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Part III: Subject File, 1948-2009 (continued)
Judicial nominations, 2001-2002 (continued)
(2 folders)
BOX III:73 Judicial pay raises, 1988
BOX III:73 Judicial selection, 1988-1997
(2 folders)
BOX III:73 Jury nullification, 1999
BOX III:73 Just war doctrine, 2002
BOX III:74 Kass, Leon, 1998-1999
(2 folders)
BOX III:74 Kirk, Claude R., 1992
BOX III:74 Krauthammer, Charles, 1994-2000
BOX III:74 Law review articles, 1989-1991
BOX III:74 Legal Defense Fund, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employees, 1991-1992
BOX III:74 "The Left," 1998
BOX III:74 Leo, John, 1992-1999
BOX III:74 Levi, Edward H., 1968-1985
BOX III:74 Library of Congress, 1988
BOX III:75 Life and death, 1990-1998
(2 folders)
BOX III:75 McGranery, Regina, 1989-1992
BOX III:75 The Mentor Group, 1988-1990
BOX III:75 Military tribunals, 2001-2002
(2 folders)
BOX III:75 Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board of the Supreme Court of Illinois, 2008-2009
BOX III:76 Miscellany, circa 1950s-circa 2000s, undated
(7 folders)
BOX III:76 Monnet-Madison colloquium series, 1991
BOX III:76 More, Thomas, undated
BOX III:77 Murray, Charles, 1990-2000
(2 folders)
BOX III:77 National Association of Scholars, 1994-2002
BOX III:77 National Policy Forum, 1993-1996
(3 folders)
BOX III:77 National Security
BOX III:77 1996-2003
(2 folders)
BOX III:78 2002-2006
(6 folders)
BOX III:78 Notes
DF 1993-2003
Digital ID: mss65871_170_001
Digital ID: mss65871_170_002
Digital ID: mss65871_170_006
Digital ID: mss65871_170_018
BOX III:78 undated
BOX III:79 Petitions for writ of certiorari, 1971, 1989-2002
(3 folders)
DF Photographs, 2002
Digital ID: mss65871_170_027
BOX III:80 Pocket veto, 1989
BOX III:80 Poverty, 1998
BOX III:80 Presidential immunity, 1972
BOX III:80 Presidential innauguration, 1973
BOX III:80 Publishers file, 1988-1989
BOX III:80 Pumpkin Papers Irregulars, 1988-1989
BOX III:80 Punitive damages, 1991
BOX III:80 Reaffirming Marriage Initiative
BOX III:80 2001-2002
DF 2002
Digital ID: mss65871_170_051
BOX III:80 Redistricting, 1986-1991
(2 folders)
BOX III:80 Religion, 1995-2002
(2 folders)
BOX III:80 Religious amendments, 1995
BOX III:80 Research assistants, 1997-2003
BOX III:81 Resolute Systems, 1991
BOX III:81 Restoring the American Dream, 1998-1999
BOX III:81 Retail Competition Enforcement Act, 1988
BOX III:81 Rotunda Club, 1989-1990
BOX III:81 Smith Richardson Foundation, 1988-1991
BOX III:81 Solicitor general
BOX III:81 Attorney general, correspondence, 1973-1976
BOX III:81 Congratulations, 1972-1973
BOX III:81 Death penalty, 1975-1976
BOX III:81 Executive privilege, 1975-1976
(2 folders)
BOX III:81 Orders of the attorney general, 1973-1974
BOX III:81 State of the judiciary and access to justice, 1977
(1 folder)
BOX III:82 (1 folder)
BOX III:82 Stephen, James Fitzjames, undated
BOX III:82 Supreme Court, 1995-2002
BOX III:82 Supreme Court arguments by Bork, list, 1996
BOX III:82 Supreme Court opinions, 1994-2002
(4 folders)
BOX III:82 Term limitations, 1991-1996
(1 folder)
BOX III:83 (1 folder)
BOX III:83 Tobacco, 1994-1997
BOX III:83 University of Chicago, 1948, 1953, 1982-1992
(2 folders)
BOX III:83 University of South Carolina, 1982-1983
BOX III:83 University of Virginia, 1982-1983
BOX III:83 Uruguay Round, 1994
(2 folders)
BOX III:84 Violence, 1990-1994
BOX III:84 War Powers Act, 1988-1991
BOX III:84 Warner, John W., 1988, 1996
BOX III:84 Watergate (television series), 1994
BOX III:84 Watergate Affair, 1975, 2000
BOX III:84 Wedding ceremonies performed by Bork, 1983-1987
BOX III:84 Whitewater Inquiry, 1996
BOX III:84 Williamsburg Charter, 1988
BOX III:85 Willkie, Wendell L., 1994-1995
(2 folders)
BOX III:85 Wodehouse Society, 1991-1992
BOX III:85 Worldwide Rule of Judges, 1995-2000
BOX III:85 Yale Club of New York City, 2006-2008
BOX III:85 Yale University Law School, New Haven, Conn., 1962-1964, 1982-1983
BOX III:85-III:101 Part III: Speech and Engagement File, 1966-2008
Correspondence, speeches, calendars, appointment books, travel itineraries, testimonies, notes, background material, and interview, panel, and roundtable transcripts.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material, and therein chronologically by date. The file structure of the digital content has been maintained as received.
BOX III:85 ABC News, 1987-1988
BOX III:85 Appointment books
BOX III:85 1988-1990
BOX III:86 1991-1999
(3 folders)
BOX III:87 2000-2003
(2 folders)
BOX III:87 Bradley Symposium, Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C., 2008
BOX III:87 Calendars
BOX III:87 1972, 1977-1988
BOX III:88 1989-2005
(2 folders)
BOX III:88 Coercing Virtue publicity schedule, 2003
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