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BOX 121-123 Special Correspondence and Biographical File, 1904-1954
Letters between Freeman and his wife, correspondence of Freeman's parents Walker Buford Freeman and Bettie Allen Hamner Freeman, and other personal letters not placed in general files by Freeman and his family.
Arranged by group of material but otherwise unarranged.
BOX 121 Freeman to his wife, 1926-1942
(6 folders)
MacArthur, Douglas, to Freeman, 1945 Jan. 12
Freeman, Inez, to Douglas Southall Freeman, 1936-1945
(10 folders)
Acheson, Dean, to Freeman, 1951 Dec. 22
Miscellaneous letters, 1904-1953
(6 folders)
Roosevelt, Franklin D., to Freeman, 1944 May 31
Marshall, George C. to Freeman, with Freeman's reply, 1924 Feb. 28-29
Lee, Robert E., anecdotes, 1923
BOX 122 Collier's Congressional Award booklet, 1945
Miscellaneous letters, 1916-1954
(5 folders)
BOX 123 Biographical
Freeman, Douglas Southall, 1914-1953
Freeman's mother, 1907
Genealogical information, 1909-1928
Freeman's father
Miscellaneous letters, 1920-1926
(2 folders)
BOX 124-125 Material Relating to the Death of Freeman, 1953-1954
Letters and telegrams of condolence to Freeman's wife, Inez Freeman, and other material.
BOX 124 Telegrams and flowers sent to widow
Sympathy letters to Inez Freeman
(4 folders)
Funeral book prepared by the Equitable Life Assurance Society
Carbons of funeral correspondence received
Telegram list
Letters and notes list
Flower list
Memorial contribution list
Card list, master copy
Gifts, but not flowers
BOX 125 Sympathy letters to his wife
(5 folders)
BOX 126-169 Speech, Article, and Book File, 1908-1954
Drafts and printed copies of speeches and articles and drafts and galley proofs of Freeman's major books.
Organized by type of material with the articles and speeches arranged chronologically as written and the books by title.
BOX 126 Articles and speeches
“Secession in Virginia,” 1908 (preservation photocopy)
“Publicity and Public Mind,” 1915 May
“Candid View of Naval and Military Situation,” 1917 Sept. 10
Liberty Loan speech, 1918 Mar. 25
Ph.D. dissertation
“Series of Lectures,” 1924-1925 (sermons)
To Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad employees on Victory Loan, 1919 Apr. 30
“The Tercentenary of Representative Government in Virginia,” 1919 July 30
Address on laying of the corner stone of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, 1920 Apr. 13
At cornerstone ceremony, 1920, Apr. 13
Blacksburg, Va., 1920 June 15
To News Leader Current Events Club, 1920 Sept. 13
Miscellaneous speeches, 1921
BOX 126A “Secession in Virginia,” 1908 Fragile original: do not circulate See Container 126, same heading
BOX 127 1926-1942
“Battle Fields around Richmond,” 1925, 1937
At University of North Carolina, 1926 June 7
“William and Mary and UVA,” 1935 Sept. 21
“The Cornerstones at Stratford,” 1935 Oct. 12
“Southern Perplexities,” 1935 Oct. 23
“The Stewardship of American Wealth,” 1935 Nov. 25
“Lengthening the Shadow of Lee,” 1936 Jan. 20
To Virginia general assembly, 1936 Jan. 20
“Religion in the Modern World,” 1936 Jan. 20
“Your Age,” 1936 May 14
Address to American Library Association, 1936 May 16
“Early Education Ideals in Virginia and Massachusetts,” 1936 June 8
“Must the Caesars Return?,” 1936 June 9
“Adventure in Biography,” 1935-1936
“Is Moderation Dead?,” 1937 June
“Will Taxation Cripple Science and Education?,” 1940 Mar.
“Barbed Wire Horizons,” 1940 June 7
Address to state bank people, 1940 Sept. 19
Miscellaneous speeches, 1941
To Washington post military engineers, 1941 Feb. 27
“The Babies of New Market,” 1941 May
“Virginia's Contribution to Literature”
“Duration in Change,” 1941 Dec. 12
Miscellaneous speeches, 1942
Treasury Department Series, 1942 Jan.
Bicentennial issue
BOX 128 1943-1953
At University of Rochester, 1943 May 2
Richmond Christmas at War Time, 1943 Dec. 8
“A Free Church in a Free State,” 1944 Jan. 16
Statement to House Select Committee, 1945 June 14
“Serving Through Science,” 1945 July 1
Vassar commencement, 1945 July 1
Bucknell University, 1946 June
“New Market”
“I've Laughed All My Life”
“Human Values,” 1946 Oct. 18
“Unity of Democratic Effort,” 1947 June 16
“Young Washington,” 1947 Nov. 20
(2 folders)
University of Virginia Founders Day, 1952 Apr. 14
Five guiding rules to national defense
At bust of Jefferson Davis, 1952 June 25
“The Fine Art of Saving Time,” 1952-1953
Parson Weems's Life of Washington, 1953
Richmond and Virginia
BOX 129 Undated
Dartmouth College lectures, 1955-1956
Chapters from “Adventure in Biography”
The banker as a student
Speech in California
(3 folders)
“Who is in Command?”
American Motorist
BOX 130 Miscellaneous addresses
“Lincoln and Present Day Policy”
Miscellaneous speeches
Address (?)
On Virginia
“Five Controlling Factors in Virginia's Education”
On hookworm
Civil War round table
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