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Harold Gatty papers, 1901-1957

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BOX 9-15 Navigation File
Reprints and copies of articles from books and journals, including biographical sketches, bibliographic outlines, a file of articles from the Geographic Journal, photocopies of navigational charts and instruments, and material on Polynesian navigation.
Arranged by topic or type of material with dated articles organized chronologically according to the year of their writing.
BOX 9 Articles
BOX 9 578 B.C.-1895 A.D.
BOX 10 1897-1932
BOX 11 1932-1940
BOX 11 Biographical and bibliographic material
BOX 12 Articles, undated
BOX 13 Articles from Geographical Journal
BOX 13 Miscellany
BOX 14 Photocopies of navigational charts and instruments
BOX 15 Polynesia
BOX 16-17 Ground-Speed and Drift Indicator, 1931-1945
Patent correspondence and applications, both domestic and foreign, results of experiments about Gatty's invention, photographs and charts, miscellaneous notes, blueprints, and diagrams. Included is an index and a description of patents concerning navigational instruments granted by the United States Patent Office.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 16 Correspondence and patent material, 1931-1945
BOX 17 Patents from United States patent office and notes and drawings
BOX 18 Transoceanic Flights, 1901-1935
Correspondence, maps, reports, notes, and press releases.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 18 Maps, correspondence, notes and reports, 1901-1935 See also Oversize
BOX 19 Pacific Airline Routes, 1933-1940
Correspondence, reports, notes, and drawings pertaining to Gatty's activities as an agent for airline companies in the South Pacific.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 19 Route maps, correspondence, and notes and drawings, 1933-1940
BOX 20-21 Printed Matter, 1902-1947
Pamphlets and clippings from magazines and newspapers.
Magazine clippings are arranged chronologically. Pamphlets and newspaper clippings are arranged by subject heading.
BOX 20 Magazine clippings 1902-1943, undated
BOX 21 Pamphlet and newspaper clippings
BOX 22 Miscellany, 1921-1945
Sketches, reprinted articles, bibliographic material, congratulatory messages, star-finders, correspondence, photographs, notebooks, maps, speeches, position books, honorary awards and maps.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 22 Sketches of airplanes on linen paper
BOX 22 Reprints of articles from International Congress of Transoceanic Aviators, Rome, Italy, May 1932
BOX 22 Typed bibliography of Arctic writings
BOX 22 Congratulatory messages, 1931
BOX 22 Special rude star finder, 1940
BOX 22 Material validating claim to the first invention of the quadrant
BOX 22 Notes and sketches on sextants
BOX 22 Book of navigation extracts, 1939
BOX 22 Position book while serving on S.S. Drowaite, 1923
BOX 22 Personal photographs
BOX 22 Small notebook on facts and figures
BOX 22 Artist sketches
BOX 22 Photocopy of an old map with comment in Latin
BOX 22 Speech by Gatty
BOX 22 Awards, certificates, portrait, and printed matter See Oversize
BOX 22 Miscellaneous maps and charts See Oversize
BOX 23-43 Bibliographic File
Bibliographic index cards on navigational topics.
Arranged in card trays in sequences created by Gatty.
BOX 23 Navigation
BOX 23 Alphabetical
BOX 23 A-Bo
BOX 24 Bo-D
BOX 25 D-Gi
BOX 26 Gi-J
BOX 27 J-Map
BOX 28 Map-Pl
BOX 29 Pi-Si
BOX 30 Si-We
BOX 31 We-Z
BOX 31 Unsorted alphabetical
BOX 31 A-C
BOX 32 C-K
BOX 33 K-S
BOX 34 S-Z
BOX 34 By subject
BOX 34 No. 1
BOX 35 No. 2
BOX 36 No. 3
BOX 37 No. 4
BOX 37 Chronological
BOX 37 No. 1
BOX 38 No. 2
BOX 39 No. 3
BOX 40 No. 4
BOX 41 No. 5
BOX 42 Antarctic
BOX 42 A-M
BOX 43 M-Z
BOX OV 1-OV 4 Oversize
Maps, awards, certificates, portrait, and miscellaneous printed matter.
Arranged and described according to the series and container from which the material was removed.
BOX OV 1 Transoceanic Flights (Container 18)
BOX OV 1 Maps
BOX OV 2 Maps with writing
BOX OV 3 Miscellany (Container 22)
BOX OV 3 Awards, certificates, portrait, and printed matter
BOX OV 4 Miscellaneous maps and charts

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