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BOX 317-387 Part II: Office File-Supreme War Council, 1917-1930
Correspondence, reports, minutes, and other material.
Arranged by topic or type of material.
BOX 317 Supreme War Council, Versailles
Organization, duties, etc.
(2 folders)
Army Serbia, Jan.
Orders, Instructions etc., governing Army Field Clerks of the American Section, Oct. 1918
Coast Military Material, United States Army, Oct. 1917
Strength and Location of United States Forces, May-Sept.
BOX 318 Organization of United States Army, July 1917-Jan. 1919
Railroads, France, Nov. 1917-June 1919
Manpower, United States, Nov. 1917
Military Situation in the Balkans
Dec. 1917-Oct. 1918
July-Oct. 1918
Jan.-July 1919
Miscellaneous Office Memoranda, Sept.-Dec. 1918
Strategy of European War, General
Oct. 1917
BOX 319 Strategy of the European War, General, Nov. 1917
Transports and Transportation of Troops and Supplies, United States
Oct.-Dec. 1917
Dec. 1917-June 1918
Jan.-Nov. 1918
Tanks, United States Army, Sept. 1917-Dec. 1918
Military Operations of the United States Army, Oct. 1917-Feb. 1918
Production and Supply of Munitions of War, United States, Oct.-Dec. 1917
Strength of Allied Forces, Feb. 1918
Strength of All Armies, June 1919
BOX 320 Strength of Central Powers, Mar.-Dec. 1918
Maps, Books, Publications presented to the American Section, Supreme War Council, Nov. 1918
Supreme War Council, Organization, Duties, Etc.
British Section, Feb. 1918-Aug. 1919
Bulgarian, Army, Aug. 1918
French Section, Apr. 1918-Nov. 1919
Italian Section, Feb. 1917-Sept. 1919
Army, Germany, May-July 1918
Aeronautical Troops, Personnel, United States, June 1918
Proceedings of the Naval Liaison Committee, Feb.-Aug. 1918; Aug. 1918
Proceedings of the Executive War Board, Feb.-Mar. 1918; Feb.-May 1918
BOX 321 Minutes of the Second Session, Supreme War Council and Military Representatives, 1st to 15th Meetings, Dec. 1917-Feb. 1918; Feb.-Mar. 1918
Proceedings of the Permanent Committee of Military Representatives, Feb.-Mar.
Army, Italy, June-July
Army, Netherlands, Apr.
Travel Orders for Personnel of American Section, SWC (Dec. 1917-Oct. 1919)
Plan of Operation for the United States Army on the Macedonian Front; also Operations of Allied Powers, July
Tanks, General, Oct.
Army, Japan, Feb.
Exchange of Information between the American Expeditionary Forces and American Section, SWC, Oct.
Belgian Section, SWC, Aug.-Sept.
Reports of Military Intelligence Received from American Military Attaché, Petrograd, Russia, Feb. 1918-Jan. 1919
Visits of United States Army Officers, Feb.
Proceedings of the Fourth Session, SWC, Mar.-May
Resources, France, Sept.
Military Operations of Allied Powers, May-Aug.
Military Operations of the Central Powers, June
Army, Russia, Feb.-Aug. 1919
BOX 322 1918
Inter-Allied Transportation Council
Nov. 1918-July 1919
Inter-Allied Committee on Aviation
Proceedings of Permanent Committee of Military Representatives
BOX 323 Apr.
(3 folders)
Inter-Allied Council on War Purchases
Aug. 1917-Jan. 1918
Railroads, Greece, Jan.-Apr.
Inter-Allied Tank Committee, Apr. 1918-1919
Proceedings of the Fifth Session, SWC, Apr.-June
General and Political Conditions in Italy, Apr. 1915-Aug. 1918
BOX 324 Army, Poland
Proceedings of the Sixth Session, SWC, May-June
General and Political Conditions in Spain, Aug.
Proceedings of the Permanent Military Representatives, June-July 1918
(2 folders)
Missions, Italy, Oct. 1918-June 1919
General and Political Conditions in Roumania, Dec. 1918
General and Political Conditions in Turkey, July
Military Policy, 1918-1919
Proceedings of the Permanent Committee of Military Representatives, Aug. 1918-Feb. 1919
Military Papers, Feb.-Nov.
Allied Intervention in Russia
Mar. 1918-Apr. 1919
May 1918
BOX 325 Mar. 1918-July 1919
Military Policy in Mesopotamia and Palestine, June-Aug.
Czechs and Jugo-Slavs, Feb.-Aug.
General and Political Conditions in Austria-Hungary, Sept.-Nov.
France, General, Aug.
General and Political Conditions in Russia, Dec. 1917-Oct. 1918
Transportation and Tonnage of United States Troops under the 100 Division Program, Aug.-Sept.
Transportation, Transports Italy, Aug. 1919
General and Political Conditions in Germany, July-Aug. 1919
Joint Committee Military and Naval Representatives SWC, Oct. 1918
Preliminary Meetings of the Peace Conference
Nov. 1918-Apr. 1919
May-July 1919
Organization, Duties, etc of American Commission to Negociate Peace, Dec. 1918-Feb. 1919
Inter-Allied Conference for the Administration of Occupied Territory, Dec. 1918
Proceedings of the Permanent Committee Representatives
June 1918
July-Sept. 1918
Sept.-Oct. 1918
BOX 326 1919
(2 folders)
Army, Lithuania, July
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