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Lovering-Taylor family papers, 1727-1926

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BOX 4-10 Financial and Business Papers, 1727-1926
Accounts, account books, a waste book, bills and receipts, deeds, estate papers, mercantile insurance papers, promissory notes, and groups of business papers relating to ships insured by Joseph Taylor and various claims for losses incurred during the American Revolutionary War and the quasi-war with France.
Arranged by type of material and subject and further differentiated by family members where possible.
BOX 4 Accounts
BOX 4 Lovering, Charles T.
BOX 4 Lovering, Charles T., and Joseph Lovering
BOX 4 Lovering, Joseph S.
BOX 4 Account book, 1851-1861
BOX 4 Accounts and papers relating to Nahant cottage
BOX 4 Accounts with daughters and Arnold Welles Taylor, 1875-1877
BOX 4 Account with W. Sohier and Charles J. Taylor
BOX 4 Taylor, Ann
BOX 4 Taylor, Charles
BOX 4 Accounts, 1803-1832
BOX 4 Account books, 1834, 1836-1837
BOX 4 Discount book, 1795, and bankbook, 1831-1837
BOX 4 Financial notebook and cash book, 1801-1802; 1807-1816; and 1807-1809
BOX 4 Household account books, 1810-1814
BOX 5 Waste book, 1827-1837
BOX 5 Taylor, George A.
BOX 5 Account book, 1833-1834
BOX 5 Dorcas Bower account
BOX 5 Taylor, Hannah Jones
BOX 5 Taylor, Joseph
BOX 5 Accounts, 1785-1807
BOX 5 Account books, 1768-1772, 1797-1803
BOX 5 Taylor, William
BOX 5 Taylor and Rogers
BOX 5 Bills and receipts
BOX 5 Taylor, Charles, N. Allen St. wharf
BOX 5 Taylor, George A.
BOX 5 Taylor, Joseph
BOX 5 Taylor, William
BOX 5 Welles, Arnold and John
BOX 5 Other family members
BOX 6 Deeds
BOX 6 Taylor, Charles
BOX 6 Taylor, Charles J. and George A.
BOX 6 Taylor, George A.
BOX 6 Taylor, Hannah J.
BOX 6 Taylor, Joseph
BOX 6 Taylor, William
BOX 6 Taylor, William C.
BOX 6 Taylor, Winslow
BOX 6 Welles, Arnold
BOX 6 Estate papers
BOX 6 Armory, Abigail and Jonathan
BOX 6 Jones, Hannah
BOX 6 Lovering, Joseph S.
BOX 6 Savage, Thomas
BOX 6 Taylor, Charles J.
BOX 6 Taylor, Hannah J.
BOX 6 Schedules of property division
BOX 6 A. Cotting’s account with G. A. Taylor
BOX 6 A. Cotting’s account with heirs
BOX 7 J. S. Lovering’s account with heirs
BOX 7 G. A. Taylor’s account with heirs
BOX 7 William Sohier, trustee
BOX 7 Account heirs
BOX 7 Account with Mary Taylor Lovering
BOX 7 Church tax receipts
BOX 7 Correspondence
BOX 7 Tax receipts
BOX 7 Vouchers
(2 folders)
BOX 7 Taylor, Joseph
BOX 7 Taylor, Winslow
BOX 7 Welles, Arnold
BOX 8 Insurance papers
BOX 8 Listings merchant ship insurance policies
BOX 8 Insurance policies, Joseph Taylor, broker
BOX 8 Notes on merchant ship insurance policies held by Joseph Taylor
BOX 8 Miscellaneous
BOX 8 Legal business papers
BOX 8 Taylor and Rogers
BOX 8 Miscellaneous
BOX 8 Miscellaneous
BOX 8 Promissory notes
BOX 8 Charles Taylor
BOX 8 Joseph Taylor
BOX 8 Ship’s papers and protests
BOX 8 Bethiah
BOX 8 Eagle
BOX 8 Eliza
BOX 8 Governor Strong
BOX 8 Hannah
BOX 8 Julia
BOX 9 Lively
BOX 9 Maria
BOX 9 Maria and Eliva
BOX 9 Mark and Mary
BOX 9 Nathaniel
BOX 9 Polly
BOX 9 Prudence
BOX 9 Sheldrake
BOX 9 Smaragda
BOX 9 Thorn
BOX 9 Stocks
BOX 9 Charles Taylor
BOX 9 Charles J. Taylor and George A. Taylor
BOX 9 Joseph Taylor
BOX 9 Other business papers
BOX 9 Associated Loyalists
(2 folders)
BOX 9 Farm at Colchester (Charles Taylor)
BOX 9 Memorials of Joseph Taylor to British officials
BOX 9 Papers relating to
BOX 9 Detention of American ships in South America
BOX 9 French spoliations claims after 1885 act
BOX 9 (2 folders)
BOX 10 (4 folders)
BOX 10 Joseph Taylor’s claims for losses incurred during the American Revolutionary War
BOX 10 Obligations given at Barcelona, Spain, to pay damages on bills drawn on Vera Cruz, Mexico, and Havana, Cuba (Charles Taylor)
BOX 10-13 Miscellany, 1751-1868
Biographical and genealogical material, certificates, clippings, lottery tickets, miscellaneous manuscripts, and printed material. Container 12 consists of oversize correspondence, financial papers, and other large material, and Container 13 contains oversize household account books of Charles Taylor.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 10 Biographical and genealogical data
BOX 10 Certificates, Nathan Adams’s service as pilot of British ships
BOX 10 Citizenship certificates, passports
BOX 10 Arnold Taylor
BOX 10 Charles Taylor
BOX 10 Clippings
BOX 10 Drawings
BOX 10 Lottery tickets
BOX 11 Miscellaneous manuscripts
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