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William J. Ghent papers, 1876-1942

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 19-20 Notes
Research notes, correspondence, reports, memoranda, clippings, and printed matter.
Arranged by topic.
BOX 19 Fur trade
BOX 19 Meriwether Lewis
BOX 19 Military
BOX 19 "Westerns"
BOX 19 Miscellany
BOX 20 Miscellany
BOX 21-31 Subject File, 1876-1942
Diaries, correspondence, articles, book reviews, notes, memoranda, clippings, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 21 Duke Alexis buffalo hunt
BOX 21 Apache law
BOX 21 Author's Guild League
BOX 21 Badmen
BOX 21 W. J. Bailey
BOX 21 The Benders (Kate Bender)
BOX 21 F. W. Benteen
BOX 21 E. A. Brininstool
BOX 21 California
BOX 21 Kit Carson
BOX 21 Cavalry journal
BOX 21 Buffalo Bill
BOX 22 George A. Custer
BOX 23 George A. Custer
BOX 23 Daniel DeLeon
BOX 23 Dictionary of American Biography
BOX 23 Madame Dorion
BOX 24 Thomas Fitzpatrick
BOX 24 Florida Mountains, N.Mex.
BOX 24 Edward Settle Godfrey, diary, vol. I
BOX 25 Edward Settle Godfrey
BOX 25 W. A. Graham
BOX 26 Francis R. Hagner
BOX 26 Grace Harrington
BOX 26 Fort Hall, Idaho
BOX 26 Tom and S. W. Kearney
BOX 26 Labor
BOX 26 Fort Laramie, Wyo.
BOX 26 Lewis and Clark Expedition
BOX 26 Lincoln, Abraham, and labor
BOX 26 Walter Lippmann
BOX 26 Little Bighorn, W. S. Edgerty account
BOX 27 Little Bighorn
BOX 27 "The Nation"
BOX 27 Oregon Trail Association
BOX 27 Fort Osage, Mo.
BOX 27 "James Pattie"
BOX 27 Paulding, Holmes O., diary
BOX 28 "Jeremy Pinch"
BOX 28 "Nathaniel Pryor"
BOX 28 "Rendezvous Period of the American fur trade"
BOX 28 Reno Court of Inquiry
BOX 29 Reno Court of Inquiry
BOX 29 Rienzi (Winchester)
BOX 29 William Henry Russell
BOX 29 William Hepburn Russell
BOX 29 Russia-Poland, 1920
BOX 30 Sacagawea
BOX 30 Constance L. Skinner
BOX 30 Upton Sinclair
BOX 30 Social Democratic Federation
BOX 31 Social Democratic Federation
BOX 31 Battle of the Washita
BOX 31 Western miscellany
BOX 31 Marcus Whitman
BOX 31 Maurice William
BOX 31 Early Wyoming and Yellowstone
BOX 31 Wyoming miscellany
BOX 32-34 Miscellany
Correspondence, notes, reports, memoranda, galley proofs of books and pamphlets, photographs, clippings, and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 32 Language and literature
BOX 32 League of Nations
BOX 32 Photographs and prints
BOX 33 Photographs and prints
BOX 33 Poetry
BOX 34 "Roubidoux's Ranch"
BOX 34 Sun Yat-Sen
BOX 34 General
BOX 35-48 Clippings and Printed Matter
Newspaper clippings and other printed material.
Arranged by topic.
BOX 35 Baseball
BOX 35 Rock reviews
BOX 35 Kit Carson
BOX 35 League of Nations
BOX 35 Literature and language
BOX 35 Fort Phil Kearney
BOX 35 Controversy on old age pension, 1910-1911
BOX 36 Origins and ultimates
BOX 36 Montfort Stokes
BOX 36 Nutrition
BOX 36 Author and editor
BOX 36 Early cartography of the Missouri Valley
BOX 36 World history
BOX 36 Elizabeth Bacon Custer
BOX 36 George A. Custer, 50th anniversary
BOX 36 War guilt of World War I
BOX 36 Communistic intrigues
BOX 37 Communistic intrigues
BOX 37 Indians
BOX 38 Revolutionary War
BOX 38 Radicals and Russia
BOX 38 Poets and essayists
BOX 38 Touring topics
BOX 38 World War II maps
BOX 38 1940 presidential campaign
BOX 39 Socialists, liberals, radicals
BOX 39 Labor
BOX 39 Socialism
BOX 39 West
BOX 39 Powder River Expedition
BOX 39 Napoleon's letters
BOX 39 Mooney, Billings, and Vanzetti
BOX 39 Santa Fe Trail
BOX 39 Wages and prices
BOX 40 Poets and essayists
BOX 40 Historical subjects
BOX 41 Historical subjects
BOX 42 Printers
BOX 42 James Edward Kelly
BOX 42 Press criticism
BOX 42 Library of Congress and archives
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