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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 1 Diaries, Notebooks, Engagement Books, 1918-1930
Bound volumes of diaries, notebooks, and scheduling material.
Arranged chronologically. Volumes for 1922, 1923, and 1926 are missing.
BOX 1 1918-1930
BOX 2-11 Correspondence and Memoranda, 1900-1940
Letters and memoranda sent and received. Letters are grouped chronologically by command and alphabetically therein by name of correspondent.
Memoranda are arranged chronologically within command periods.
BOX 2 1900-1919
BOX 3 1919-1921
BOX 4 1921-1931
BOX 5-6 Congratulations
BOX 5-6 Appointment as chief of staff, 1926
BOX 7 General, 1929
BOX 8 After retirement, Eustis, Fla.
BOX 8 1930-1932
BOX 9 1931-1934
BOX 10 1931-1937
BOX 10 Political letters
BOX 10 1931-1932
BOX 11 1936-1940
BOX 12 Orders, Decorations, and Citations, 1894-1931
Typescript and manuscript documents and one bound volume.
Arranged in three chronological groups.
BOX 12 1894-1931
BOX 13-22 Commands and Duties, 1894-1931
Material connected with commands and tours of duty, including memoranda, field and general orders, schedules, reports, map problems, instructions, lists of officers, official communiqués, and lecture programs.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 13 Tobyhanna, Pa., Field Artillery School, Service on Treat and Munitions Boards, Plattsburg, N.Y., Field Artillery School, Army General War College, American Expeditionary Force, France, 1913-1919
BOX 14 American Expeditionary Force, France
BOX 14 67th Field Artillery Brigade, First Field Artillery Brigade, First Division, Sept. 1917-Nov. 1918
BOX 15 First Division, Third Army Corps, 1918 Aug.-Dec.
BOX 16 Fifth Army Corps, 1918, Sept.-1919, Feb.
BOX 17 Ninth Army Corps, Fourth Arum Corps, Inter-Allied Commission of Inquiry, Fiume, Italy, 1918, Aug,-1919, Aug.
BOX 18 Fifth Army Corps, operation reports, St. Mihiel and Argonne-Meuse, summaries of intelligence, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, 1918, Aug.-Nov.
BOX 19 First Army field orders, summary of operations, summaries of Intelligence, 1918, Aug.-Nov.
BOX 20 First Army report of commanding general, including letters from French commanders, maps and charts, 1918-1919
BOX 21 Treaties of peace with Germany and Austria, Versailles, 1919, Jun.
BOX 22 Final report of chief of staff, 1930, Nov. 20
BOX 23-26 Subject File, 1917-1931
Chiefly typescript and near-print material with related correspondence used in writing the history of the First Division and relating to the Society of the First Division, First Division Memorial Association, and battle monuments and markers in France. Also material in connection with controversies in which Summerall was involved.
Arranged by topic.
BOX 23 First Division history, material used in compiling historical sketch by Society of the First Division (St. Mihiel, Soissons, Meuse-Argonne Operations), 1917, May 23-1918, Nov. 17
BOX 24 First Division history, notes, material used, drafts of manuscript, final mimeographed copy, 1924
BOX 25 Society of the First Division, founded Feb. 19, 1919, First Division Memorial Association, erection and dedication of memorial, Washington, D.C., material on battle markers and monuments in France with maps and charts, 1924, Oct.
BOX 26 Controversies, 1894-1931
BOX 27-31 Speech and Article File, circa 1892-1941
Handwritten, typewritten, mimeographed, and printed copies and drafts of speeches and articles.
Arranged chronologically with notes and reference material filed at the end of the series. Many speeches are undated.
BOX 27 circa 1892-1926
BOX 27 1826-1928 (partially destroyed)
BOX 28 1931-1947
BOX 29 1931-1941
BOX 30-31 Reference material for speeches
BOX 32-36 Photographs, 1894-1930
Arranged by subject.
BOX 32 West Point, N.Y., to World War I, France
BOX 33 Hawaii
BOX 34 California; also International News Reel photographs
BOX 35 Miscellaneous
BOX 36 Miscellaneous
BOX 36 Hawaii; France; Chickamauga Park, Ga. See Oversize
BOX 37-39 Clippings, 1900-1955
Arranged by subject within chronological periods.
BOX 37 1900-1925
BOX 38 1924-1940
BOX 39 1930-1936
BOX 39 Obituaries, 1955, May 15
BOX 40 Miscellany, 1880-1930
Memorabilia including programs, menus, invitations, cards, and letters from William T. Sherman and George Preble to David Taylor Morgan.
BOX 40 Memorabilia, including programs, menus, invitations, cards
BOX 40 Letters from William T. Sherman and George Preble to David Taylor Morgan, 1880-1930
BOX 40 Maps, 1918-1919, 1922, 1933
BOX 40 Statistical tables showing state of national guard and reserve units allotted to corps areas for mobilization, 1930, Nov. See Oversize
BOX OV 1-OV 2 Oversize
Oversize material arranged and described according to the series and containers from which it was removed.
BOX OV 1 Photographs
BOX OV 1 Hawaii; France; Chicamauga Park, Ga. (Container 36)
BOX OV 2 Miscellany
BOX OV 2 Statistical tables showing state of national guard and reserve units allotted to corps areas for mobilization, 1930, Nov. (Container 40)

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