942-1944
BOX 18 1945-1951
BOX 19 1952-1961, undated
BOX 20 Religious writings and addresses
BOX 20 1927-1950
BOX 21 1951-1957, undated
BOX 22 Books
BOX 22 Memories, “Youthful Days in the Far West” and “Williams College Years”
BOX 22 Glad Adventure (1957)
BOX 22 Drafts
BOX 23 Original manuscript
BOX 24 Printer's copy and master carbon
BOX 25-27 Miscellany, 1861-1967
Biographical material, printed matter, a letterbook of Wilberforce Nevin, and other miscellaneous material.
Organized by type of material.
BOX 25 Notes, fragments, biographical material, and other printed matter
BOX 25 Nevin, Wilberforce, letterbook, 1861-1864
BOX 25 Philadelphia Public Ledger, 1859
BOX 26 Printed matter
BOX 27 Printed matter
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