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Green Haywood Hackworth papers, 1912-1973

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BOX 1-17 Subject File, 1912-1973
Printed and near-print publications of the Department of State.
Arranged by subject or type of material.
American Arbitration Association, voluntary arbitration in a general international organization, Apr. 1945
BOX 1 American Bar Association Journal
Apr. 1945
May 1945
American Society of International Law, constitution
Apr. 1971
July 1972
Apr. 1973
Americans United for World Organization, statements of national organizations relating to international organizations
Borchgrave case, death of Belgian diplomat, 1938
BOX 2 Bretton Woods proposals and the president's message to Congress, Feb. 1945
Canada and the United States
Convention and protocol, double taxation, Mar. 1942
Convention between, double taxation, estate taxes and succession, June 1944
Convention on income, 1950, 1951, 1956
Treaty agreements
Columbia River, Jan. 1961
Construction of remedial works at Niagara Falls, Sept. 1954
Economic assistance, expansion of Port of Dammam, May 1958
Relocation of Roosevelt Bridge, Oct. 1956
St. Lawrence Seaway
June 1952
Tariff of tolls, Mar. 1959
St. Lawrence River Joint Board of Engineers, Nov. 1953
Convention on privileges and immunities of the United Nations, Feb. 1946
Daily summary of statements by political leaders of foreign policy, Oct. 1944
Department of State
Documents on German foreign policy, 1918-1945
Press release, July 1949
Foreign affairs, Oct. 1944
Appropriation bill for
1931, hearing 1930
1938, hearings 1937
Aug.-Oct. 1944
Sept. 1944
Dumbarton Oaks Conference
Arrangement for Pacific settlement of disputes, International Court of Justice, July 1944
(2 folders)
BOX 3 Biographical sketches and delegates, Aug. 1944
Proposals for a general international organization, basic questions and comparisons, Aug. 1944
(2 folders)
Washington conversations on international organizations, minutes and documents, Aug. 1944
(2 folders)
Documents on international organizations
(2 folders)
Oct. 1944
With chart and questions and answers, 1944
Alger Hiss and Walter Lippmann, Oct. 1944
Apr. 1945
By various countries
Jan.-May 1945
BOX 4 May 1945
Canadian views, Feb. 1945
Comments by various countries, Dec. 1944-May 1945
Current developments and comments, Vandenberg, Arthur H., and others, Jan. 1945
Department of State, radio broadcasts, Feb.-Mar. 1945
European government views, Jan. 1945
Latin American governments' summary of principal comments and suggestions, Dec. 1944
National Lawyers Guild views, Feb. 1945
Press statements, addresses, and questions and answers, June-Dec. 1944
Oct.-Nov. 1944
Current developments and comments, Dec. 1944-Apr. 1945
Daily summary of opinion developments, Mar. 1945
Harriman, W. Averell, Dec. 1944
International organization, comments and developments, Dec. 1944-Apr. 1945
Latest opinions in United States, Jan.-Apr. 1945
Latin American governments, Nov. 1944
Philadelphia Bar Association, Mar. 1945
Policy interpretation and group relations, Nov. 1944
Soviet interest, Dec. 1944-Jan. 1945
Summary of comments, Apr.-May 1945
BOX 5 Unsettled questions, Nov. 1944
Uruguay's position, Sept.-Oct. 1944
For an international organization
Aug. 1943-Dec. 1944
Related material, 1944-1945
(2 folders)
Executive assumption of war-making power, Jan. 1928
Exemption of consular officers from taxation, treaties in force between the United States and foreign countries, Oct. 1940
Events leading up to World War II, chronological history, 1931-1944
General Assembly resolution, review of the role of the International Court of Justice, Dec. 1970
Georgetown Law Journal, May 1932
Headquarters of the United Nations, June 1947
Honduras v. Nicaragua, Dec. 1906
Institut de Droit International, Apr. 1966
BOX 6 Inter-American Juridical Committee, Charles G. Fenwick's criticism of Dumbarton Oaks proposals (in part, photocopy), Dec. 1944-Jan. 1945
(2 folders)
International Court of Justice
Aerial incident, Israel v. Bulgaria, preliminary objects, July 1955
Appeal relating to the jurisdiction of the ICAO Council, India v. Pakistan, Aug. 1971
Biographical information on members, 1973
Case concerning the Barcelona Traction, Light and Power Co., reports of judgements, advisory opinions, and orders
Jan. 1966
Nov. 1966
Apr. 1967
Cases concerning sovereignty over certain frontier lands, Belgium v. Netherlands, Mar. 1959
Cases pending, Apr. 1958
Communiques, Apr. 1969-May 1973
Miscellaneous subjects, undated
Nominations, Feb. 1946-Aug. 1960
North Sea Continental Shelf case, reports of judgements, advisory opinions, and orders
Mar. 1967
Mar. 1968
Pension plan for members, June 1958-Oct. 1960
Program of work, Apr. 1972
Reports of judgements, advisory opinions and orders
July 1972
Requests for advisory opinion, July 1970-July 1972
Right of passage over Indian territory, Portugal v. India, preliminary objections, 1956-1959
South West Africa cases, reports of judgements, advisory opinions, and orders
Mar. 1965
Nov. 1965
Special agreement, Feb. 1967
United Arab Republic, written statement, Dec. 1960
International organization, minutes, New York meeting, Dec. 1944
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