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Green Haywood Hackworth papers, 1912-1973

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Subject File, 1912-1973 (continued)
United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency, third addendum to the report of the agent general, General Assembly, June 1953
United Nations Weekly Bulletin, Dec. 1947
United States and peace, Atlantic Charter-Declarations of Moscow, Teheran, Dumbarton Oaks, and Mexico City, 1941-1945
United States and the United Kingdom, agreements, Oct. 1946
United States Senate, Committee on Foreign Relations, questions and answers on the St. Lawrence Seaway, Jan. 1960
United States treaty developments (1794-1948), with index and appendix, 1947-1949
(4 folders)
BOX 16 United States treaty developments, 1947-1948
(7 folders)
BOX 17 War claims, report of the Law Committee of the National Foreign Trade Council, 1944
War Department, Bureau of Public Relations, International Military Tribunal, press release, Oct. 1945
Work of the International Joint Commission, United States and Canada (photocopy), 1912-1960
Written statement submitted by the Government of Belgium, undated
Yalta Voting formula
Interpretation, suggested changes, draft, May 1945
Security Council, May 1945
BOX 17-18 Speech and Writings File, 1935-1972
Speeches and articles by Hackworth and others.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX 17 Address at University of California United Nations Convocation, Berkeley, Calif., 25 June 1955, by Dag Hammarskjold
Address by Hackworth, president of the International Court of Justice, at a meeting at the University of California, Berkeley, Calif., 25 June 1955
Address on international and comparative law Hackworth, 1945
“Annual Reports of the International Court of Justice to the General Assembly,” by Salo Engel
“Arbitration in International Controversy,” by Francis Kellor and Martin Domke
Article on the “Contribution of International Legal Reviews to the Development of International Law”
“Boundary Waters Problems in the East,” by G. V. La Forest
“By What Tribunal Shall War Offenders Be Tried,” by Sheldon Glueck
“Canadian, United States Commercial Relations and International Law: The Cuba Affair as a Case Study,” by Edward McWhinney
“The Changing Role of the International Court of Justice,” by Martin Jarvard, Apr. 1972
“Criminal Responsibility of Individuals and International Law,” by Albert G. D. Levy
BOX 18 “The Decade Ahead: The Society's Role in the Nation's Service,” by Charles E. Martin
“Differences of Procedure between International and National Tribunals,” by Sture Petren
“The Doctrine of Quasi-Territoriality of Vessels and the Admiralty Jurisdiction Over Crimes Committed on Board National Vessels in Foreign Ports,” by Alexander N. Sack, 1935
“Enhancing the Advisory Jurisdiction of the World Court,” by Paul C. Szasa, 1971
“Ensuring Compliance with Judgements of the International Court of Justice,” by Ernest L. Kerley, Apr. 1972
“The French System of Administrative Justice: A Model for American Law?” by Stefan Riesenfeld
“General Aspects of Canadian, United States Treaty Relations and Their Import for the Conduct of Relations between Nations on the Basis of Respect for Law and Mutual Interests,” by Hackworth
“The International Court of Justice: Consideration of Requirements for Enhancing Its Role in the International Legal Order,” by Leo Gross, 1971
“The International Court of Justice,” by Hackworth
“International Law: An Inventory,” by Edwin D. Dickinson, 1945
“International Water Problems in the West,” by Charles E. Martin, June 1961
“Intervention in Proceedings before the International Court of Justice,” by John T. Miller, Jr., Oct. 1972
“Metals, Oil, and Natural Gas: Some Problems of Canadian-American Cooperation,” by Wesley L. Gould, June 1961
Opening speech at the first public sitting in the right of passage case, by Hackworth
“Pluralism and the Law,” by Miriam Theresa Rooney, Oct. 1939
“Politics, Strategy, and the Commitments of a Middle Power,” by Theodore Ropp, June 1961
“Responsibility of States for Damages Caused in Their Territory to the Person or Property of Foreigners,” by Hackworth, July 1930
“Review of the Role of the International Court of Justice,” by Leo Gross, July 1972
“The Role of the International Court of Justice in the United Nations System, 1946-1971,” by Guenter Weissberg, Mar. 1972
“Some Observations on the International Court of Justice after Twenty-Five Years,” by Edward Hambro
“State Parties to the Statute of the International Court of Justice,” by Salo Engel, Apr. 1972
“Twenty-One Years of Canadian-American Military Cooperation,” by C. P. Stacey
“United Nations Capacity to Bring an International Claim against the Responsible Government, Opinion,” by Hackworth
“University of Jurisdiction over War Crimes,” by Willard B. Cowles, June 1945
“Will the Revised Rules of Court Lead to a Greater Willingness on the Part of Prospective Clients?,” by Edward Hambro, Nov. 1972
BOX OV 1 Miscellany (Oversize), 1912-1945
Academic degree, presidential appointments, and diplomas.
Arranged according to type of material.
BOX OV 1 Degree, 1912
Presidential appointments, 1926-1940
Diploma, National Association of Lawyers of Mexico, 1945

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