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Montgomery Family Papers, 1858-1974 (continued)
BOX 16 Business Papers (Marshall Hugh Montgomery), 1931-1974
Business correspondence and printed matter.
Arranged by name of firm and therein chronologically.
BOX 16 New York Hanseatic Corp., 1931-1939
BOX 16 D. W. Rich & Co., 1940-1949
BOX 16 Aubrey G. Langston & Co.
BOX 16 1951-1974
(3 folders)
BOX 16 Statement submitted to the United States House Banking and Currency Committee by Aubrey G. Langston, 1957
BOX 17 Speeches and Writings File, 1880-1971
Speeches, book reviews, typescripts and printed copies of articles, newspaper columns and editorials, poems, and sermons.
Arranged alphabetically by name of writer and therein by type of material.
BOX 17 Giles Foster Montgomery, lecture notes and sermon
BOX 17 Giles N. Montgomery, articles
BOX 17 George Redington Montgomery
BOX 17 Articles
BOX 17 Books
BOX 17 Talking English (1989)
BOX 17 English Language Sounds (1942)
BOX 17 The Unexplored Self(1910), reviews
BOX 17 "Visualizing in the Algebra of Logic," unpublished manuscript
BOX 17 Editorials
BOX 17 News columns in London Standard, covering Turko-Greek War, Apr. 20-May 25, 1897
BOX 17 Poems
BOX 17 Sermons
BOX 17 Other writings
BOX 17 Marshall F. Montgomery
BOX 17 Speeches and sermons
BOX 17 Other writings
BOX 17 Marshall Hugh Montgomery
BOX 17 Articles
BOX 17 Some War Letters of Pvt. Marshall H. Montgomery, Italy 1944-1945 (1945)
BOX 17 Other writings
BOX 17 Roger E. Montgomery
BOX 17 Helen and Robert Richardson
BOX 18-20 Financial Papers, 1892-1973
Bankbooks, bills and receipts, canceled checks, income tax records, insurance policies, and mortgages and other property records.
Arranged alphabetically by name of family member and therein by type of material.
BOX 18 Mary Montgomery Borglum
BOX 18 Emily Redington Montgomery
BOX 18 George Redington Montgomery
BOX 18 Accounts for The Unexplored Self
BOX 18 Bills and receipts
BOX 18 Book orders for English Language Sounds
BOX 18 Deeds, leases, and mortgages
BOX 18 Estate of
BOX 18 Income tax records
BOX 18 Miscellaneous
BOX 18 Helen Perkins Montgomery
BOX 18 Marshall F. Montgomery
BOX 18 Bills and receipts
BOX 18 Income tax records
BOX 19 Marshall Hugh Montgomery
BOX 19 Bills and receipts
BOX 19 Contracts
BOX 19 Income tax records
(2 folders)
BOX 19 Insurance policies
BOX 20 Miscellaneous
BOX 20 Prudence I. Montgomery
BOX 20 Other family members
BOX 20-23 Subject File, 1919-1923
Correspondence, notes, and memoranda.
Arranged chronologically under two subjects, the King-Crane Commission and Armenia-America Society.
BOX 20 King-Crane Commission
(3 folders)
BOX 21 Armenia-America Society
BOX 21 1919-1921
(6 folders)
BOX 22 1922-1923, n.d.
(6 folders)
BOX 23 Minutes of Executive Committee meetings and annual meetings, 1920-1923
BOX 23-33 Miscellany, 1860-1974
Birth certificates, biographical and genealogical notes, military papers, school records and papers, drawings, greeting cards, invitations, printed matter, and souvenir programs and other memorabilia.
Arranged by name of family member and therein by type of material.
BOX 23 Anne Montgomery Bijur
BOX 23 Gutzon Borglum, Czech-Slovak Training Camp, Stamford, Conn.
BOX 23 Lincoln Borglum
BOX 23 Mary Ellis Borglum
BOX 23 Mary Montgomery Borglum
BOX 23 Clippings
BOX 23 Hillhouse High School, New Haven, Conn.
BOX 23 University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany
BOX 24 Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass.
BOX 24 Memorabilia
BOX 24 Miscellaneous manuscripts and fragments
BOX 24 Solon H. Borglum
BOX 24 G. Dallas and Margaret M. Hanna
BOX 24 Estelle H. Ingham
BOX 24 Eleanor B. Montgomery
BOX 24 Clippings
BOX 24 School papers
BOX 25 Souvenir dance programs
BOX 25 Trip to Europe, June-July 1937
BOX 25 Emily Emerson Montgomery
BOX 25 Emily Redington Montgomery
BOX 25 Ernest E. Montgomery
BOX 25 George Redington Montgomery
BOX 25 Biographies
BOX 25 Clippings
BOX 25 Church programs of worship and related material
BOX 25 Funeral and obituaries
BOX 25 Last will and testament
BOX 25 Printed material and memorabilia relating to Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
BOX 26 Passports and credentials
BOX 26 School records and diplomas
BOX 26 Unidentified manuscripts and fragments
BOX 26 Miscellaneous
BOX 26 Giles B. and Jill Montgomery
BOX 26 Giles Foster Montgomery
BOX 26 Giles N. Montgomery, school papers
BOX 26 Helen Perkins Montgomery
BOX 26 Louise A. Montgomery
BOX 26 Marshall Montgomery
BOX 27 Marshall D. Montgomery, school papers and memorabilia
BOX 27 Marshall D. and Elizabeth C. Montgomery
BOX 27 Marshall F. Montgomery
BOX 27 Biography
BOX 27 Certificates, diplomas
BOX 27 Clippings
BOX 27 Estate of
BOX 27 Last will and testament
BOX 27 Tours and lectures
BOX 27 Miscellaneous
BOX 27 Marshall Hugh Montgomery
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