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Green Haywood Hackworth papers, 1912-1973

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Subject File, 1912-1973 (continued)
BOX 8 Request for advisory opinion on the legal consequences for states of the continued presence of South Africa in Namibia (South West Africa) notwithstanding Security Council Res. 276 (1970), Jan. 1971 See also Container 7, Legal consequences
Right to protect citizens in foreign countries by landing forces, 1934
Rules of land warfare, articles of war, for army, Sept. 1972
St. Lawrence Seaway and power project, a chronology of important developments, 1949
St. Lawrence Seaway manual, 1955
Section of International and Comparative Law Bulletin, July 1961
Tentative assignment to commissions of delegates, advisers, and technical experts, Apr. 1945
Treaties in force, a list of treaties and other international agreements of the United States in force on
1 Jan. 1960
1 Jan. 1961
United Nations
Commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the signing of the charter, June 1955
Cumulative list of documents received from the Preparatory Commission, Oct. 1945
Dumbarton Oaks proposals for a general international organization, Apr. 1945
First ten years, June 1945
Report of the United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees, 1953
Tenth anniversary, 1955
BOX 9 United Nations Committee of Jurists
Convention for the establishment of a central American court of justice, Apr. 1945
Draft of statue of an international court of justice referred to in the Dumbarton Oaks proposals, Apr. 1945
Lists of documents issued, Apr. 1945
Minutes of Drafting Committee, Apr. 1945
Minutes of plenary sessions, Apr. 1945
Miscellaneous items, Apr. 1945
Report on draft of statue of an international court of justice, Apr. 1945
Statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice, comparative text, Apr. 1945
Statute of the proposed international court of justice, Apr. 1945
Statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice with revisions proposed by the United States, Apr. 1945
Summaries of meetings with revisions, Apr. 1945
United Kingdom proposals regarding the statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice, Apr. 1945
BOX 10 United Nations Conference delegates in San Francisco from the USSR, Apr.-May 1945
United Nations Conference on International Organization
Amendments to the Dumbarton Oaks proposals, May 1945
American Bar Association, Apr.-Aug. 1945
American Legion, May 1945
Biographical material, May 1945
Commission III, structure and procedures, May 1945
Commission IV, judicial organization
May-June 1945
June 1945
(2 folders)
International Court of Justice
May 1945
(2 folders)
June 1945
Legal problems
May 1945
BOX 11 May-June 1945
Meetings of Commission, June 1945
Committee IV, May 1945
Consultants meeting, May 1945
Coordination Committee, minutes
May 1945
May-June 1945
June 1945
Council on Foreign Relations, May 1945
Credentials Committee's report, Apr.-June 1945
Denmark delegation, June 1945
Deputy Secretaries General, June 1945
Draft proposal for a Preparatory Commission, May 1945
Enforcement arrangements, May 1945
Executive Committee, voting procedure, May 1945
First plenary session of Commission IV, May 1945
General Assembly, functions and powers, May-June 1945
General Assembly, principles governing disarmament and regulation of armaments, May 1945
General Assembly and the Security Council, May-June 1945
General meetings, May 1945
Guide to amendments, comments, and proposals concerning Dumbarton Oaks, May 1945
BOX 12 Harlan, John Bushfield, authority of United States delegates to the Security Council, Apr. 1945
International Court of Justice
Compulsory jurisdiction of the court, May 1945
United States delegation, Apr. 1945
List of documents issued
May 1945
June 1945
Meeting of Commission IV, Committee 2, May-June 1945
Meetings of the heads of delegations, Apr.-May 1945
Notes on meeting of Subcommittee “A,” May 1945
Outstanding economic and social questions, undated
Progress report of work in commissions and committees
May 1945
May-June 1945
June 1945
(2 folders)
BOX 13 Reaction to the seating of Argentina, May-June 1945
Recommendations to United States delegation on basic issues
May 1945
(2 folders)
May-June 1945
Regional arrangements, May 1945
Role of the advisers in relation to the delegation, Apr. 1945
Security Council, May-June 1945
(2 folders)
Staff, 1945
Steering Committee, May 1945
Structure and procedure of the General Assembly, May 1945
Suggested rearrangement in charter language, Dumbarton Oaks proposals, May 1945
Suggested measures to expedite the work of the conference, May 1945
Telephone directory, May 1945
Trusteeship, United States exploratory draft, June 1945
Trusteeship questions, June 1945
Trusteeships, Apr.-June 1945
United States delegation, charter, June 1945
United States delegation, advisers, technical experts assignments, Apr.-May 1945
United States delegates, credentials, personnel for International Secretariat, Mar.-Apr. 1945
United States delegation
Apr.-May 1945
General Assembly, May 1945
Assignments to commissions and committees, May-June 1945
Organization, assignments, and procedures, Apr.-May 1945
Organization and procedures, Apr. 1945
Position document, charter, May 1945
BOX 14 Proposed amendments concerning Dumbarton Oaks proposals, May 1945
(11 folders)
Report on education, May 1945
Meetings, Apr.-June 1945
(6 folders)
Meetings of Commission IV, May-June 1945
BOX 15 Uruguay delegation, undated
Voting procedure in the Security Council, May 1945
United Nations General Assembly
Provisional agenda of the fifteenth regular session, July 1960
Review of the role of the International Court of Justice, Dec. 1970-Sept. 1971
(2 folders)
United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, annual report, General Assembly, Dec. 1952
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